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  • Premium AA Cruiser

    05. 18. 2009 13:35 PST

I swear this is the last suggestion for a while......

Ok, so you know the routine, 4 ships that will pretty much be the best AA ship for the

Features - Best AA ship of that nation., Large DP to allow for beefier crew.

IJN : C - Type AA Mod Standard - 7150t Max - 9200t 34knots
24 - 100mm/65 (12x2) DP
12 - 25mm (4x3)
100 DC

If the Hull looks similar than you have a sharp eye. The C-Type cruiser is one of those
Japanese plans that never made it too far off the ground. It is the same hull as Mogami.
Mogami was another mod of the C-Type. A whole series of ships based off a single hull that
would fill specialized roles in the main fleet. In this case, a heavy AA ship, using a
large number of the best IJN AA gun of the war. In game, she will be beastly. Of couse
if it was built they'd be rather top heavy...but whatever. She will require no tweaking
to make her suitable in game.

USN: Worcester Class 13,000 t - 33knots
12 - 6in DP (already in game)

Hrmmmmmm, these guns look familiar. I always wondered what ship they went too, thought
maybe SDE made them up or something. They are very fast, and look super sweet as
well...I'm gonna name mine Roanoke just because it's way more awesome.
KM - Undine - 4400t - 16 knots
8 - 105mm

Hey now.....I mean come on. If I can use an Emden, why woudl I want to pay for this
thing? Simple. Becasue in NF, ships don't have thier historic armament, and they tend to
be way faster than they are IRL.....So SDE will just bump the gunspace up on them so they
can use the 3.46"/ 76 Sk C/32, and these would be Better than the Emden.

UK - Cavendish Class - 9750t - 30 knots
7- 7.5in (2 in wing mounts)

Hmmmm, It's pretty much an emerald...only much much larger. Way larger actually. Which
means I can put a full crew on it. (what did you people expect, it's UK AA)
___________ OVERVIEW ________________

You need to take the historic specs with a grain of salt. The premise is to provide Hulls
that then mount the nations best AA weapon.

History is important, but once BB6 and 30 knot subs enterd the frame, it became apparent
that History didn't matter to much. Only 2 of these ships will need tweaking to make them
competitive, which is better than some things being added.

The ships will also have a VERY high AAW rating over other ships, as well as enough DP to
mount a full high lvl crew on it. Current AA ships can't do that.

As far as putting it in game, the C-Type could just be a mod of the Oyodo sprite, no new
guns need to be made for any of these.

Price - yep, SDE gotta make monnies after all. 3 - 4 USD should suffice for the Best AA
ship of a nation, yes?


  • Re : Premium AA Cruiser

    05. 24. 2009 01:52 PST


This is a diagram of the older Magdeburg class - the Graudenz class was more or less
identical in weapon layout when launched, and had a similar appearance aside from having
one fewer funnel.

They were never used Kreigsmarine, of course, as both were Hochseeflotte ships given to
other nations as war reparations following the end of WWI. However, KM already gets Nassau
as an EBB and "Moltke" as a PCA, so I guess it's not a huge deal.

Seems like another good suggestion (provided we ignore what would have realistically been
the firing arcs on those mounts), although I don't think there was really anything wrong
with Undine.

And for the posts claiming these ships would somehow cause CVs to become obsolete...
you're badly exaggerating. If you can keep your planes alive in a game with an AA Emden in
it, the few additional mounts and slightly better firing arcs of an AA Undine won't make
much of a difference. If an Undine got your plane, an Emden would have been able to get
it too.

  • Re : Premium AA Cruiser

    05. 23. 2009 12:03 PST

First before I say anything about the idea I want to say the presentation was great. Now as to my opinion, aa is
plenty powerful, the emden is dominant the emerald is dominant we all know about ijn dp gunners and us is
sufficient. The emerald emden and moltke are ridiculous when it comes to aa, if this was to be implimented I
would expect a serious nerf when it came to all other aa. Any 2 bar emerald or emden I just run my planes to
the edge of the sightline cause changing altitude works for 2 seconds and I don't crew death and I also have
other groups to pay attention to. Aa is fine as is no need to make a super aa

  • Re : Premium AA Cruiser

    05. 23. 2009 06:43 PST

YEAH mor AA ships !!!!!

uhm wait a moment...

if SDE bring out this ships is there any reason to play CV????? NO !!!!!!

so a big NO 4 this idea

  • Re : Premium AA Cruiser

    05. 22. 2009 18:31 PST

the km should get the GRAUDENZ it marked 12x1 4.1" guns i cant get a picture that shows
the turret locations good but i did find somewhat of a good picture

  • Re : Premium AA Cruiser

    05. 21. 2009 22:35 PST

then no one will want to play a CV and this ship will be useless..

If ONE CV tags along into a game and the went to 9 minutes, how are you gonna
balace this effectively? or anotehr screnario, Midway Vs Oyodo..wheres the balance?

  • Re : Premium AA Cruiser

    05. 21. 2009 22:04 PST

more excuses for me not to play CV and do the fcing thing. oh well! bb's loss, not

  • Re : Premium AA Cruiser

    05. 21. 2009 21:58 PST

It's not just that picture.

Undine, formerly the stationary floating battery Batterijschip Ijmuiden, formerly the
coastal battleship KNM Jacob van Heemskerck, was a Norweigian 1904-vintage monitor that
was scuttled to avoid capture, then refloated by the Germans, stripped of its main
battery, and used as a mostly immobile antiaircraft battery.

Not exactly a freighter, but not far off and certainly not going anywhere in a hurry.

  • Re : Premium AA Cruiser

    05. 21. 2009 19:57 PST


-The ijn one looks by far the most deadly

-The US i think should get a non-historical "super atlanta" with better firing arcs and
one extra wing turret per side as well as one extra turret on the front and back. meaning
3 more turrets broadside total.

-the km one just looks like a freighter in that picture...but i think it could work. comment.


  • Re : Premium AA Cruiser

    05. 21. 2009 19:02 PST

The resemblance to an upscaled Atlanta is more apparent in the initial design studies,
especially S-511-36 (scheme "C") with its lack of aircraft handling facilities and
comparatively small size. It's interesting to watch the length, displacement and firepower
creep upwards and the features get rearranged to become closer to the
Cleveland/Brooklyn-ish final layout.

6" AA Cruiser scheme "A", July 1941:
6" AA Cruiser scheme "B", July 1941:
6" AA Cruiser scheme "C", July 1941
6" AA Cruiser scheme "D", October 1941
6" AA Cruiser scheme "E", July 1942
Single Cal. 6" Cruiser scheme "J", July 1943

EDIT: Stormvanger's suggestion of having the main gun mounts classed as T slots is really
good and I think should be added to the first post. Giving the guns the ability to rotate
360 degrees - so you don't have to reverse them when changing direction - would be a minor
advantage over the "traditional" AA CLs/CAs, but it might help to justify the real money cost.

  • Re : Premium AA Cruiser

    05. 21. 2009 17:20 PST

Alright alright.

I still think people will use her as a Cruiser and not an AA ship, but whatever. If it
get's these in game, I'll do it. (I want a C-Type AA mod >.<)

But I would like to say they were not enlarged Atlanta, rather designed to be what the USN
origionally wanted the Clevelands to be.
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