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  • White/blackscreen bug, Timeouts...

    10. 27. 2005 10:08


I had multiple issues with NF in the last days, however I came across a tool that
fixed it for me.

The problems included:

-the login-process timing out
-often getting "connection lost"errors , during games, in the harbor and at the login
-blackscreen-freeze while loading
-whitescreen-freeze when the view shifts to the port at the start
-being unable to control the ship ingame

Those were all fixed for me with this program but I would like to get it tested by
more people.

If you are willing to try something on your own risk then please follow this and
report back:

Go to

Please download the tool called "TCP Optimizer".

To use it, first select the network adapter you use and then your connection speed
by using the top slider.

Then go to FILE and create a backup of your current settings.

Then select "OPTIMAL SETTINGS" in the lower right of the "GENERAL SETTINGS" tab.

Click "APPLY CHANGES" and restart your PC.

Now check NF if the problems were solved and PLEASE REPORT BACK HERE!

Also please check if you have NetLimiter installed. If you have it installed please
uninstall it! It is causing problems with NF!
Thank you very much for your attention.


I want to keep this clean.

  • Re : White/blackscreen bug, Timeouts...

    10. 27. 2005 11:51


Thx obst, this really worked. logged into NF 1/2 hr ago, got black screen, logged into
here, read ur post & loaded this speedguide. worked right away on nextlog-in to NF. BIG
thx to u!! lol. now am of to sink myself--er some-one else i mean. lol

  • Re : White/blackscreen bug, Timeouts...

    06. 17. 2010 11:12

^ i have the same problem ^

  • Re : White/blackscreen bug, Timeouts...

    01. 14. 2010 15:04

I Install the game on my pc and when i click on Start Game in got all de screen on BLACK
:S what can i do?

  • Re : White/blackscreen bug, Timeouts...

    09. 23. 2009 23:34

Big help--- thanks

  • Re : White/blackscreen bug, Timeouts...

    04. 14. 2009 17:02

I didn't have any issues with regards to the bugs you've mentioned, however i installed
and optimized anyway... i went from an average of 12meg connection to 15 (on a 20 meg
connection), and quadrupled my upload speed.

I only hope this is a permanent improvement.... thanks.

  • Re : White/blackscreen bug, Timeouts...

    04. 10. 2009 15:07

thanks alot helps so much

  • Re : White/blackscreen bug, Timeouts...

    03. 11. 2009 10:28

Hey i had the Problem with the timeout i tried it with that Programm and dammit there is
no change ;(

You have another idea?
would be cool

i needed 2 reboots but now it works nice job!

  • Re : White/blackscreen bug, Timeouts...

    04. 19. 2008 20:10

it helped, but I only have those problems around 7:00 PM EST. No mater what I've tried,
I'm never able to connect between 7 and 7:30, is there a real reason behind that?

  • Re : White/blackscreen bug, Timeouts...

    08. 27. 2007 08:15

Please send in a support ticket and tell them that you have taken every possible and every
suggested step, STS91. Hopefully, they'll fix this issue on the client end but I do
recommend that you double check your video card drivers and codecs just in case.

  • Re : White/blackscreen bug, Timeouts...

    08. 27. 2007 03:45

I tired all these myself

1. Use anti-virus, anti-spyware applications to check
for possible viruses or spywares.

2. It could be lack of resources. Shut down other
applications, which could eat up resources.

3. Here are possible compatibility settings, which only
applies for windows XP users.

Goto C:\Program Files\SDENTERNET\NavyFIELD.exe
And right click NavyFIELD.exe and choose properties. And
click the compatibility to windows 2000.

4. Try changing the virtual memory settings.

How to secure virtual memory.

For Windows 98, ME users:
Goto Start -> settings -> control panel-> system->
In the virtual memory area, set it minimum 768MB to
maximum 1536MB.

For Windows 2000, XP users:
Goto Start -> control panel -> system -> advanced ->
performance settings -> advanced tab -> and in the
virtual memory settings, click change and set the
virtual memory to minimum 768MB to maximum 1536MB.

5. Incase you lack in hard drive space, free up more
hard drive space by uninstalling unused programs and
delete temporary internet files. And defrag your hard

6. Try changing the sound acceleration settings.

Start -> run -> enter dxdiag and click ok -> in the
DirectX details screen, click sound -> select the
hardware acceleration level to basic acceleration
and click finish.

7. Try switching the color quaity from 32 bit to 16 bit

Right mouse click on the desktop -> Settings -> Change
the color quality from 32 bit to 16 bit.

8. Try downloading and installing the latest patch from
the website. just over write the files.

9. Uninstalling game, and re downloading it.

lol i can run bf2 with no problem at all, but navy filed cant run half the time...

I get the black screen freeze up/crash what ever you wont to call it when i leave port...
(every time i login just about this week......)

I have tired everything so its on nf end, and not main..

  • Re : White/blackscreen bug, Timeouts...

    08. 27. 2007 01:22

tryed that prog. but it did not help
no changes

need to fix it on an other way

but ty for the tip
(maybee it helps sb. else)
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