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  • Need Alaska-Guam strategies

    02. 27. 2010 23:12

This grinding in my Guam to the Colorado is getting really tough. I read Lord Kelvin's USN BB guide and tried
out ninjaing for myself. It hasn't really worked because 1. I get blasted whenever I try to be "ninja", 2.
Whenever I do stay behind the front lines, I usually can't sink anything except Subs (rarely) and I do t get
much exp.

Is there specific way of how you operate the Guam?


  • Re : Need Alaska-Guam strategies

    12. 12. 2010 16:17

When i reached the Alaska & Guam BB's, I can say they were personally my worst time
playing NF. Lol. I was always first to go in GB. Im glad i dont have to chug around in
those gigantic scraps of metal. (just saying)

  • Re : Need Alaska-Guam strategies

    12. 12. 2010 12:18

I learned to swim....then bought a Sevasti. I still swim a lot, but at least I can
occasionally shoot at another bb.

  • Re : Need Alaska-Guam strategies

    12. 11. 2010 12:23

This setup depends heavily on crew, but you can try it and see how you fare

Use the 3x14" Ds on just the front 2 guns. With my high level crew, I can run 52 knts
with it and have about a 4 sec rld. I have managed 100K+ with the setup, because
it is great for running down CVs.

Obviously you wouldn't run 52 knts, but perhaps it will make ninjaing somewhat
possible. It is also kinda fun... O_o This is a lot more successful that using the 12"
Ls, even with my high level crew.

  • Re : Need Alaska-Guam strategies

    12. 10. 2010 07:09

Tolos is right...spend some money on the P'cola (which you can use to move your
other line crew past the Portland/NO/Nevada) and then move into the
Savasti...which you can then use to move your other line past the Nevada...or else
join the SONS/SOGS sons of nevada suckiness/sons of guam sukiness.

  • Re : Need Alaska-Guam strategies

    12. 10. 2010 06:52

Do AA & take out smaller ships that come in to ur range.
I know how u feel i grinded thru guam all the way to colorado & it was WORTH it!
ifu can survive this grind u can survive any grind(Maybe except the cv4 to cv5 grind)

  • Re : Need Alaska-Guam strategies

    12. 09. 2010 10:39

well thanks for the strategies they are helping me a lot

  • Re : Need Alaska-Guam strategies

    03. 07. 2010 23:51

For people scoring 0s:

You might want at least an "insurance" before tryin to waggle attack ninja style. Just get
a shell on some rushin DD/CL/CA so you have AT LEAST 1 attack. That way if you get
oneshotted tryin to ninja a bigger ship, you still get the "shared" part of your xp in full.

Note if EVERY game you get oneshotted tryin to pull the ninja ship playstyle you are doing
it wrong. Stop. Stick to being a support ship with a big pal. You'll get the other ship
leftovers, yes, but you get somethin at least. Better leftover than starvin till you have
the crew and ability to go after targets by yourself.

  • Re : Need Alaska-Guam strategies

    03. 07. 2010 23:25

best alaska/guam strategy...

invest in higher level gunners. When your spread gets good @ high levels, the guam
especially can be devastating to PBB and lower......mainly because the 12L's are coming in
at a steeper angle, thus doing more damage than the 14's at max range.

  • Re : Need Alaska-Guam strategies

    03. 07. 2010 22:15

AA and kill CLs/CAs/DDs like mad then when possible try to hit a bb5 when he's blind. That
will be your XP for the duration of your grind, try not to expect to survive after your
mad rush at a bb5, though make sure you hit him enough for your XP.

  • Re : Need Alaska-Guam strategies

    03. 07. 2010 22:11

alaska/guam arnt flawed ships they are $DE ships and will probly never change they
are made to try to get u to buy a pbb and at the same time get u to buy a pca guam
was 10 times harder then it is now now atlest its fast and has some range imagin a
guam with a hair more range then a baltamore T_T trust me it wasent fun but atlest
the guam is a sexy beast ^_^

try to sit in the back a bit clouds are your friend
hide and make the enmy guese whether your a bb or jsut some ca/cl noob hiding
undder a cloud and rush in i knew about kongo wich actuly isent a horable ship just
a bit laking in the defence part (cant take a hit for crud) so for my new ijn line i
bought a pca and a pbb turnd out i liked kongo enough to use it i sujest any player
to get a pbb bb2s are actuly prety good but u have to rember while most bb2s hit
prety hard they are still bb2s and are fragile at lvl and have bad spred be carfull stay
back a bit let the enmy come to u and when they comit charge

the game mechanis make it hard to trun from atacking to defending espicly if your
faster then the enmy most bb 1-2s are faster then their bb3-5 partners rush rush
rush hide and run if your rush looks like its gona fail ( your geting shot at by like 5
bbs) run at the 1st sighn of danger or comit totaly its alot harder to hit somone who
will take that 1st punch to the face if heys willing to charge into his range most ships
dont know their low angles

at bb1 lvl with prem it only takes 10k atack to get 15k exp and after a
10 or so battles per lvl at most youl 50 or so battles and you got your bb2 ^^
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