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  • His Majesty's Anti-Aircraft Guide

    07. 10. 2010 09:27

Guide is posted below to save the thread's formatting from OMGWORDCANCER

~ Ferrard

*stickied by lanthanide
(Or unless something better arrives) :D

*I used missile component superglue for the sticky. Tear it off for a big, black hole in
the RN forums. :DD

  • Re : His Majesty's Anti-Aircraft Guide

    03. 08. 2011 23:48

so AA gunner is the only way to play pompom ? sigh ..

  • Re : His Majesty's Anti-Aircraft Guide

    03. 04. 2011 12:24

Nice guide. I agree.... UK is alot about sniping. Whenever I get bored of my Ark
Royal or H-39/Molkte (KM) I might take out my Repulse (uggg) or Emerald for a spin.
In either my main role is sniping because neither should be the front line. I typically
use the RP-10As, but sometimes use my reload main gunners with RP-10L/Ds. What
I find amazing compared to KM is the timing and you can pick it up pretty quick. The
first is understanding how fast it takes your shells to fire to the max range + reload
time. Then it simply comes down to timing the path of the scout/bomber to intercept
that point. I suppose being musically oriented might help here (as it is keeping a
beat in a way). I have considered using a Surrey (my Repulse BO) or County (my Ark
Royal BO) in a combined support ship.

I am not currently carrying guns on my Ark (use a Medic + spare bomber to level
(since I am now deploying a scout on my Ark)) - but have found myself at least once
a day when I am CV'ing wishing I had some gun support. I plan to go with guns on
the Malta and just going with 4 Fighter, 2 TB and 1 scout (or 3 TB) + medic on the T

One thing I question about the individual leveling up pilots in their County.... use a
different BO. The reason to level your pilots is to get them high-leveled than the CV
BO since on a CV the BO will level faster than supports. I find this works best to
have a secondary BO..... if he gets too far ahead of the ship (perhaps level 65+ in a
County) just dismiss him. I do this with my KM Moltke... I use my level 98 AA
gunners and main gunners + a level 60+ BO to give my gunners 1-2 levels higher
than my BB BO (and provide an opportunity to level additional lower level
Repairs/Engineers) - obviously their XP is capped but it is a good way to build vets
(they each have 450+ vets with 120+ experts)

  • Re : His Majesty's Anti-Aircraft Guide

    08. 12. 2010 12:55

@ Richard: Hahaha - true - I shall go ahead and do so once I have the spare time. I'll
also address anything else I haven't poked at yet.

~ Ferrard

  • Re : His Majesty's Anti-Aircraft Guide

    08. 11. 2010 12:26

Just recently decided to commission an tribal class destroyer called HMS.Nubian and
because I try to equip the main armament to as historical as I can I am having to
make due with using the twin QF 4.7 inch Mark XI in A, B and Y turrets (twin QF 4.7
inch Mark XII were the actual guns used on most tribals) and I am finding these
guns to be rather good when attacking planes (not used them in an very long time
when I had an L class which did historically use the Mark XI) the only downside
being the 50 degree elevation disabling you from hitting planes that are practically
right above you.

  • Re : His Majesty's Anti-Aircraft Guide

    08. 10. 2010 11:55

Now you've got your tiger from the event, there should be no excuse for not updating it :D

  • Re : His Majesty's Anti-Aircraft Guide

    07. 20. 2010 04:20

the quad aa were awesome before you needed aa gunners to use them. they are still very
good for dunk, however you need very high level aa gunners to use them effectively, thats
why nobody is using them.

I do have very late classed aa gunners (rld capped), and i would say aa its not worth it
on most uk bbs. The only BBs i found it usefull are renown/repulse, QE, QV, dunk and maybe
hood. But keep in mind by the time your AA gunners get usefull you wont use this ships

As for using the D/N/L of the rp10, they are OKish, but too heavy for my taste, or leave
you with to few AA shells on many BBs T-Slots.

I Normally only use the rp10As, or the pompoms. QV with pompoms is quite something, it
makes you rather hard to hit by DBs :P

  • Re : His Majesty's Anti-Aircraft Guide

    07. 19. 2010 09:13

@ Richard: I don't have the Tiger, and I actually have /never/ seen one used for AA,
so I can't comment on its effectiveness. Sorry =(

@ Challen: Under no circumstances are you to serve Sweet Tea aboard His Majesty's
Ships. That spinelessly sweetened colonial drink does not strengthen the
constitution properly.

~ Ferrard

  • Re : His Majesty's Anti-Aircraft Guide

    07. 19. 2010 01:18

Nice work! I like the Tea slots... :)

  • Re : His Majesty's Anti-Aircraft Guide

    07. 18. 2010 23:22

Great guide. I love the 5.25s, huge hitting power and reload isn't crippling. I have 8 of
them on my ark royal and in cv battles if I try really hard I can rack up 4k with my guns

  • Re : His Majesty's Anti-Aircraft Guide

    07. 18. 2010 23:19

No tiger with quad aa :(
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