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  • Nelly Vs POW

    07. 20. 2010 12:50

Which one would be better?
assuming i get the ship tree reset from the event i'm currently going POW, would nelly
be a better choise?

  • Re : Nelly Vs POW

    09. 04. 2010 22:35

And also for future readers, i have used quad and triples setups, and here are my

Nelson with triple 16" setup--> Innacurate, but has more range than quads.
I hate this setup becuase 2/9 shells would land on a large ship. none on any smaller
ships acting as a scout (also hard when fighting bb1-3 due to small size)

Quad setup---> I used this one primarily, the range gets annoying at times and nelsons
speed doesnt help much unless you're capped. but having 3 guns on front gives it more
of a shock than PoW, and blockshots give you so much attack. Getting in range is a
task, and having no scouts doesnt help.

  • Re : Nelly Vs POW

    09. 04. 2010 01:17

I have lion now =D

  • Re : Nelly Vs POW

    08. 30. 2010 21:41

I hated the POW range so I like both the Nelly and Hood better. yes the POW is fast
but if you can't hit anything who cares??? The only way you get points is if your
team wins and you chase some people down. But you aren't effecting the battle in
ANY way because your never in range.

  • Re : Nelly Vs POW

    08. 08. 2010 20:47

At first i loved POW, when i got the Nelly i thought it sucked, than i started trying new
setups, and now i think it's great...realy can't tell wich is better...with a HL crew SW POW
can go 50 OH, and that's huge, u can easly dogde every1, Nelly with 3 quads can go only at
40, but the fire power difference means when you get in range your a monster...and Nelly
has more options, like 16" trips and my second favourite after quads, the duals mark 3 N, AW
or SW

  • Re : Nelly Vs POW

    08. 06. 2010 23:20

nelly because of the firepower exceeds POW and also how the guns are mounted.

  • Re : Nelly Vs POW

    08. 06. 2010 21:36

I was thinking of using my reset and go for nelly. I have elite reloads and like to play
the keep it at range game. However, with a little practice you can really learn when an
enemy is vulnerable and make them pay. Just got done with a GB2 and totaled 165k(87kxp
woot!), personal best. I have 5 lvl 80 engis and 1 lvl 50 and with the quad 14 N setup, I
can knock out 49 knots for a long time.

My main problem I have with the PoW is that if you can get in range to shoot someone, most
likely there are 3 or 4 of them that can shoot you. So time it wisely. Also I'm bad with
angles below 30 so once I get too close, I really have issues. Not sure how but I got
close enough to an L2 tonight to hit it with an angle of 5. Same with a bismark but only
got within 7. Shame on all of us. But I digress.

  • Re : Nelly Vs POW

    08. 01. 2010 17:56

I prefer Nelly

  • Re : Nelly Vs POW

    08. 01. 2010 07:06

I like POW more.
It has better turning force and speed than Nelly,and it also can take scout.
You don't like BB1 range?Try14"L(if you have good gunners).

  • Re : Nelly Vs POW

    08. 01. 2010 03:08

you really have to be a total genius to 1 shot a bb with the 14 N IS WHOA

lol i am thinking of reseting to but got 3 other lines... .

  • Re : Nelly Vs POW

    08. 01. 2010 02:30

...if you're using the 14s, then the scout tells you *where you're going* not *where
you're shooting*...
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