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  • new accuracy cap?

    09. 29. 2010 03:36

Anybody knows what is the formula for the new accuracy cap? One of the older patch changed
it and we can't use debugviewer anymore. How can we test it? Is there any test to figure
it out? Any idea?

  • Re : new accuracy cap?

    01. 20. 2011 12:54

We dont know how they changed the accuracy formula. My results shows the accuracy cap is
between 1.62m-1.7m true accuracy ability at lvl120. Maybe they rised the multiplier
factor(4706) or the base constant(1m) or both. I made this figure to show the possible

The red linear function shows the original accuracy formula (4706*lvl+1000000).

If they changed the base constant only:

dark green line (4706*lvl+1055280) or
light green line (4706*lvl+1135280),

if they changed the multiplier factor only:

dark blue line (5167*lvl+1000000) or
light blue line (5833*lvl+1000000)
shows the new accuracy formula. The new accuracy cap formula should be between these lines.

We need to have one more data point(test point) near lvl60 to reduce the errors.


  • Re : new accuracy cap?

    01. 17. 2011 19:52

The entire picture tag cannot be longer then 1 line or it will show like it is in your
post. Use to shorten the picture URL.

  • Re : new accuracy cap?

    01. 17. 2011 11:17

Interesting. So from the original 4706*lvl+1000000 formula, they only boosted the 4706 to

  • Re : new accuracy cap?

    11. 16. 2010 09:47

occilater: thanks a lot

blackjack: I'm 99% sure that the new accuracy cap is between 1.62mill and 1.7mill true
accuracy ability at lvl120.

  • Re : new accuracy cap?

    11. 14. 2010 00:33

Any further results you could share? ;)

  • Re : new accuracy cap?

    10. 25. 2010 09:45

"somebody teach me how could i post a picture, thanks."

Read this, it tells how to post pics.

  • Re : new accuracy cap?

    10. 25. 2010 03:44

preliminary result: the new accuracy cap is below 1.7mill accuracy true ability.
For further analysis i need a lvl119 UK gunner. I would be very grateful if somebody could
lend me that gunner.


  • Re : new accuracy cap?

    10. 20. 2010 04:33

As i mentioned in my first post, we cannot use debugviewer anymore. So we need an other
method for figure out the new accuracy formula. Before i start my tests i want to compare
the spread of a lvl120 UK accuracy gunner with the spread of a lvl120 UK reload gunner.
Would anybody be so kind as to lend me a lvl120 UK accuracy gunner? I can give that guy a
lvl120 UK reload gunner as a deposit.


  • Re : new accuracy cap?

    10. 15. 2010 02:47

That's all well and good, but since a long time debugview has stopped showing us
that accuracy calculation.
This means we have no ACCURATE way of knowing where the "new" accuracy caps
are. They could have added a multiplying factor or an additional factor anywhere in
that formula, but we just don't know what and where.
A likely and save scenario , as you said, is just multiplying the outcome of the acc
cap formula for the old caps by 10%, but again it's just speculation. They might done
that, they might have done something completely different. They might even have
screwed up and the outcome wasn't changed. We just don't know.

All we know for sure,the new caps are at the old level + X.
But X might be 0 or even 20.

  • Re : new accuracy cap?

    10. 13. 2010 20:29

Remember Sayoyin's post about ACC and debug view?

the thing was like:
[xxxx] Mine Turret Accuracy (0,x) FCS(xxxx), Force(xxxxx),
RevLvl(xxx), LimitFactor(xxxxxx), Limit(xxxxxx), Accuracy(xxx)

and the math works like this:
"LimitFactor" = "FCS" * ( 1.2 * "RevLvl" )
"Limit" = ( "LimitFactor" / 85 ) + ( 3 * "FCS" ) <====The Cap(old)

"Force"= (3 * true_ability * FCS)/1000000<=== that did not change a bit

So if u want increase 10% on the ACC Cap, u would most likely get: 1.1*Limit. It
will show as:
1.1*{( "LimitFactor" / 85 ) + ( 3 * "FCS" )}

Effectivly the whole thing looks like:
"New Limit"=1.1*{"FCS" * ( 1.2 * "RevLvl" )/85+3*"FCS"}

When "Force"= (3 * true_ability * FCS)/1000000 > "New lilmit" u hit the cap

This could be a easy way for u to fig out the new ACC CAP. However in coding i could
thing they would change one of those mutipliers to have the effect of 10% increase
in the end. So someone with better knowlegde pls share with us.

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