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  • Solutions to Leechers, Cannon Fodders and other various issues.

    01. 21. 2011 07:06

It's going to be a long post so bear with me.

It is not a problem of new players getting slammed by bigger ships. That's more of a game
mode problem. There's a reason why games with a player base of millions segregate play
areas based on level. For example, World of Warcraft seperates its battleground battles by
level groups so that a level 85 Hunter don't perform a 20,000 damage Explosive Shot on a
poor level 30 player. Sound familiar?

If Navyfield would revive its dd/cl, ca/bb game modes etc, FF/DDs and BB1/2s won't get
completed served by CA/BB1s and BB4/5/6s respectively.

But then of course, there's the issue of shared experience. I mean hey, why work your ass
off for $50 when you can get $30 for free! We are all humans, we all subject to greed and
sloth, and we can't blame each other. Adding on to the problem is the fact that the 2 most
active game modes favor the higher end tier players, which are CA/BB1s in Blitzkrieg and
BB4/5/6s in GB2. They eat players who are new to the game modes as an appetizer for
breakfast. If I'm forced to grind my character up in World of Warcraft by continuously
getting owned by higher level players, I'd quit the game, uninstall it and burn the DVDs.

So the problem here is that we have "Leechers" and "Cannon Fodders".

The solution is easy. Introduce Shared Exp in Normal Game Modes. It's that simple! Feed on
the Greed! In
fact, it would be better if we could introduce more Blitz-like games with level caps of 30
and 90, adding on to Blitz cap of 60. That would even out the difficulty of the grind for
new players and lower level ships. Everyone will have a fighting chance. There should be
no reason to leech. There's still a leecher? Boot his lazy ass in the next game lobby.
It's as simple as that! I'm no IT Programmer, but I'm sure the implementation of such game
modes wouldn't take long. After all, it's just editing existing games modes, give it a new
name and color theme and you're all set.

Now, high level players will complain that they themselves went through harsh times to get
where they were. My reply would be "Don't Lie. You either were a pioneer player from the
early times, leeched, Anti-Air Whored your way through or purchased a PBB. If you really
did grind, suffer and had your ass served in GBs to get your BB4, then you ought to accept
change. It's for the good of the future of the game. You should be proud of SDE for
implementing major changes if it means making the game more more user friendly. If you
really leave because of these changes, it only shows your maturity level."

However, with every solution comes a new problem. If such game modes are to be
implemented, it is IMPERITIVE that the amount of players with different tier ships online
simultaneously be very, very high or the game will die due to long waiting times.
Solution? Merge ALL the servers. Yes, I said it. ALL of it. If need be, Advertise for more
players. This is where SDE must really put their backs into it.

And yet another problem will arise. "Lag". If the current hardware causes lag on current
"High" population servers, which is really ridiculous as its a sprite based game, Upgrade.
Invest. Spend some money. Change the entire server rack. I bet my left nut that it will
work. More people will join the game. Money will come in. You will laugh your ass to the bank.

If you really need some capital to invest, increase the incentive to use the NF store, or
worst case scenario, introduce in-game advertisements on the Main Menu, Harbors and Map
Room etc. Just don't do it on the Battle Screen due to obvious reasons. People are going
to hate it, but it's only going to be temporary. In fact, personally, I wouldn't mind if
it's permanent. Just don't make them too irritating.

Which comes to another problem (sigh), the logarithmically increasing learning curve.
Currently, new players, including me 6 years ago, will be completed blown away by the
massive information they immediately get on the Harbor Screen. I mean, the new arrow
guides are nice, but that's just not enough. That's spoon feeding, not learning. Now I
know there's a nice flash guide on the website and forums, but let's be honest here. Not
many players will first visit the website to research and gather information to plan long
term. They would launch the shit out of the Navyfield Launcher, alt-tab during the loading
screen, log-in, launch the shit out of their frigate and finally, get their arses served
as a side dish.

Solution? In-game tutorials. Not just about the basics, but the more advanced stuff as
well. The REAL advantages of Manual FCS, armor, speed, range, ammo type, gun type, Experts
and Veterans, sailor growth, ship maneuvering, torpedoes, support sailors, Nation
Advantages/Disadvantages, game modes etc. Then there's the really advanced stuff like
Aircraft Carriers and Submarines, Sailor Ability, differences of different Battleship
routes, Battleship formation lines in GBs, Rushing, Anti-Air, AA whoring, Armor whoring,
Speed whoring, experience penalties for various reasons, Team work etc. There's just so
many factors and features of Navyfield gameplay that it's not user-friendly to learn them
through experience and mistakes.

I understand these changes might take a lot of time, effort and money, but I can assure
you once again with my right nut this time, that the end result will be completely worth
it. It's a game with a niche audience, but it's a great game nonetheless. It's unique in
so many ways, that even I prefer it to World of Warcraft. Screw World of Tanks. I'd hate
to see Navyfield die.

PS, buff KM range.
PPS, remove 1 level gain per game limit for sailors.
PPPS, add more normal ships, not event ships.
PPPPS, what the hell, buff 2nd set KM 11" shell damage.

  • Re : Solutions to Leechers, Cannon Fodders and other various issues.

    03. 23. 2011 16:03

Small ships are the only sub hunters.Even if they fail to do anything to sub they still
expose its location.Without them SS will become even more overpowered bacause there will
be no ship that see them and anyone with few smokes will be able to sunk half fleet alone.

Idea of spliting in tiers is ok for wow where alot of people join. NF dont have the
numbers and the feeling of HUGE battles where you are ant in battle between giants will be

Shared exp is the only way to lvl. Small ships may get away with few salvos until someone
oneshot them but CL and CA are bigger and any average BB sgat them with 1 salvo across the

  • Re : Solutions to Leechers, Cannon Fodders and other various issues.

    03. 23. 2011 10:39

In my mind, the solution is simple. add small nationalized frigates and patrol boats
up to lvl 120, that can torpedo battleships, scout, and give the destroyers, frigates,
and cruisers a job to do other than ASW when theres the occasional sub, and being

  • Re : Solutions to Leechers, Cannon Fodders and other various issues.

    03. 22. 2011 14:05

There is so much in this post I don't agree with I don't know where to start... so I'll go
with the most blaring first. Time. If you start dividing ships by level, you make it so
there are less ships entering rooms together. Then it takes longer for the rooms to start.
Then, we'd need to merge both servers together to make it so the rooms start faster. But
then, there are too many people on the server, so now we get lag. With all the lag, the
gameplay sucks, so people stop logging on. But now there are no more mergers as we would
be down to one server.....

So, to answer your point, there already is a system in place. There is blitz and there is
GB. Ships of lower level have a place where you can go to be effective. As far as
complaints about you can't do anything? Bull. With my low level CV, sure my fighters get
knocked out easy. But my bomber easily break 30k, even with my inept CV skills. All you
have is a DD? Boo-hoo. I was using DCs (free by the way) and went into GB to fight SS and
had not only some success, but a lot of fun. How about learning how to drive an AA CL? Its
not that hard, I made the grind from brand new player to CL Atlanta in a few days. Ever
see a L12 Fletcher sink a BB1 in Blitz? Happens all the time!

I've been playing since January 20, thats about 2 months. Already, I have 5 USN lines: 2
BB lines, 1 CV line, 1 SS line and a APA. I can drive every USN ship under L66 except the
Nevada and I'm getting close to doing that now. Really, it isn't that hard to level or
figure out. There is no need for drastic changes. How about we concentrate on simple
things first, like making tutorials for new people so they actually can learn easier as
opposed to making it easier for people to level up without skills.

  • Re : Solutions to Leechers, Cannon Fodders and other various issues.

    03. 22. 2011 10:26

Smaller ships give vision to the other team if allowed to get in range. Why would a
larger ship knowingly allow someone to come in range and scout for the other team simply
to allow someone else to sink it?

At the ends of games when its down to a CV or a couple of small ships, why wait (in a game
that is already notorious for waiting times) for smaller ships on your team to get in
range and sink?

Yeah some people just want attack and higher scores, but enough are just trying to win,
and move on to the next game.

  • Re : Solutions to Leechers, Cannon Fodders and other various issues.

    03. 22. 2011 02:52

Here is a way to stop CA's and low level BB leeching the XP from large BB's. How about at
near then end of the game where the losing side has lost almost all their battleships, the
winning side's large battles (BB4 and higher) stop attacking the losing side and leave the
surviving enemy ships to the heavy cruisers and small battleships (BB1-BB3). I am sick of
the large Battleships hogging all the kills. Can't the large Battleships focus on the
other large battleships at the start and middle of the game and leave the smaller ships to
the heavy cruisers and low tier battleships. When I get into a high tier battleship I am
going leave the small ships to the heavy cruisers and low tier battleships. That means at
the end of the game if there are no surviving enemy large battleships I am going to hold
back and let the large cruisers and low tier battleships have their fill.

Frigates, Destroyers and light cruisers are fine for leeching although providing ASW and
AAW support would be useful. Heavy cruisers and small battleship on the other hand need to
provide more direct support such as attacking small ships. However if the large
battleships just kill the small ships then what are the heavy cruisers and low tier
battleships are going to do. The large battleships need to learn Chivalry and not hogging
the kills

  • Re : Solutions to Leechers, Cannon Fodders and other various issues.

    03. 21. 2011 17:36

Dude, you're wrong: I didn't leech or anything. I didn't even PLAY GB2s until I got my
CV out of blitz. I can't AA for my LIFE and I don't cheat or any of that crap. I HAVE
SEEN people do it, seen a guy shoot about 30 rounds in 2 seconds NOT using a
Pompom, and etc but thats about it; I don't do any of those accusatory statements
you made.

  • Re : Solutions to Leechers, Cannon Fodders and other various issues.

    01. 24. 2011 13:45

"how come I survived 2/4 of games till end of battle??"

That cancels down to 1/2

  • Re : Solutions to Leechers, Cannon Fodders and other various issues.

    01. 22. 2011 13:50

you call bull on FF attack?

well me wasen't was 11k....NOT ASW

all so I would of get more if lame sub diden't TK me -.-

Link as proof:

pick your time and PLAY...and you can do well in ANY ship....just FYI...


  • Re : Solutions to Leechers, Cannon Fodders and other various issues.

    01. 22. 2011 09:28

I'm actually seeing the big picture right now alright. And trust me when I say this, it's
not pretty. Of course you're right when you say shared exp is better in a sense that
players will be forced to learn and play better that way. But the fact is shared exp is
now part of the game, and it ain't gonna change any time soon. It's been implemented for
years, and it will continue for the years to come. You may not like it, I may not like
it, tons of people may not like it, but it's there alright.

Which is why a change is needed AROUND the shared exp issue.

You said "saying low lvl ships don't do anythign in GB2 atm is pure BULL". I beg to differ.

Other than Anti-air whoring and the occasional SS hunting, BB1s and below and below can't
do squat. It's a fact. You and I know it. What i mean by "doing something" is effectively
participating in the battle. Which means achieving a reasonable amount of attack points.
My KM P Project 2 could only get 60k attack at most during one time, and I consider that
to be a feat.

"I recentlly started lvling my KM BB's...and I'm at BB3(1BO) and
BB2(2nd BO) lvl did I manage to get 5k-9k attack constantlly in a FF and

Congratulations, you got a BB3 from scratch. You sure you didn't just Anti-air? PBB?
Leech? Did you even go toe to toe against higher tier ships and perform effectively? Most
likely no. You'll most likely get sunk pretty fast. And it's understandable. Besides, it's
"Shared Exp" that got you those experience points anyway. If you were only rewarded for
personal attack points, I bet it's going to be a long painful grind to your BB3. Skill
does matter. But going against a higher tiered ship? Most likely the odds are against you.

Oh and getting 9k attack on a DD1? sure, why not, it's possible. I've gotten 20k in blitz
on an O class. 9k attack on an FF? I call bullshit.

"how come I survived 2/4 of games till end of battle??"

Believe it or not, mostly everyone pretty much have the same ratio if they actually try to
fight. Now, of course those who charge in the middle of the map to rush will die. Those
are your typical noobs. And from the looks of it, they aren't gonna change their play
style, simply because they are "noobs". Shared exp or not, they're gonna be stupid, cause
that's just how they are. Every game on the market has these people, you just can't change
them. Of course, let them learn the hard way.

But you were right on one thing though. "REMOVE shared exp for ships 61 lvl and UP"

Absolutely. Ships of level 61 and above should have ample experience and knowledge to
effectively use their CAs/BB1s. No excuses. And of course, it will encourage players to
once again create Normal Rooms.

Which, once again, comes to a problem on my original post. Lack of players. There's really
no point creating level segregated rooms without ample players of such levels to fill them
up. But that's another issue altogether.

It's good that you finally post something constructive, don't you think? It's good to
voice out your opinions in a civilized manner.

  • Re : Solutions to Leechers, Cannon Fodders and other various issues.

    01. 22. 2011 05:19

your failing to see the big picture on the long run...

shared exp was never and never will be the solution no matter how much you
whan't to manipulate your post/suggestion.

if you whan't all games modes to be wich case lvling for lower lvl's is
easier....simply REMOVE shared exp for ships 61 lvl and UP...simple as that...

that way you can have the CA/BB mode where you can lvl up to a BB2 all most BB3
EASY and thus beeing ready for GB1/2.

on top of that.....saying low lvl ships don't do anythign in GB2 atm is pure BULL....

tell me something...I recentlly started lvling my KM BB's...and I'm at BB3(1BO) and
BB2(2nd BO) lvl did I manage to get 5k-9k attack constantlly in a FF and

how come I survived 2/4 of games till end of battle??

how about this....pressing FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF is not the way....fact ppl do it and
expect somethign from it, just show how plain retarded they are....and for such
ppl...why in hell would NF have to ADOPT to ther play-style???

all so Blitz is just fine...I lvled 3 BO's(2BB, 1 CV) in Blitz on a Silver account.....and as
Blazer pointed out....all so later on for exp for gunners with 0 dmg....<<<<
should be brought back to NF ASAP

simple fact whan't to get rid of leechers and noobs? remove the shared exp
in GB1/2 complitly.....make all game mods same exp as the current GB1 except
Blitz..leave Blitz be.

it's that simple...all so for last poster on page 1......just LOL

nuf said and not recced

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