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  • Patrol Boats/ Corvette Ships

    02. 15. 2011 16:46

*** READ THIS*** I know this has been suggested before, but i want everyone to
see my sprites and at least consider this with an open mind.

I am thinking a ship about half the size of a FF, nationalized, or just higher levels,
would be a wonderfull addition. They would be about half the size of FF, carry 2 to 4
torpedos, and one or two pompom machine guns. They would be faster than FF. This
would give a job for CL and CA to do, besides just being food for others, or overused
AA. This also would provide more ASW.

Some sprites i drew up to show my ideas.

For reference, A normal FF1

FFZ A smaller version of a normal FF.

FFH, a frigate on hydrofoils. Hydrofoils have been used before WW2 so dont say its
not used in WW2.

Last, but not least, the FF3

If you have comments or suggestions please post. please reccomend.

  • Re : Patrol Boats/ Corvette Ships

    04. 28. 2011 22:30

The AAW guns on all ships in this game would kill those weak little boats.

  • Re : Patrol Boats/ Corvette Ships

    04. 28. 2011 14:14

snowball, stop trolling. read the first and second line of my initial post.

  • Re : Patrol Boats/ Corvette Ships

    04. 24. 2011 00:05

your right this has been suggested before... you should have just bumped the old
one/ supported it.

  • Re : Patrol Boats/ Corvette Ships

    04. 20. 2011 08:07

id like to see it maybe

  • Re : Patrol Boats/ Corvette Ships

    04. 19. 2011 16:48

@ minertheron as for your suggestions on ships, just tell donquan, he is doing the info
for what ships we are doing, im just making graphics. all i know so far is the data he
posted in the 2nd? post.

  • Re : Patrol Boats/ Corvette Ships

    03. 14. 2011 14:02

Halladay, thats a good point, but the main thing is they would simply be TBS at sea lvl.
Also, it would be a major variation in the game. Keep it simple. just make more small
frigates. Each one could be used as a escort, or a drivable ship.

  • Re : Patrol Boats/ Corvette Ships

    03. 09. 2011 10:09

Here is an idea..... someone mentioned PT boats. Now PT boats always had limited
weapons/reload capability. Why not put a APA type boat in the back starting
position / side and the corvettes/PT boats can be fast small boats but very limited
armament. ie..... lower class have 2 torpedos only. Higher class perhaps 4. Given
them good AAW onship (since they often did have a decent 20mm gun on the
foredeck). The idea? Scout and launch an attack (most effective in groups - which is
how they were used in WWII) and then go back to APA for resupply. ie. your 2 torps
are resupplied by the APA and you can then go out again (after stopping nearby and
waiting 10 seconds or something). Kind of like planes. If you loose the APA you
loose your rearm ability.

  • Re : Patrol Boats/ Corvette Ships

    03. 08. 2011 13:22

ok ill start with usa


type PGM

(Length OA) 53.34m
(Standard displacement) 280 t
(Full displacement) 295 t
1 ?76.2mm (-/50)
4 ?40mm (2?I)
6 ?20mm
2 ?12.5mm (1?I)
1 ?60mm minomet
(Speed) 20 uzlů (knots)


(Length OA) 56.08 m
(Displacement) 640 t
(Armament) 1 ?76.2mm (-/50-DP př?#271;)
2-5 ?20mm (2-5?můstek)
4-6 ?40mm (2-3?Istřed)
ASW (1?edgehog,4?-gun,2?CR,40?C)
(Speed) 15.5 uzlů (knots)

class Algonquin (165')

(Length OA) 50.29m
(Standard displacement) 1,005 t
2 ?76.2mm
3 ?20mm
(Speed) 12.5 uzlů (knots)

class Owasco (255')

(Length OA) 77.72m
(Standard displacement) 2,000 t
4 ?127mm
8 ?40mm
ASW ((hedgehog))
(Speed) 17 uzlů (knots)



(length) 189.25
(Displacement) 328 tons
2-12 pdr
3-18 inch tubes
(speed)26 knots

ill finish later got stuff to do

  • Re : Patrol Boats/ Corvette Ships

    03. 08. 2011 12:56

Even though this part of the forum is useless and sde rarely does anything from it I still like the idea in small ships it
would essentially add in another dimension into the game like subs did but it would have to be done right so there
wouldn't be the mistakes like there was with the subs but between river gunboats gunboats cutters sloops corvettes
pt boats sub chasers etc we could fill each nation in with a ship line for these "operational support vessels"
As for the ingame roles of these ships there is escorts aa anti sub ohh not to mention if well played they could be
used to strike at enemy carriers a decoy for bb fire and the occasional sinking of dds cls and cas as well as each
other and this is just what I can hypothesize I'm sure there could be other roles for these ships well I'm gonna get on
the computer and create some lines and maybe sometime I could makenup some sprites for show
U got my recc

  • Re : Patrol Boats/ Corvette Ships

    03. 07. 2011 16:58

@ leaderwolf, the turtle is cool for some diversity, and it helps spice up the game, along
with the APA when they wander out, but they serve no definitive purpose.
PS: im also working on the USS Constitution, titanic, and united states, along with the
hunley to spice up NF. but thats a different topic.

The job of ASW for a DD is extremely annoying, and very difficult, because the CV and
BB simply annialate all the enemy subs before ASW gets a chance to even try to kill the
subs. and if asw is in front of BB lines, then the enemy BB snipe it. A much better job for
a DD would be to screen for PT boats and FF, too small for bb to kill easily, but perfect
for the DD.

@ donquan, i got the captain, convoy, and i think one other done.
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