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  • HH range reduction

    03. 06. 2011 15:15

need to reduce the range of HH

-the HH shoot farther than kmss4 miniguns (lvl 12 HH > lvl 74
-people use HH as shells instead of normal guns
-imo its an exploit using HH instead of normal guns against normal ships
-it seems HH are bigger than shells (regarding damage inflicted)

***at least bar them from blitz since no subs are there***

  • Re : HH range reduction

    03. 13. 2011 13:25

Just no about reducing the range. I agree with the barring them from the Blitz's

  • Re : HH range reduction

    03. 10. 2011 07:39

halladay explain yourself?

or deadeye maybe I dont udnerstand?

hedge hogs detonating next to your ship underwater removes your bulge armor, along
with damage. You suggest removing this feature?

A 'smart' sub would keep a frigate loaded with jege jogs and let him open fire just
before enemy lines taking out their bulge, since escorts cant aim for poop .. then
exploita the lack of bulge on the whole north/south flank

  • Re : HH range reduction

    03. 09. 2011 23:16


HH range are fine, acctually its better when a ship shoots the HH from far it gives
you more time to do critical dive, I its just a matter of skill.

Why do it much easier for us Subs players. I like it like it is, it is challenging and that
makes it fun.

  • Re : HH range reduction

    03. 09. 2011 22:16

@halladay: I do like that idea, maybe have them do one damage to represent the scratched
paint job.

  • Re : HH range reduction

    03. 09. 2011 13:33

Sorry No dingy=P only way i would recommend this, is if they took off the flak cannon's
you use to destroy everything with.-_- Your too OP as it is..

  • Re : HH range reduction

    03. 09. 2011 09:53

I guess the one thing I disagree with is the use of HH as cannons. ie. Shoot a
broadside at a ship. Not hoping they hit the water to detonate but that they hit the
ships and explode. These tend to do a lot more damage. I would rather them not
do that and just end up floating in the water and then count down. Then explode.
ie. you can not use them as a cannon then if they miss as a depth charge. They
should be like a remote depth charge only.

  • Re : HH range reduction

    03. 09. 2011 08:17

seriously its fine, if you nerf the range , then youll have the noob tubers complaining
that since they cant react as fast as they could before to the hedge hogs at max range
that we should allow them to crit dive faster.

its a non ending baww war that is fine the way it is now with the exception of the
broken magical km torpedoes.

  • Re : HH range reduction

    03. 08. 2011 09:56


IJN SS4 is very capable of 1 shotting BB4/5, not positive about BB6. 8 Front tubes with
22k damage torps (if all hit for max value would be 176k Damage). Figure .2/.3 belt
halves that to 88k and then bulge (not sure how 1 bulge relates to damage, so I can not
even guess what that will do).

Figure with 900 SD a BB6 can take roughly 80k damage (probably on the high side) means
without bulge you theoretically can be 1 shot, with bulge... well that depends on how
bulge translates into damage reduction.

There is also the outside factor of crits (yes torpedos can crit, I have had it happen
several times).

Even IJN SS1s have 20k damage torps, just less tubes.

My opinon of subs has changed over time, and with subsequent updates. In general I can
not say they are overpowered, simply that some tiers are OP while others are not. Same
with other classes of ships. BBs tend to be balanced (or ideally) balanced to their
respective tiers, where as subs are more or less balanced to themselves. By introducing
subs they have brought in a new aspect (under water, unseen). They can theoretically
fight while untouchable (depending on the ships they are around, no sonar, or ships
without ASW. Any surface fighting ship can theoretically fight another (assuming you are
not a strictly AA ship, or a CV with no guns and fighters only), whereas a sub can fight
underwater, fight surface ships, but not really AA (atleast not effectively). Like most
things in NF it needs to be balanced. I"m not the person to make a suggestion to balance,
and best of luck to the one who does, it will not be easy.

  • Re : HH range reduction

    03. 08. 2011 06:43

I've been a sub driver for a while now and have seen sub's being nerfed while the
strength of anti-sub weapons and their range has increased. I of course hate it but I
can live with it if it stops all the whingers complaining about subs.

I prefer to sink the buggers by which I mean A/S at the earliest opportunity and the
only time I've sank a a BB4 or above with one shot is when it has already been
damaged. BB5's take ten hits to kill and BB6's even more.

By all means nerf HH but as far as I'm concerned it gives something less for them to
complain about, so sub drivers everywhere, as our American cousins would
say "Suck it up"!!

  • Re : HH range reduction

    03. 08. 2011 06:19

and? look SS and HH balance each other out SS players stop crying untill its all
balance after testing is done on them.
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