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  • SN SS

    03. 11. 2011 23:33

I don't think anyone is quite there yet, but, I was wondering if the SN SS's are worth
getting into. On a secondary type of cool, I have to say it would be incredible to be
in Kilo class SS (being SS6). From what I have read, the SS4 is the highest SS so far.
I have also read that SS5 and SS6 are intended as are balancing issues with lv 100
and lv 110 guns. Anyways, any opinions people? Especially from Sub drivers.

  • Re : SN SS

    05. 27. 2011 10:48

Unlimited endurance = 3 weeks on fuel cells or 12 weeks with snorkeling. If you
know what to look for the Type 212 is easy to detect and track as is any operating

  • Re : SN SS

    05. 26. 2011 15:02

Kilo class SS is a fairly modern diesel-electric ... it wouldn't make any sense in a
World War II-oriented game. Otherwise, they might as well give the Germans the
Type 212, complete with its near-perfect silence, unlimited underwater endurance
(powered by fuel-cells rather than 'old-fashioned' batteries) and sub-launched
Harpoon missiles.

  • Re : SN SS

    05. 17. 2011 01:15

Also have problem with dud torps much worse then my US SS4. Only once I had both
aft torp explode on

  • Re : SN SS

    05. 15. 2011 21:25


you're not suppose to kill the enemy ...
killing them just makes the bb's whine that subs are overpowered and need a nerf

  • Re : SN SS

    05. 09. 2011 21:40

the torps is really a joke, when I shot full salvo of 4 torps, mostly it's only hit one,
and the others just passing by ...
IJN SS is logically normal hv low hit ratio when they have high damage and more front
torps launcher
But this? low damage with low hit ratio? then how you suppose to kill the enemy?

  • Re : SN SS

    05. 08. 2011 07:03

So your going to use one situation to discredit the whole line? SN does not equal KM...the
torps will dud ..not as often at IJN..but it will happen.

SN subs are very balanced except for the speed on the ss3 (which could have been worse)

  • Re : SN SS

    05. 04. 2011 16:33

So I made SN SS2 (type L). I figured it would be decent. Then I sent two rear torps
at a smoking Kita as a farewell gift.

(Drum rolll please)

Yep. They went underneath it completely and exploded harmlessly about three
clicks further.

Is this another dud of a sub?

  • Re : SN SS

    05. 01. 2011 21:42

how many support crew have all thoses SN SS classes? overall crew capacity?

  • Re : SN SS

    04. 22. 2011 02:03

Have SN SS4 with lvl 82 elite engy, 160 vets but im only get 35 OH. Anbody have
expereince what lvl of engy u need to get cap speed in this sub (40knots)

If I remember right my US SS4 hit capspeed with full weight around this lvl of engy.

  • Re : SN SS

    04. 19. 2011 10:05

That happens on all ships when you slow down from flank speed without using all your
overheat. It will be patched... eventually... =/
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