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  • What has been suggested before!

    09. 01. 2008 11:42

listed below incase of sticky.

search tip:

press Ctrl+F in Firefox, and you can search individual words.


  • Re : What has been suggested before!

    09. 03. 2008 22:30

Great you did this, but only reason I noticed was I was wandering aimlessly around the
suggestions for some interesting reading ... anyway, recced, hope it lowers the
spam/repeat posts

  • Re : What has been suggested before!

    09. 03. 2008 08:00

Put the status marks on the left of the suggestions for better reading.

Good work.

  • Re : What has been suggested before!

    09. 03. 2008 04:16

agree with obst hope it influences the game

  • Re : What has been suggested before!

    09. 02. 2008 19:49

Nice list, but I doubt that it will help much :P

  • Re : What has been suggested before!

    09. 02. 2008 09:09

congrats shadow! congrats!

  • Re : What has been suggested before!

    09. 02. 2008 00:54

Ctr+f also works in windows explorer (atleast for me, it might be an addon)

And good it have been made sticky

  • Re : What has been suggested before!

    09. 01. 2008 22:17

you gotta put an # or an * or something next to the "notable" suggestions since this is an
impressive list, and the other topic needs updating, and isn't getting it

also, here it is in Alphabetical order, just in case <3

*insert ship here* sucks/pwns Nurf/buff
2 or more persons controlling 1 ship
ability to personalize ship sprites
ability to trade regardless of credit/point
Aircraft formation
arcade/jukebox when sunk
Axis vs. Allies
bars/lights to indicate OH
better A.I
Better water/waves.
borderhumping solutions.
bring back Charlie, Delta ++++ teams
Buying credits for $ or Points
changeable names for GB/Blitz Signs
Changes to blitz/GB
changes to language filter
Changes to split&go for GB/Blitz
changes/updates to sailor rolling
close border/warning sounds
CV's in Blitzkrieg
Damage sprites
Duds/unactivated torpedo changes
Embedded ingame NF Music player
emotions such as smileys
EXP for HA
Flagship perks
Fleet sailor/ship/credit bank
fleet tenders (such as tankers, and ammo ships).
free movement of accounts cross servers
GB room size change
Graphical Revamp
gun Storage hangar
Harbor assault changes/requests for comeback
Heavy bombers
Hey guy" posts
homing torpedoes
host kick function
I love/Hate TNF/player Ban/Unban plz
increase sailor space
ingame prem item trading
ingame punish fuction
Land based Aircraft
Making permabans non perma
Medium bombers
Modern Era fighters, bombers, ships
more events
more guns
more playing maps
mute/unmute players ingame
Negative Recc's
nerf this, buff that topics of all kinds
new nations
Night/day/dusk/dawn scenes
Nuclear warheads/bombs
offline message system
Op Con fixes
Perpetual battles
premium ships/guns/planes/ammo
PT boats In ALL it's aspects
random spam
REALISM-related posts
removal of blockshots
removal/expand of fleet penalty
Sailor immediate removal
sailor promotions
Ship Collisions
Ship limiting
ship Machineguns/changeable AAW guns
ship organizing in harbour
Ship/gun physics changes
solutions to friendly fire
Sound Revamp
stop exp gain
T4-5-6 Planes
Tug boats
various forms of punishment for TK of planes
various game modes
Various outfittings for planes, (fueltanks, rockets and the like).
Various types of missions
various uses for scouts (Depth charges, small bombs).
Vet death removal
vote to kick host
Waypoint movement for ships/planes
Weather/climatic changes
Zeppelins/Barrage baloons
Zoombug in all it's forms and shapes

  • Re : What has been suggested before!

    09. 01. 2008 15:58

well Penguin, as much as i liked looking at the pics, lets try to stay on topic here.
Also i pinned it because this may help minimize that amount of repeat suggestion
threads. (well we can only hope)

  • Re : What has been suggested before!

    09. 01. 2008 15:36

You forgot fixed zoom. I knew you would forget it.

I think this list will not help anything at all.

  • Re : What has been suggested before!

    09. 01. 2008 15:19

dude penguin thats disgusting, anyways, shadow you really outdid yourself this time! great
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