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  • County Armour

    04. 25. 2010 18:24

Im almost level 43 and i have a few questions about how much Armour i should put on a County.

1. How much Belt and Deck Armour should i put on my County?

2. What shells could bounce the recommended amount of Armour?


  • Re : County Armour

    09. 15. 2010 09:54

i have 9 inches belt and not much can get through not many people in blitz HA so yea...

  • Re : County Armour

    09. 15. 2010 09:10

best way to run county is with 8" duel L'S and use mximum angle. every one in blitz
armours their belts. deck is left weak. 0.2 deck for county no bulge. if your too close
your dead anyway. drive your county like you intend to drive a BB. and use manual
fire and aiming fcs. county is not that good.

  • Re : County Armour

    05. 01. 2010 14:30

If you can spot the Dual 8L's or at least have a very good idea where their 55 hits,
I'd recommend you use them for the range advantage. If you can't even guestimate
where they land, then stick with the Trip-6L's and spank destroyers and light
cruisers across the map.

Really the gun-choice just comes down to personal preference.

~ Ferrard

  • Re : County Armour

    05. 01. 2010 10:42

One last question should i put trip 6s or dual 8s in blitz?

  • Re : County Armour

    04. 30. 2010 10:37

0.2 deck and 0.2 belt provide the protection and damage reduction your ship and crew need.

Adding more deck will only reduce Dive Bomb damage, which is a very minor advantage, until
you add enough to bounce certain caliber shells... and for a County, that's not worth it.

Adding more belt will reduce small caliber shots coming in, and will absorb a larger
percentage of torpedo and splash damage. That second part tops out at 1.5 belt, and is
highly inefficient past 0.2. So I recommend stopping belt armor at 0.2, then adding 50
bulge armor instead. If you have displacement left, add 4 bulkhead and then more belt
armor. But stop adding armor when your speed starts to drop.

  • Re : County Armour

    04. 30. 2010 02:59

Very, very bad idea lol.
0.6" belt will halve torp damage, but you only need 0.2" for that. 0.6" belt will not
bounce anything.
0.5" deck will bounce absolutely nothing.

  • Re : County Armour

    04. 29. 2010 18:31

I ended up putting 0.6 of Belt armour and 0.5 Deck armour is this good/bad decision?

  • Re : County Armour

    04. 27. 2010 10:52

Optimal range is 55 degree for county. Alot of deck helps in blitz as you dont rep fast or
go OH along time, and most players wont keep you at max range they will just ruh you, once
they are a few degree past their max range on you they will get bounced. I say county
bounces KM/MN with ease, IJN too, york 8" is a problem because of the 45 degrees, not sure
about US anymore. Its been a few year i last played county :)

  • Re : County Armour

    04. 27. 2010 08:39

Pick a heavy cruiser, and they'll likely mount 8" guns of some sort. Your trick is to
stay out of their effective range, which is why I'd advise against AWing. IMO, slap on
your .3 belt and as much bulge as you can without losing more than a knot of speed, then
mount dual 8"L's, LHE and high angle the CAs and BBs from afar. Ignore anything smaller
than a CL unless they rush you, in which case you should already be running.

Ironically, the county should be played like a KM ship - keep the speed and use it to keep
them in your optimal range-band (try for about 60 degrees - 70 may hit harder, but it gets
far too easy for them to rush inside your minimum HA range, and the dual 8"s suck at
low-angle). Coincidentally, this will train you well for the Revenge and QE down the
line, which AWing and blitzing it up with trip 6"s won't.

If you insist on AWing, then do the Belt and trip 6"s. Avoid CAs and BBs like the plague
- your job is to hunt the little guys at close range. The problem with this is that
trip-6's don't blockshot, despite what someone said earlier, and they definitely won't
have a tight spread within Blitz. Any well-played CL will most likely NOM you for dinner,
and you won't be fast enough to avoid other CAs, so expect to die often to the enemy's
"capital" ships. Also, any DD with torps (just about everyone in Blitz) can leave you a
depressingly effective parting gift, so expect to die to them often too.

~ Ferrard

  • Re : County Armour

    04. 27. 2010 08:29

Just about every ca/pca and some pcls.
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