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  • Rolling neuts: what to look for?

    01. 30. 2011 11:53

Hi everybody,

Im certainly no rookie here, but ive never really gone in depth about the whole neut
rolling thing... I know some combinations and I know +12 for support/guns/pilots
and +15 for BO.

Ive never gone in depth because ive made some good profit with trading sailors
early on

But with the new countries coming soon, ive started to roll for neuts (As ive decided
not to buy any elites)

Now, I know what to look for in some cases, but can you all help me out and add
some things where needed?

I know these combinations:

* acc/rel for gunners
* rel/aaw for aa gunners
* bomber/aircraft for bombers
* fighter/aircraft for fighters

But what about the torpers? the supports?

Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Re : Rolling neuts: what to look for?

    02. 05. 2011 04:38

Im actually rolling now, and I just got a +12 for the AAW stat...

And if im correct, you guys are saying that this stat doesnt do anything and that its
there for nothing...

Then why dont they take that stat out if it doesnt do anything?

Cos if the AAW stat werent there, I maybe would have gotten that +12 somewhere
else instead...

Now im gonna roll on :)

  • Re : Rolling neuts: what to look for?

    02. 03. 2011 10:09


  • Re : Rolling neuts: what to look for?

    02. 03. 2011 09:31

Yes master, you are always right :)
In my old age, I've become less stubborn and am always willing to hear
people out. Never hurts to keep an open mind as well.
That's why I'm actually considering your claim that you are always right ;)

  • Re : Rolling neuts: what to look for?

    02. 03. 2011 08:14

@ Mako: I'm always right. Whens the last time I was wrong about something? :P

  • Re : Rolling neuts: what to look for?

    02. 03. 2011 07:09

sad how many people think the AAW stat is actually active

it is INACTIVE and always has been

the only thing that affects the auto AA of a ship is the actual ship itself, each ship has
a default AAW setting and that will never change no matter what sailors you put on it

US ships have better AAW, period which is why when you look at a Sodak with planes flying
over it, compared to a Nelson with planes flying over it, the Sodak will have much faster,
more numerous and stronger auto AA bullets flying out of it compared to the Nelson

people need to stop spreading mis information and go read up before they post info

  • Re : Rolling neuts: what to look for?

    02. 03. 2011 03:50

Klaas, there will always be debate for what works, what isn't turned on etc.
I think it would turn into one big argument. Let's face it, some people have
put money into sailors with stats they thought were "good" so anything that
contradicts it will be hard to accept because that would mean admitting they
had been wasting their time/money all these years.

I had a cv crew long ago - rolled 11/12 air with 11/12 Fighter/Bomber. Then
it seemed for a time that Bomber stats = defense and Fighter stat = offense
for all planes. So I ignored Air and looked for neutrals that had high stats in
both these categories, had a couple of cv crews at about level 60. Well then
the August patch came and that went out the window - each plane type was
assigned only one kind of stat. I waited a few weeks before some people did
some tests or players I trusted came back with word that the patch did make
each plane type designated to a single stat. I went back through my sailors and dismissed
some of them - especially scouts that were based on bomber stats.

I tend to find the air argument as well as AAW argument come from players
who don't use english as their first language. If they aren't keeping up with
recent arguments and changes, it could be that they are following the same
path that I did in regards to those stats but haven't caught on. We have these
discussions in English all the time on the forum here but perhaps their sources
are behind the times or misinformed.

I know V2 thinks we're right but I like to be a bit more flexible because I've seen
things change (A few years ago, I rolled for a repair sailor looking for an engine stat as
well but now I know it was a stat that didn't apply to that sailor). As of right now,
from what I've read, experienced, and from what I've seen the players that use this
formula do in battle - I am going to stand by what I have posted.

  • Re : Rolling neuts: what to look for?

    02. 03. 2011 01:32

Look in Adalbert's stickied ability guide for most caps.

The accuracy and reload caps have been raised since that guide was written
though. Big guns now have their reload cap at about 2.5 M true ability.
The new formula for the acc cap isn't known (yet) so we can only say it's the old
caps with an extra number of levels added on top

  • Re : Rolling neuts: what to look for?

    02. 03. 2011 01:28

Look at the guide on true ability. Just note that aircraft abilities were changed. As were
the gunner caps.

  • Re : Rolling neuts: what to look for?

    02. 03. 2011 00:55

Regarding those caps...

Is there a list somewhere of all caps of all sailors of all nations too?

Yet again, I only know a few

I think im going to prepare a post with all these things and im mentioning you guys in it

  • Re : Rolling neuts: what to look for?

    02. 02. 2011 21:34

@ mnpopeye: Like I said no room for debate. I'm sorry to say you are wrong and it would be
best for you not to spread misinformation.

AAW stat is NOT active. Ever wonder why Machine gunner class AA sailors cannot be taken

Only ONE stat matters for each pilot type.

Oh and intelligent people don't even class UK as accuracy gunners since you will hit both
caps at a reasonable level with UK reload gunners.
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