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  • Critical damage.

    03. 17. 2006 15:16

It would be nice to have damage would be a little more than wearing HP down to

What if you could get critical damage?
Having your FCS badly damaged, lowering your accuracy and sight-radius...
Having guns destroyed
Having binds of ammo destroyed, causing secondary explosions and severe hull-
damage? (HMS Hood anyone?)

Currently, the worst thing that happens to our ships on a critical hit is that we loose
vets. I wouldn't mind having guns knocked out (for the battle, not permanently) and
other systems on my ship destroyed.

Having destructable guns wouldn't need all that much new graphics added. Just a
destroyed-gun sprite and some smoke rising from it.

  • Re : Critical damage.

    02. 25. 2011 16:48

Bumping this
I like the idea, but in an old game like NF it is very hard to do.

Ive been playing WOT recently and really like the dynamic damage dealt to tank
parts, and the effect it has on the tank itself.

Damaged guns barlels = affected accuracy/elevation speed and possibly the ability to

damaged turrets = affected turret traverse
damaged engine = affected max speed/acceleration
damaged FCS = affected accuracy and view range
damaged props/rudders = affected maneuverability

ect ect

  • Re : Critical damage.

    12. 28. 2010 23:27

yeah, But this idea requires rewriting the game.

I just don't see how they can even manage to add new features with a bad case of spaghetti

I can already picture it. Changing one thing breaks another. And a 1 week update becomes 5

  • Re : Critical damage.

    12. 28. 2010 19:04

thats basicly a world of tanks thing ie: you get hit in the tracks and your a sitting
duck i guess thats were you got the idea?

  • Re : Critical damage.

    10. 16. 2010 16:04

I don't think they want to redo the entire sprite inventory for this.

  • Re : Critical damage.

    10. 16. 2010 13:06

I've been thinking about that for a while...why DOESN'T team NF do that? It would
spice things up and possibly get more people to JOIN NavyField plus, it would be SO
MUCH MORE REALISTIC.....I totally agree withh Wyrm and everyone who wants this
put in.

  • Re : Critical damage.

    10. 08. 2010 16:39

im going to bump this because maybe instead of implimenting retarded fighters and
nerfing subs, TNF should keep this in mind

  • Re : Critical damage.

    07. 25. 2010 11:48

lol tr3. this one was dead for 2 years xD. great suggestion though

  • Re : Critical damage.

    07. 25. 2010 08:50

Sound good.And frustrating sometimes.And fun.

Imagine some FFs or DDs surounding a BB and 1 getting a crit.It could turn the tide of the
battle for them.A little more versatility for small vessels in GB.


  • Re : Critical damage.

    10. 18. 2008 14:00

This could be getting somewhere... It is a good idea.

  • Re : Critical damage.

    10. 18. 2008 13:44

idea is good but old.
it wouldnt do more lag to the servers. not really much.

its more a problem of the ships themself! look at Km and ijn..weak armor and so
on...a hit from a ship like the lion 1 or 2, kills every KM ship with the first hit.

but on the other way, a hit from the KM to the UK ship, wouldnt do changes
the game to more bad playstyles...

sry, my english is bad.

so..siple: NO
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