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  • Notable Suggestion Topics List

    08. 01. 2007 15:56

There's a lot of duplicated stuff on these boards and it can be hard to find the one topic
that started it all or the one topic that was the best presentation of a given idea.

There's also a lot of people reading this who don't know to whom to give their daily
Recommend or which to bump.


1) Bumping properly: If you're bumping a really great suggestion and don't have
much to say, just reply to the topic and delete it. It will stay bumped and you will
not have spammed, thanks.

In other words, try bumping and recommending THESE topics if you want their requisite
ideas more likely brought to TNF and SDE's attention.

2) Small Note: Please DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TOPIC. Recommend the topics linked here instead
or simply pick one on the forums you like that isn't listed here.

3) Big Note on List: I want to make this a really great list and I KNOW that I'm missing lots
of great suggestions so help me out here, guys.


CV Wishlist:

Supply ships:

Aircraft formation options:

Space in ship names:

Flagship powers:

M Project Remodel to C Project:

Cancel In-Progress Plane Launch:

Perpetual Game Mode:

Improved Trade System:

Hangar gun storage:

Anti-air plane kills tally:

Harbor Assault Practice Mission:

Overheat availability light:

New Veteran promotion system:

Awards and Medals:

Improving Sailor Rolls:

Giving IJN the 1st Restorer:

List of existing patch changes:


  • Re : Notable Suggestion Topics List

    11. 21. 2010 06:58

yea very nice:D

  • Suggestion about the H44 KM

    09. 22. 2010 15:51

Hello everyone
I have read for long time about the KM navy class in NF, I made my first nation US
but I have try the KM in the new server where now I play 밳amato?and after test
very well all ships including the H44 this is my suggestion for the NF should change
1 The KM ship was always fasters and armored ships in the Atlantic however the
HMS had a longer tradition the true in the WWII shows how behind in navy
technology they was and also on ships quality for modern war actually the HMS lost
against the DKM almost all battleships naval battles in the Atlantic.
About the H44 in NF use 4 Turret뭩 with 16.5봞nd at 110 18봲omething that is not
true and impossible, this is the real project information:
Service date 1946
Target 3+
Armor 6+
Turning 1
Aircraft Special traits Aircraft 9
Armored Deck
Torpedo Belt

Forward Turrets
A Turret (2x20") 44
B Turret (2x20") 44
Side Turrets
Aft Turrets
X Turret (2x20") 44
Y Turret (2x20") 44

In the US Navyfield the KM have longer range and good battleships speed but the
spread and the damage per ammo is horrible I don뭪 understand how the H44 from
20?come down to 16.5?if this is the case why not provide better spread because is
totally ridicule that the Super Yamato, Montana, Lion 2 can sink the H44 from 1
single shot and if the H44 made a full hit this this ships can뭪 made a serious damage.
You should fix it or better weapons or more spread .
I hope yours take in case this suggestion.

  • Re : Notable Suggestion Topics List

    06. 16. 2010 17:26

Replace Air Time With Battery Life

  • Re : Notable Suggestion Topics List

    04. 26. 2010 12:11

right on

  • Re : Notable Suggestion Topics List

    03. 28. 2010 04:57

When was this updated? =?

  • Re : Notable Suggestion Topics List

    03. 01. 2010 20:04

how about limiting the power of the ss torps, i can take about 20 kita and airplane
torps but i can only take 6 sub torps?????

  • Re : Notable Suggestion Topics List

    02. 26. 2010 08:53


  • Re : Notable Suggestion Topics List

    02. 06. 2010 17:16

brbrbrbr,still nice but old

is very niceee XD THE END

  • Re : Notable Suggestion Topics List

    12. 02. 2009 04:10

what about subs?

  • Re : Notable Suggestion Topics List

    06. 21. 2009 23:53

very nice/// :D
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