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  • Thoughts on Mods

    05. 13. 2011 10:37

"The police are the public and the public are the police." -Robert Peel

Moderators as being as analogy to the police of the game in this statement.

Do you think the moderators/monitors in this game are like this quote?
Do you think that they are too above or below that statement?

Other Thoughts, opinions?

Obviously this isn't a thread to start flaming about them either so try not to.


  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 16. 2011 09:29

Splid, Altsein=/=SirD.

If you have any more comments about it, feel free to PM me or send in a support ticket
under the forum section.

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 16. 2011 09:23

Part of the problem too is that different cultures around the world react differently to
swearing. For example, calling someone an "idiot" barely registers as offensive in some
places, but is a great way to start a fight in other countries. And SDE has chosen to err
on the side of caution.

It's also worth reminding people in a discussion like this that the vast majority of Mods
cannot hand out a suspension. It takes a GM or a Mod on Vick's level. A handful of us
can forcibly disconnect people from the game as well, and we are required to document the
use of said command with screenshots.

We're here as volunteers. We spend a minimum amount of time each week in game and/or
resolving tickets and we are rewarded with game stuff. Yes, some of the stuff is nice,
but recall that when we log in to the game, we spend part of our time sitting in rooms
with players and helping them with or listening to their problems, instead of playing or
leveling crews. It's part of the job.

If you feel a Moderator is acting unfairly or is misinformed, you can contact the GM's
about us. [email protected] is checked only by GMs, we Mods can't see it. Likewise, a
ticket in the PAYMENT category cannot be seen by Moderators either.

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 15. 2011 12:59

"try to argue with a Mod they should not be surprised if TNF set actions against them"

There-in lies part of the problem though Duke. Players do deserve the right to explain
their side of the story as to why they "broke the rules" regarding using vulgar language,
mean words, TKing, etc. The problem, however, is that some Mods/GMs don't seem to think
that way and issue bans without getting both sides of the story. Yes, a screen shot is
worth 1,000 words, but it shouldn't be a concrete justification to the punishment because,
as has been shown before, any screen shot can be "doctored up" or taken with just the
right text showing to punish someone when there was actually more to the story than that
screen shot shows.

Like I said before, I know that vulgar language shouldn't be used as commonly as it does
in NF or other Online games, but age does have a lot to do with it in most of these cases.
Not having the maturity level/knowledge of the consequences for using such language can
play a big role in the misuse of these words and the misunderstanding in how they are
perceived. My point is just that if SDE enforced the EULA age requirement, it could easily
lead to a more relaxed, less immature NF community.

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 15. 2011 12:24

Allow 1 time to use vulgar Language and you have it permanent in every room permanent in
chat because people are not able to use a little free room in a normal mature way.This
have nothing to do with the age.

And you can think i lie to you now i dont care but more then 95 % from all reporta tickets
are comming from the Community and not from Mods and this in every case(TK-Language etc
etc).The only guys have the end decision about Ban or not Ban are the GMs and they do it
only with clear Screenshots.And this is also guilty for every Mod in this Game.No Screen
=no Ban.

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 15. 2011 11:35

What I was referring to with the maturity statement, Winter, is that the EULA states that
you must be at least 18 years of age, or have parental consent, to play this game. MOST
people that are 18 years of age or older are mature enough to know and understand any
vulgar language that is being used, and they are normally able to handle hearing it
without taking offense to it or can make the decision to simply not listen to it. A player
under the age of 18 is a lot more likely to use vulgar language offensively, as well as
take offense to the use of vulgar language even if it isn't meant to be used offensively.

One thing I do find rather entertaining, and I did verify it on the Account Registration
page of the forums, is that even though the EULA has the age requirement, the Account
Registration process doesn't ask for the player to enter their date of birth. Yes, I know
that players will lie about their age to be able to play the game anyways even if they
aren't old enough, but if they were found to be lying about their age they would be
breaking the EULA and could have their account perma-banned or deleted.

Yes, I do agree that vulgar language shouldn't be used in everyday conversations, in NF
or RL, but it's better to accept that people do use it rather than try to deny that it
isn't. Like I said before, players should be mature enough with the age requirement in the
EULA to be able to decide whether they want to use the Message Filter and not hear any
vulgar language or simply ignore it and still be able to talk with team mates.

I feel that not enforcing the age requirement is another part of why a lot of players
today would rather resort to pulling a "Reportah JAJAJA" instead of growing up and
resolving issues with the players themselves. I also feel that that is part of the reason
why vulgar language is so commonly used in NF because let's face it, a lot of teenagers
and even pre-teens play this game and prefer to use at least two or three swears within
most of their sentences. :-/

Sorry for the elongated post btw...

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 15. 2011 10:41

"This being a company site as well as a company game,
a certain degree of manners are expected and welcomed." - WinterX

Here's something I wasn't "expecting"; a certain thread had a slew of stereotypical
derogatory posts about people of a certain nationality, to which I objected, although
not of that nationality, and pointed out the irony and ignorance portrayed in these
comments. The mod response to my objections was;

"Well, theyre just cracking french jokes. Thats expected... as retreat and
have turned into synonymous words on the internet.


Common sense, to some people ..its still just a cereal.....

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 15. 2011 09:31

"every, single player in this game has used vulgar language to the point where they are
comfortable enough to hear it"

It is exactly this kind of point of view that should make it easy to explain, why there
is, at times, conflict between a small number of players and the moderation team. The
moment one logs into a public place via the internet, one is no longer within the
anonymity of ones private home. This being a company site as well as a company game,
a certain degree of manners are expected and welcomed.

The use of vulgar language is neither required to put ones point across nor in any way
comforting. Suggesting (and doing) otherwise and seeing it as their personal freedom to
potentialy upset others with it because they should be similarly used to vulgarity, does
not make this point of view any less wrong. I understand there is a law with such a name.
yet do not really see what "maturity" would have to do with people finding it alright to
swearing without any need. By not being able to contain such language one will be
contested. Failure to change ones ways thereafter will be reported.

That's how it has been and how it still is being handled. Mind you, we are all human and
there will always be slip-ups, misunderstandings and mistakes from one situation to
another. That doesn't change the idea behind this, arguably imperfect, system and the
reason why there is a hierachry of authority therein. i.e. please keep it civil, folks.

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 15. 2011 05:28

Oh Alan of the Van... You are so cute. I am so re-assured now that Jedi doesn't have some
of the GMs on speed-dial.

Thanks for that post, seriously.

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 15. 2011 04:24

I like the part where elite stars emo rage about me banning mathew.

The whole fleet were QQing, it was beautiful.

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 15. 2011 03:44

"@splid That's not altstein ... /that discussion "

Here we have a prime example of MODs with no idea what they are talking about. Thanks for
doing such a good job.
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