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  • Thoughts on Mods

    05. 13. 2011 10:37

"The police are the public and the public are the police." -Robert Peel

Moderators as being as analogy to the police of the game in this statement.

Do you think the moderators/monitors in this game are like this quote?
Do you think that they are too above or below that statement?

Other Thoughts, opinions?

Obviously this isn't a thread to start flaming about them either so try not to.


  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 13. 2011 18:26

interesting... where did that pic go?

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 13. 2011 16:21

Well Done Alan, we will convince them yet. Your payment (someone to level your account
right?) is in the post ;)

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 13. 2011 16:18

For the record JEDI does not own TNF nor SDE.

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 13. 2011 16:08

did i just read corrupt mods over there? lol
maybe we need our friend robin hood to make a come back o_O

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 13. 2011 15:19

Jedi owning TNF is one of the funniest myths that has gotten perpetrated throughout
the years in NF.

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 13. 2011 15:13

Lol, scotty2k6 is in your fleet?

Well, unfortunately that SS doesn't show anything, if you show me one which is
incriminating I will comment :)

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 13. 2011 15:09

I noticed when he said "jaja" after he closed and ban

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 13. 2011 15:08

having fun and banning players from rooms is very different for no reason, within
fleet yes it can be fun, but from someone not wanting a player in a room is not.

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 13. 2011 15:05

No, why would I want to give up the FM powers I secretly still have?

As for that SS, what are you trying to prove lol? That Free has a mouth and a sense of

  • Re : Thoughts on Mods

    05. 13. 2011 15:04

No, however I think there should be SOME community input into how players are punished etc.

Not on an individual basis for players, more of an overview of what punishments should be
acceptable and which shouldn't. What kind of punishment should be issued for a recurrence
of the offence?

However, for MODs I believe that as many people as possible should be involved in deciding
a reasonable punishment. For example, what happens if a MOD is privately punished for
something that would have a bearing on him dealing with a fleet? A MOD gets punished for
leaking information to Fleet A for example, I then submit a CS Ticket about someone in
Fleet A and the ticket gets dealt with by that MOD. Now, that seems a bit sticky to me,
and lets be honest, EVERY MOD has a fleet bias, so shouldn't the community be aware of
this MOD's prior activities so that IF the ticket is cut off by this individual, they can
complain about it not being handled properly?

A lot of people in this game don't understand the politics of TNF or fleet politics, so
when they see a MOD answer a question they have to assume he is going to handle it
correctly, that isn't the case some of the time.

I would love to live in a world where MODs are fair and we don't need stuff like this, but
do you remember when a MOD was caught admitting to the fact he deliberately manipulated it
so that his roomate was accepted as a Monitor? Now, tell me, is that the norm or is that
an isolated incident.

As someone who knows (a lot more than he should :)) about TNF, I can tell you it is
somewhere in between.
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