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  • Sailor Loans

    04. 20. 2011 02:37 PST

A couple of recent cases have involved problems where loaned sailors have been
taken/removed/traded/dismissed/not returned. I have been asked to clarify to all
loaned sailors will not be forcibly recovered by TeamNF or SDE. This includes issues
where sailors are loaned to a shared account and anyone with access to that
account passes
them on or even dismisses them.

In effect, if you are not 100% sure of who you are lending your sailors to, or you
afford the risk of not getting them back, then it is advisable to reconsider the loan in
the first instance.


  • Re : Sailor Loans

    05. 08. 2011 23:00 PST

I think we have wandered off the purpose of the thread and as it is only clarification of
policy for now, until hopefully one day there is a formal system, I am locking this.

  • Re : Sailor Loans

    05. 08. 2011 14:36 PST

Ban stick? Meh... And how will that happen actually?
Ban stick=not real, its fiction. And if it existed. Then you had to find my location first.
And then try to pass my dog. Naaah that wont happen... (He will eat you first)

  • Re : Sailor Loans

    05. 07. 2011 22:28 PST

jajajjajajaja ban stick on mitch

Anyways stolen crew not cool >.>

  • Re : Sailor Loans

    04. 29. 2011 03:50 PST

Glad you didn't attempt to deny it.

  • Re : Sailor Loans

    04. 29. 2011 02:59 PST

No i am not butthurt. You should be by one of your buddies as usual.

And for visiting, is because i have 6 months holiday, it has to be filled with something
when all my m8's are at work/school.
So i visit here looking how much the game improves (if it does).

Thanks for showing that lukas.
Really nice job.

  • Re : Sailor Loans

    04. 28. 2011 16:21 PST

You got $500 from it right? That is what you sent me on the 2nd of October 2010. Then on
the 16th of November, you claimed to me that you was going to try and get the GM's to get
the crew back for you as you told them they were loaned crew:-

"19:33:05 mitchell-mobile: Remember m16champ buying my QV crew? He borrowed it
before the buy, made SS of it (as proof). But he got the crew now, but still under borrowing.
19:33:14 mitchell-mobile: Shall i take it back ? Easy job to do ;) "

Why do you think you never got them back?

For someone that ragequit the game, you sure are butthurt about this and posting on the
official site alot.

  • Re : Sailor Loans

    04. 28. 2011 13:11 PST

And yet Ljsevern has it wrong.
And yet there aint prove he is right.
And yet i can prove i only maintain one account. And my IP is only on that account.

So, what is your point for saying absurd items?

  • Re : Sailor Loans

    04. 28. 2011 01:04 PST

I think having a sailor loan system is a great idea, I think it would cut down on a lot of
problems, like the person you lend them to loses his or her internet, or there computer
breaks, or they just stop playing, leaving your sailors trapped on there account, this
happened to me twice, I lent sailors to a fleet mate to help him out so he could use them,
then his computer breaks and my men are trapped on his account, I was lucky and both times
I got them back, but it could have become a major loss, now I will never lend again....!!!!!!

  • Re : Sailor Loans

    04. 27. 2011 11:46 PST

Basically, Mitchell600 sold his crew to M16champ on another account for $350, and
attempted to Scam M16champ to get his crew back, and failed.

So he ragequit from NF, yet still posts everywhere.

  • Re : Sailor Loans

    04. 27. 2011 11:11 PST

I do care because that played spended 350 USD on that crew.
And now mister ''M16champ'' runs with that crew. For free.

A way to rip off your players.
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