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  • L2: the best bb5?

    07. 07. 2010 15:46

is this true? how would L2 compare to other nations in terms of speed? how about
damage? manueverability?! AA?

please shed some light on this one!

  • Re : L2: the best bb5?

    09. 03. 2010 02:15

L2 play style is to have a Defensive position while firing with the offensive attribute
while the SY is more a Offensive position ship that plays a defensive attacking style

  • Re : L2: the best bb5?

    09. 02. 2010 15:48

If both sides are scouted, an L2 should beat any other BB5 hands down.

  • Re : L2: the best bb5?

    09. 02. 2010 14:57

lol i can only lought about it if i read sy best bb5 sy is near same food as h44.. its a
paper ship.. i think l2 or monty are the best bb5

  • Re : L2: the best bb5?

    08. 06. 2010 13:48

My L2 still does 39 with 120 crew. Course i run .3 belt and 5 bulge.

  • Re : L2: the best bb5?

    08. 06. 2010 11:20

and ppl still thinks skills are required to play L2! ;D

  • Re : L2: the best bb5?

    08. 06. 2010 11:15

L2 is good but not the best.

The fact that people think it's "good" is cause there are to many noobs that can't
recoqnize an AW or a SW.
Succesfully spotting AW makes the difference between a dangerous L2 and a dead

Also full 120 crew on L2: 37OH SW, crew weight slows you down.

On the AA side:
you have none, if you do your wasting precious speed.

On the damage side, yes it has a high damage output but remember your reload is
nearly twice as long as that of an h44.

Hangtime: easy for new players, hangtime is average just like the montana, slower
then H44 but faster then SY.

AW: 21/35
SW: 23/39 (100 crew)
SW: 23/37 (120 crew)

  • Re : L2: the best bb5?

    08. 06. 2010 04:38

well for me, the lvl 100 18"guns have a nice spread as your gunners accuracy are around
3700-3900++. and well, you can built up a total of 6-7 engies for armoring purpose. approx
7-8" deck and still with speed cap of 39. Besides, you can put 2 of your engies in AA
ports for extra OH.

  • Re : L2: the best bb5?

    08. 05. 2010 06:15

L2 is quite good! extra support slot, hits hard, angle 40 guns, BB5 range (-v-)...
but calling it the "best"...hard to tell~ even in GB, the situation is always not the same.
somtimes L2 better, sometimes not~
btwl, H44 ranges monty for a few mini dots only.
for L2 vs monty in terms of range...umm...

  • Re : L2: the best bb5?

    08. 04. 2010 12:32

Monty never has to rush the L2. While running Monty will destroy the L2.

I'd say 10 L2 vs 10 Monty Prolly come down to 2 vs 1 L2 being the 2. Monty is a
devastating ship when used properly.

All the BB5's are mean when used correctly. It all comes down to player skills, and if
the enemy is stupid enough to rush you. Tactically withdrawing is your friend.

  • Re : L2: the best bb5?

    08. 04. 2010 06:37

10 L2 vs 10 Monty is more like default win for L2

10 SY vs L2 is more like default win for SY

range difference between Monty and L2 is too big, monties will get slaughtered, monties
are only good in gb where range does not matter because everyone doesnt know how to use a BB.

SY are far superior to L2 in almost every way, there is just no way the L2 can win. The
"problem" with SY it doesnt works by pressing F like monty and L2, thats why many ppl see
it as a weak BB5, in truth its king of BB5.
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