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  • Custom Game Music (and samples)

    07. 07. 2007 09:05

First... did you know that you can customize your game music? it's easy:

1)If you can see and change file extentions, skip this step
(note: names might be inaccurate, im translating them from spanish)

a)Go to Tools>Folder Options>See (2nd Tag)
b)Uncheck "hide file extentions ..."
go there

then there

and you must have that UNCHECKED (in english it should be something like
"hide file extentions ...")

2)Pick the music you like for the game

3)Go to your Navy Field game folder and then go to Sound folder

4)Make a copy for all the .cxf files there (safety purposes) and paste them in another
folder (i suggest making a folder in Sound called "Default")

5)Move the music you picked for the game to Sound folder

6)Change the name and extention to match the part of the game you want them into:

Battle.cxf=in battle music
Winning.cxf=after sunk, if you're winning
Losing.cxf=after sunk, if tou're losing
GMN.cxf=KM harbour
UK.cxf=RN harbour
US.cxf=USN harbour
JPN.cxf=IJN harbour
BM002: Battle Channel music (When you're searching for a game.)
BM003: Unknown
BM004.cxf=exp screen when lost
BM005: Game launch music (launches on EULA screen)
BM007: Neutral Shipyard music
BM008.cxf=exp screen when won

National anthems:
USN Harbour: USA Anthem (nice flute, oboe, violin and cello version)
RN Harbour: God bless the King/Queen
KM Harbour: Germany Anthem, cant remember its name and im too lazy to search :P
srry, couldnt find the jap Anthem... if someone sends me a version, ill add it.

Hellsing (Anime) Theme:
Battle:Incognito's theme
Winning:Alucard's song
Losing:Sea of chaos - expectations of the creator
BM004 (lost):Anderson's theme
BM008 (won):World without logos (opening song)
(**** internet... it's too lagged right now, ill upload this one later)

i hope you like it

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    06. 11. 2011 18:10

nice...thanks for bringing up this necro thread..hehe


  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    06. 11. 2011 00:07

Hahah this is awesome. Now i can change all the music to Dynasty warriors music :p

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    01. 27. 2011 07:19

Thanks for this!

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    01. 25. 2011 18:23

It didnt work with my MP3 files even when i named it "Battle.cxf" or whatever one i
was trying

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    01. 25. 2011 09:38

I found that doing this still gives u the same music over and over so, I just hit f10,
turn off background music and load up songs on wmp. Now i can listen to music while
waiting on the room to start for 9 minutes while your in silence.

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    01. 24. 2011 19:11

mp3 files work, just read the thread, it tells you how.

Also, m4a can be converted to mp3 easily with itunes. So I can use all my
classical tunes now, whoot!

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    01. 24. 2011 17:55

Just wondering, what kind of music files work with this? I tried mp3, but it didnt

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    01. 23. 2011 22:32

Works very well. Sadly, all my classical music files are .m4a's and dont work.
But, I loaded in some great mp3 tunes until I find the ones I wanted in mp3

I was planning on using these for the harbors:

US - Fanfare for the common man - A.Copeland - fits well, a bit short.

KM - Air on the G String (Overture #3:D Major) - J.S. Bach I really enjoy this
one. Not a fit for naval warfare, but a beautiful work, none the less.

MN - Clare de lune - C.Debussy - I enjoy this one as well, not a good fit, but

Havent found my other picks yet, but will edit when I do.

  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    01. 22. 2011 14:33


Losing music:


  • Re : Custom Game Music (and samples)

    01. 22. 2011 12:35

i use (tiesto-adagio_for_strings) for in battle
planing to replace every all the music themes with trance music

except GERMAN harboor cos i replaced it with DAS BOOT MOVIE music theme
goes perfect with my SS lol
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