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  • Dunk guns

    06. 19. 2012 13:10


So, i've gotten the dunk lately and read up on it a bit but i cannot find an answer to my question: which is better on the dunk, the 14''x4s or the 15''x3s?

Note: gunners are lv 71 VE 


  • Re : Dunk guns

    06. 19. 2012 13:28


it doesnt matter. honestly the dunk isnt that great. id aa past bb1 and probably 2. but the guns both suck honestly.  use the ones that it comes with though if you really want to use the dunk.
hope this helps 

  • Re : Dunk guns

    06. 19. 2012 14:09


Really helps yeah, and its still better than renown, although i personally think they're both quite good when played right

  • Re : Dunk guns

    06. 19. 2012 16:45


use the stock guns, quad 13" it got better range than the 14" quad and 15" trips and fair damage but spread not too nice though

  • Re : Dunk guns

    06. 21. 2012 14:28


I decided to test the 15''trips(could not find quad 13''s)

compared to the quad 14''s they got
-Slightly less range
-More damage(around 3k instead of 2k per shell on an unarmored target)
-equal spread

So they're about equal, but and the range difference is very small so actually the increased damage weighs heavier.

Hope this might help some people out there. 

  • Re : Dunk guns

    06. 21. 2012 14:41


keep the guns that came with it though if your on the renown line i found the repulse to be a superior ship

  • Re : Dunk guns

    06. 21. 2012 16:40


they are the 4x13" guns, sometimes for the premium guns u have to scroll through the gun menu to find them.