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  1. Installation / Technical Issues FAQ
  2. About Game - Ship FAQ
  3. About Game – Sailor FAQ
  4. About Game – Game room FAQ
  5. About Game – Equipment FAQ
  6. About Game – Rewards FAQ
  7. Personal Information / Hacking FAQ
  8. Reporting offensive players and punishments
  9. Contact TeamNF members
  10. Payment and Olives FAQ
1. Installation / Technical Issues FAQ


Q1. I received the "Navyfield.exe is linked to the wrong Dsound.dll." message. What should I do?
This error occurs when you are running a lower version of DirectX. Please check that you have the latest version of DirectX installed on your system.
Q2. I see a black flickering screen and then return to my desktop screen when running Navy Field. The message "Peripheral linked to system does not respond" also appears. What should I do?
This error usually occurs when you don't have a sound system or if you have an incorrect version of the appropriate sound driver. The best solution is to check your sound card and then update the driver to a newer version.
Q3. I see an abnormal screen color when I run Navy Field. What should I do?
This error usually occurs when your VGA card does not support enough colors to play Navy Field, lack of support typically related to an old VGA card, or a corrupted Navy Field client file. The best solution is to visit your VGA card vendor's website and upgrade to the most recent driver. If the problem persists, try reinstalling Navy Field.
Q4.I receive the message, "Server Failed to connect to server / Login time is over ".
This error occurs when the Navy Field server is being updated or checked. So, please check the ‘News and Updates’ section on Navy Field's website for further details.
Otherwise, this error may occur when:

  • Your IP is blocked by an Antivirus software package or a firewall. Please remove or disable these programs and try again.
  • If you use an internal router or virtual IP, then you need to ask the Network Administrator for assistance.
Q5.The game is lagging and connection dropping occurs after updating a patch. What should I do?
This happens when the patch is not updated properly or when your hard drive is fragmented. The best solution is to re-install the patch and/or defragment your system's hard disk drive.
Q6.When I try to log in, “Data file has corrupted” message pops up.
This happens when the patch has not finished updating completely. Please remove all navyField files and folders including the ENFUNS Updater and then reinstall using the latest full client. For an easier process, please uninstall NF through the uninstaller that we provide. Also make sure that you select to remove ENFUNS Updater as it may be listed separately. Once removed, please go into your Program Files folder and delete any SD EnterNet or Navy Field file folders manually. Check to make sure that all game, game folder, ENFUNS updater, and NF Registry files are deleted properly. Open your Windows "search or find" application and type "navyfield" and delete any files found. These steps must be taken to insure a thorough removal.
Q7.When I try to log in, "Hacking attempt detected" message pops up.
Please do not be alarmed. This error message most often shows as a result of either corrupted installation files or missing update files. The best solution please try downloading and installing the latest manual patch. If that does not assist please try a thorough reinstallation of the latest full Navy Filed client.
Q8.I am using Windows Vista, and when I launch the game, the display turns black.
This may be caused by a DEP (Data Execution Prevention) issue. To solve this problem, please do the following:

  • Right click on My Computer from the Start menu and select Properties
  • From the Properties screen please select Advanced System Settings
  • Navigate to the Advanced tab and then select Settings under the Performance heading
  • Navigate to the Data Execution Prevention tab and click Add
  • Locate and add Navyfield.exe then click Ok
Q9.When I launch NF the screen goes black but I can hear sounds working.
Navy Field's default resolution is 1024x768. If you are attempting to run NF on a display that is not able to fully support that resolution then you would see this behavior. Unfortunately, the best solution may be to connect a display capable of supporting 1024x768 resolution.
Q10.I have logged in to find all my sailors back at level 1! What happened?
There are currently 2 separate NF servers each capable of holding separate data. Please double check to make sure that you have selected the server which corresponds to your account at the login screen.
Q11. Are there any firewall settings that I can apply to help NF connect properly?
Navy Field uses TCP ports 8001 and 16671. You may add these to your router/firewall's port forwarding settings.
Q12.When I use the F11 zoom function my mouse pointer starts showing trails that stay on the screen.
This problem may be overcome by not using Alt-Tab or the Windows Key or any other method to drop to desktop while NavyField is loading (Startup, at login, directly prior to battle, Etc). It may also assist to set your color depth on the desktop to 16 bits if you experience this often.
Q13.I seem to be experiencing ongoing connection and/or lag issues. What steps can I take to improve my conditions?
Lag is one of the most difficult issues to address from a Tech Support aspect when any online game is concerned. Due in part to the many factors involved, providing a definitive answer is difficult. Lag can be caused by something as simple as a fragmented hard drive to something nearly impossible to correct like an Internet Service Provider (ISP) issue. To compound the issue, lag could be experienced by one player while not affecting another from the same city. A simple wire not transmitting data properly, an intermittent Network Interface Card (NiC) problem, certain pc software, and even a signal splitter with improper DB loss can cause all sorts of problems. When the issue affects all players it can be immediately traced to a server issue. For case-by-case issues we may suggest the following checklist of possible things to check:

Pt 1)  Firewall:
Please check to make sure that Navy Field is allowed under your Firewall exceptions settings.

  • Go to control panel
  • Go to Windows Firewall
  • Go to Exceptions (Inbound/Outbound Rules in Windows 7)
  • Click Add Program
  • If Navy Field is not on the list click browse C:\Program Files\SDEnterNET\Navyfield Double click on Navyfield program file.
  • Click ok, and ok. This should allow NavyField to interact with the internet.
    If you have an external or separate software firewall you may try port forwarding is TCP ports 8001 and 16671. For instructions on how to configure please consult the manufacturer.

Pt2)  DEP (Data Execution Prevention):
Please try adding Navy Field to your DEP exceptions list:

  • Right click on My Computer from the Start menu and select Properties
  • From the Properties screen please select Advanced System Settings
  • Navigate to the advanced tab and then select Settings under the Performance heading
  • Navigate to the Data Execution Prevention tab and click Add
  • Locate and add Navyfield.exe then click Ok

Pt3)  Wireless:
Many reports of lag, connection loss, and inability to log in have been received from players using a wi-fi connection. To improve conditions it is recommended to play through a wired connection.

Pt4)  Drivers:
Please double check to make sure that your drivers are up to date. This includes video drivers, DirectX, sound drivers, motherboard, etc...

Pt5)  Defragmentation:
To ensure your hard drives are optimal please try running the Disk Defragmenter application.

Pt6)  TCP Optimizer:
Some players have reported their connection related crash problems have been solved by this program. You may find the original post about this program at : [View]

Pt7)  Virtual Memory:
Your virtual memory (or page file) is a method in which Windows utilizes space on your hard drive to act like ram. Setting the amount to double the amount of physical ram available is a good value for this. In order to make adjustments please do as follows:

  • Go to control panel
  • Go to System
  • Click on Advanced Tab
  • Click on Performance Settings
  • Click on Advanced Tab
  • Click Change near the bottom under Virtual Memory
  • Click Custom Size and adjust. Setting a value too low or too high may have negative effects. Only make a change if the system managed amount is causing issue.
  • Click Set. Ok. Apply.

Pt8)  Thorough reinstallation:
For the majority of cases the simplest solution may be to perform a thorough reinstallation of Navy Field with the latest NF client. Please note that all of your ship, sailor, and credit/point information is stored on our servers, so deleting Navy Field from your computer will not result in any data loss.

Pt9)  Compatibility Mode:
It may be helpful to change the compatibility mode that NavyField runs in.

  • Go to C:\Program Files\SDEnterNET\NavyFIELD.exe
  • Right click NavyFIELD.exe and choose properties.
  • Select the Compatibility tab and then check to "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP"
  • Click Ok

Pt10)  Malware:
Malware (spyware, adware, virus, etc.) on your PC could cause adverse effects. Please run a scan using an antivirus/spyware/adware application.

Q14.Error Codes 1607, 1628, 0xFA4C, 0xF3B2 (InstallShield related)
If you receive any of the above error messages please proceed with the following instructions:

  • Perform a thorough removal of your Navy Field client through the Windows "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features" settings within the Control Panel.
  • Once all NF client files and folders have been removed please download the latest version of InstallShield :
  • After uncompressing the file please run the enclosed program which will update your version of InstallShield.
  • You should now be able to reinstall Navy Field anew with the latest available full client.
Q15.Can I run Navy Field on my Mac or Linux computer?
Navy Field is only available as a native Windows OS application. While some players have experienced success running Navy Field within a virtual pc environment inside of Linux or OSX, we would be unable to provide support on this. It is possible to run Navy Field natively on Mac hardware through the use of a Bootcamp partition. For details on this please see Apple support.
2. About Game - Ship FAQ


Q1.What is a ship tree?
Different countries have different types of ships. In order to buy an upper class ship, you have to upgrade the ship tree. There is a specific order for buying specific ships following the ship tree. For example, if you have chosen to go on the Battle Ship trees, you will be able to buy battle ships that fall on the line you have chosen, but you would be unable to select and purchase an aircraft carrier or vice versa. The ship tree does not allow these types of exchanges. Generally the ship trees branch out into battle ship trees, aircraft carrier trees and submarine trees.
Q2.I want to have both aircraft carriers and battleships, can I do that?
Yes, but in order to do so will require two Bridge Operators one with its ship path set on aircraft carriers and the other battleships. If you have only one Bridge Operator and want to change it, you may also purchase the "Ship tree reset" Premium item to reset the Bridge Operator's ship tree line.
Q3. What is a ship displacement?
There are three kinds of displacements: basic, standard, and maximum displacements. Basic displacement is the shifting of an empty ship. Standard displacement is the shifting of a ship with basic weapons. Maximum displacement is the shifting of a ship that holds the maximum load without sinking.
Q4.How is the repair cost set?
The repair cost is fixed by the size of the displacement. The bigger the displacement needs, the more money is needed to make repairs.
Q5.What are the empty spaces above the ship in the shipyard?
The empty spaces are for support sailor and aircraft pilots. These sailors are used for making repair, speeding up the ships and launching aircrafts from your ship.
Q6.I cannot load any shells after buying new cannons.
Every ship has its own maximum load amount. Cannons also have a required load amount. Therefore, if you buy cannons that require a heavy load amount you may be unable to load any shells into those cannons. In this case please check the space of the mount that you have equipped your gun.
Q7.I bought a torpedo launcher, but I can only load one torpedo.
If you see 'Weapon Load Capacity' in the ship spec and it equals '0' then you cannot load any torpedoes. If you see a "0" then you need to upgrade the weapon's load capacity.
Q8.What is remodel? How do I do this?
Remodels are upgrades available for certain ships which improve performance. You can find this feature in the middle of the lower corner of the shipyard.
Q9.What is the fee for selling a ship?
You will receive 100% for body and armor, and 2% for all other equipment.
Q10.Do I receive a remodel fee when I sell the remodeled ship?
You will receive partial credits back. The difference is not so great, so you don't have to worry about losing many credits.
Q11. Are there Aircraft Carriers as well? How do they attack enemies?
Yes. There are aircraft carriers; they attack with bombers or torpedo bombers.
Q12.Why am I unable to place certain ships into my HQ?
Unique ships (such as Event BB) or Premium Ships do not count against the normal account ship limits. For this reason it is not necessary to store these ships.
Q13.Why is my submarine's air gauge not full at the start of battle?
This may be due to a lack of recruits (rookies/experts/vets) on your submarine crew. If your planesman does not have 90% of their recruits, then the air gauge will begin at 0 at the start of battle. It will still recharge to full if given enough time.
3. About Game – Sailor FAQ


Q1.A message reads "Not enough points" when I hire sailors.
You need 3,000 points to hire each sailor. Also, 10 points are required for every cancellation.
Q2.A message reads "You need an operator for the ship to depart."
You get this message when you do not have an engine in your ship. You can buy one by clicking the 'Change Engine' button in the ship yard.
Q3. How do I know which sailor has a good or bad stats?
You will see 'Growth (+)' in a sailor's stats when you hire them. If they have a higher growth rate, then they will level up quickly. Your best bet is to pick the sailor who has the highest growth rate.
Q4.What is changing an occupation? What do I have to do first?
The basics of all ship operations are the operator and gunner. You need to change the occupation of the gunner first. Making this occupation change initially will make your game playing easier down the road.
Q5.Is it possible to mix sailors from different countries?
Yes. When countries are allied with each other, all of their sailors will receive the same exp (Great Britain - USA and Germany - Japan). If the sailors are not allies, then they only receive partial exp. Having sailors receive partial exp might eventually hurt your exp.
Q6.Sailors disappear suddenly. What's going on?
Sailor disappearance occurs when you take your sailor off of the ship or when you sell your ship. If you restart the game, this problem will be resolved. If the problem persists, please contact Navy Field.
Q7.Does a sailor's ability to change depend on where he sits?
Yes, it does. Engineer and Aircraft Assistants can only be used when they are seated on an aid station.
Q8.When does a character's rank change?
One Stripe: Lv. 17 (Ensign), One and a half Stripes: Lv. 24 (Lieutenant Junior Grade), Two Stripes: Lv. 31 (Lieutenant Senior), Two and a half Stripes: Lv. 38 (Lieutenant Commander), Three Stripes: Lv. 47 (Lieutenant Colonel), Four Stripes: Lv. 56 (Captain), Gold Stripe: Lv. 65 (Admiral).
Q9.How many points are needed to change my sailor's class?
It depends on what country you are playing.
Q10.What types of abilities does a captain receive? What about sailors?
Most sailors receive marked abilities. Sailors with no marked abilities, such as captain, receive potential abilities. Radioman does not have any abilities.
Q11.What is the difference between a repairman and a restorer?
A restorer delays the ship from being sunk by damage. A repairman fixes the damage. When there is a good match between a repairman and restorer, your ship will be repaired very quickly.
Q12.Does a sailor's ability decrease when his class changes to Seaman?
His ability does not decrease. Rather, his unit ability switches to a percentage. When the Seaman's ability rises, the abilities of the other sailors also rise. This shift in ability is measured by a percentage increase or decrease.
Q13.My sailor does not receive any EXP or work correctly.
There are rare instances in which a sailor may become bugged. This may occur immediately following the purchase of a new ship or remodel and may also have an effect on their ability to pilot planes or fire guns. If you believe this has occurred to a sailor please do the following:

  • Remove your sailors from your ship.
  • Log out of Navy Field (close the client).
  • Log back in to Navy Field.
  • If the issue persists please try setting the affected sailor on a different location.
  • Contact TNF through website support should issues continue.
Q14.How do I use the HQ storage system?
The HQ storage system enables players to exceed the original 50 sailor limit by allowing additional sailors and ships to be stored in "HQ pages". Credits and Points may also be placed within the HQ. To use the HQ storage space please do as follows :

  • Open the HQ Storage system by clicking the H.Q. button at the upper right hand corner of the in-game harbor screen.
  • After either creating or inputting your 4-digit trade code, the HQ menu will appear. The lighter blue squares indicate available storage spots while the darkened squares signify unusable space.
  • Clicking "Deposit" will bring up a window which allows the placement of sailors or ships into HQ. Please select the sailors or ships (individually or in a group) that you wish to place and then click OK. Your items will be placed into HQ.
  • When you wish to withdraw sailors or ships simply left click to select a sailor or ship and then drag them out of the HQ window area and left click once more. They will then be saved back to harbor.
  • You may edit the amount of Credits or Points you wish to save or withdraw from HQ by double clicking the respective Credit or Point area, typing in the number you wish and then click Save to complete.
  • The amount of pages available for storage can be increased either temporarily through purchase and use of a Premium subscription (as long as a Premium subscription is in effect an extra page will be available), or permanently through the purchase of HQ Expansion items.
Q15.How can I calculate various abilities and stats?
NF veteran player Adalbert has written a detailed guide on this. Please see their guide at the following location and also read through the more recent responses as information may have changed since the original post was made : [View]
Q16.Where can I see a listing of the rules that need to be followed when playing Navy Field?

You may visit the following for a notice on current universal server rules : [View]

Players are also expected to adhere to the EULA and forum rules as shown at : [View]

4. About Game – Game room FAQ


Q1.The "room is full or game already started" message pops up when I try to join a game room.
This message appears when the host of the room closes the battle room to start the game or battle already has been started. The player should open the new room or join a battle room that is not started yet.
Q2.How do I participate in missions?
Once you finish building your ship, go to the battle channel. There you will see the 'Training Room'. The "Training Room" is designed for beginners to practice handling their ship. You can play in the 'Training Room' until you reach Level 12. Also you can go to the Mission room tile by using f2 to bring up the world map. When you make the mission room, you will find all the different mission rooms, so some of the rooms will be available only when you meet the minimum requirements of the mission room type.
Q3. How do I trade?
You cannot trade when you do not have a ship or you do not have at least 50,000 credits and 50,000 points. If you have a ship with at least 50,000 points and credits, then you can make a trade room. If other players come to your room then you can trade with them by clicking on their ship. Also, you cannot trade sailors already on your ship. You need to have at least three sailors to begin trading. A seller has to pay tax when players trade with each other. The tax rate is 2% for selling a ship. You are required to pay (sailor's Lv * 50 points) when selling a sailor. You must have at least 50,000 points after trading in order to trade. Also, please note that neutral sailors are not able to trade.
Q4.What is changing an occupation? What do I have to do first?
There is no draw in Navy Field. Therefore, if both parties do not fight and leave the room then both parties are considered to have lost the battle. Also, if the credits earned during the battle are less than the repair costs of the ship, then players may also lose credits.
Q5.Can we make our own rules when we create a game room?
Yes, you can. For example, if you create a room named 'No Torpedo', then gamers joining this room will not be allowed to use torpedoes. Establishing these types of customized rules makes gaming more exciting.
5. About Game – Equipment FAQ


Q1.I fired the cannon at the target but it just exploded in the air. The enemies were not damaged by the direct shot.
This action often occurs when you use Anti-Aircraft Shells (AAA or AAC) which are intended for use against aircraft such as bombers. Using these types of shells will not result in any damage to ships.
Q2.Cannon shells do not fly long distances; they just drop down in front of my ship.
This occurs when you calculated an incorrect angle for the cannon (either too high or too low). You can make adjustments to the cannon angle by pressing 'W' for up and 'S' for down.
Q3. The letters "L," "D," and "A" appear after the name of each shell. What do they mean?
The letter "L" signifies a long-range shell. The letter "D" refers to a faster firing shell. The letter "A" stands for Anti-Aircraft shells.
Q4.I used the same caliber cannons, but they do not have the same damage points and firing ranges. How do they differ?
Damage points and firing ranges vary upon the speed of the shell, firing angles, air resistance, and shell weight. The shells can have different damage points and firing ranges based upon these configurations.

Q5.What is the difference between aiming and finder in the Fire Control System (FCS)?
Aiming is used for improving hit accuracy. The Finder is used for improving the capacity to find enemies and is less useful for overall hit accuracy. The auto FCS helps you to control your ship easily by only requiring use of the mouse, but the accuracy of the guns will drop slightly.
Q6.What is an 'Aerial Torpedo'?
"Aerial Torpedoes” are unique Japanese torpedoes. These torpedoes occupy very little space, are fast and have longer firing distances.
Q7.A message says that using AP shell can pierce a ship's armor, but I only see a damage point of 1,0?
The AP shells are effective only when they pierce the armor. They have to be fired directly at the armor and will not pierce it when fired at an angle. Players have to take good aim when using these types of shells.
Q8.How can I gain access to the Test Server?
The Test Server is only available for use by select individuals for serious testing purposes. It is not available for use by the general player population.
6. About Game – Rewards FAQ


Q1.Even though I destroyed all of the enemies, it says I lost the battle.
The win and loss determines by your total team attack in every room type besides Great Battle 2. Great Battle 2 determines the win and loss when the flag ship is sunk and your team fails to counter back in 5 minutes. Please check the room explanation for further details.
Q2.Do winners get more EXP?
Yes. All of your teammates will receive exp when you win the battle. Also, if the player has more personal attack, the bonus Exp will be increased as well.
Q3. If I have more sailors on the ship will they receive less exp?
No. It really does not matter with how many sailors are on the ship. The amount of exp earned depends upon the sailor's level and his class.
Q4.I destroyed the target with a torpedo, but I received less exp. Why is that?
If the target is destroyed before your torpedo hits its mark, then exp for destroying the target will be allocated to all of your team mates.
7. Personal Information / Hacking FAQ


Q1.How do I set up a new account for Navy Field?
Click the 'New Account' button on the Navy Field homepage to set up an account. You must agree with Navy Field's game service provision to complete registration.
Q2.I set up my account a long time ago and I cannot remember my ID. How do I find it?
You can recover your ID by clicking the ‘Find ID/PW’ button located on the Navy Field homepage. You will receive your information at your registered email.
Q3.I do not remember my password. What can I do?
You can recover your password by clicking the ‘Find ID/PW’ button located on the Navy Field homepage. You will receive your information at your registered email. If your password does not appear, please contact TeamNF through the support ticket system.
Q4.I want to withdraw from Navy Field. How do I do it?
Please select ‘Account Withdraw’ menu from the Navy Field homepage, under the ‘Account’ menu subheading. You need access to your registered email to complete the verification process.
Q5.I think someone hacked my account. How do I restore it?
First, we have to check if your account is hacked or not. If you have ever allowed another player to access your account we will be unable to assist with any recovery of lost data. If you have never shared your account, the best course of action is to send us the following information via support ticket: 1) your playing server name, 2) your account ID, 3) Details of any lost data, 4) and the date your account was hacked.
Q6.I loaned some sailors to another player and they are no longer playing or refusing to give them back. Can you help me get them back?
We are sorry for any losses that may occur as a result of trading. Players are expected to be responsible for their account data. Since trading and loans involve a high amount of risk we are NOT able to assist in the recovery of any lost sailors. In such cases you would need to resolve the issue on your own.
Q7.I forgot my 2nd/trade password. How do I reset my 2nd/trade password?
Under the Account menu subheading, please select ‘Manage Trade Password’. You must enter your login password and confirm your email before a new trade password can be set.
Q8.Why am I only able to post within the Technical Support section of the forums?
Your account email must be verified in order to gain full access to the NF Forums. If your account is not yet verified please send an email with the email address you originally set your account up with to [email protected]. Once verified you will be able to post in all sections of the forums.
Q9.I have recently returned to NF after a long absence and my account data is cleared. Can I recover my previous data?
In most cases you may be able to recover previous account data so long as a GM is provided sufficient information about the lost data and is able to locate it in a backup. To receive assistance on this please fill out a "Hacking/Lost Item" support ticket through the NF website with details about the sorts of crews or ships missing and the last known date that you recall having used the account.
8. Reporting offensive players and punishments


Q1.How can I report offensive players?
Please submit the report via support ticket using the ‘Report Offensive Player’ category. Sufficient evidence is required in order to prove your case, so please take screenshots and attach them when you report. You can upload one screenshot when you report, but if you have multiple screenshots, you should use a web based image host to link your images.

When filing a report against other players please keep in mind the following information in order to receive the best support :

  • It is often difficult for GMs overseeing reports to make judgment on what may have occurred within a situation without witnessing it firsthand. For this reason it is most helpful to provide as many screenshots, video captures, or witness IDs as possible so we can clearly see the offense.

    • a. As an example, if you are reporting a "TK" or team kill incident, we would be unable to assist if the only screenshot attached fails to clearly show all involved IDs or only shows the "player sunk" message.
    • b. If reporting an improper room ban we would be unable to assist with only a screenshot showing the "Player has been banned from the room" message. In order to judge we would need to be able to determine why the host chose to ban and if that reason was against rules or not.

  • Images uploaded through our website will remain in our system and not expire. This is helpful in the event of future disputes. If you chose to host your own images and provide links to them please know that we are only able to hold punishment against a player if evidence is available. If the evidence provided is not able to be accessed soon after the report is made we may be forced to remove any punishment placed on a player.
  • If a player is found to be guilty of committing an offense they may be first issued a warning. Subsequent reports may result in a temporary suspension being placed. Suspensions placed on an account go into effect once a player's current session is expired. If the player is logged in at the time a suspension is placed they may not show as being suspended until they are logged out.
Q2.I have been suspended but it was not my fault.
Once a player has been suspended, the player cannot enter the server. However, the player still can login to the website to explain their side. Please do not panic. Ask TNF members or GMs why you are suspended and how long the suspension is set to last through the support ticket section.
Q3.I cannot access the server even after the suspension period.
You should login to the website to lift your suspension by yourself. Please log in to the website first, and then try to log in to the game server.
Q4.It has passed 24 hours but I still am unable to join the game server.
All NF time adheres to the PST time zone, so if someone received a 1-day suspension, the suspension would be lifted the next day at midnight in PST time zone.
Q5.I recently left a fleet/squadron and show that I cannot reapply for 7 days. Can this penalty be lifted?
The penalty for leaving a fleet or squad is in place to thwart against players exploiting by acting as "mercenaries" for other fleets as needed. We can only remove the penalty for bug related issues. For all other issues players are expected to wait the penalty duration
9. Contact TeamNF members


Q1.What is a GM?
GM stands for Game Master and is employed to manage the game. GMs will also assist players where possible through the support ticket system, especially with issues where TeamNF (TNF) Moderators are unable to assist.
Q2.What is a TNF Moderator?
A TNF Moderator is a player that has been selected by SDE to perform additional support functions to help the GMs manage the game.
A TNF Moderator will ensure players abide by the rules of the game and if necessary will take corrective action when players breach these rules. However, a TNF Moderator is also there to assist players when they have problems in-game or cannot understand how an element of the game works. A server will have a number of Moderators appointed across different time zones to assist where practicable, so please feel free to seek and converse with them in-game about any questions or concerns that you may have.
If they cannot help immediately, then they will either contact an available GM to help with the problem or direct you to the support ticket system where further assistance will be available or an appropriate answer provided. Moderators give up their own time to help with running the game, so please respect them when they provide direction or guidance in-game.
Q3.How can I become a TNF Moderator?
TNF recruit in one of two ways. Quite often when looking for a few new recruits an advert will be placed on the main forums for applications together with the criteria we are looking for and instructions on how to apply. However, individual players may be approached to see if they are interested in joining based on their performance, willingness to help others in-game and general demeanor.
Q4.How can I find the moderators?
Please use the /mod command in game, it will show you which moderators are in game at the moment. If you cannot find anyone in the server, please contact them via e-mail or message box on the website. You can find information of the current Moderator team at:
Q5.How can we contact GMs?
Players can contact GMs only by submitting support tickets. To send a support ticket, please check the following link :
Q6.How can I help report bugs or crashes that continue to occur?
We apologize for any frustration caused. It would assist us if you could perform the following steps :

  • Each time Navy Field closes unexpectedly there will be "RPT" files created within the following directory : C:\Program Files\SD EnterNET\NavyFIELD
  • Please navigate to the aforementioned directory and attach and send any of the files ending with the .RPT extension directly to: [email protected] along with your ID, server, time of crash, and details leading up to the crash.
  • It would also assist if you could provide a dxdiagnosis :

    • Select Start and then the Run command.
    • Type in: "dxdiag" (without quotes) and then press OK
    • After the DirectX Diagnostic Tool opens please select
    • "Save All Information" and create a Text file.
    • Attach the text file to your report.

  • If the crash may be connection related please also attach a Pathping report :

    • Click on the Start menu and then select the Run command.
    • Type in: "cmd" (without quotes) and then press OK
    • Within the Command window type: "pathping"
    • Once the pathping completes please highlight the complete results by right clicking within the Command window and selecting "Select All". Please copy this information either directly into your email/report or within a new text file.

  • Please send the complete information to [email protected] or within a "Bug Report" section web support ticket.
10. Payment and Olives FAQ


Q1.Why are Olives needed for purchases?
Using Olives as a means for purchases allows several benefits. Since we offer services to players from all across the world, with Olives we can set a consistent value to items instead of using a single specific currency. We can also use Olives as an efficient method for distributing prizes or rewards. Olives also assist with true “micro-transactions” by limiting credit company related fees which in turn allow us to offer better values for our customers.
Q2.How do I get Olives?
There are a variety of methods in which to earn Olives. You may purchase Olives by clicking the ‘Olive Info’ account heading and then selecting ‘Charge’. In addition, players are eligible to receive free Olives from future events or by logging into the Navy Field website each day. Further details can be found under the ‘Guide’ subheading under ‘Olive Info’.
Q3.I made a purchase for NF items and have been charged but I do not see any items in my account.
Items purchased through the NF Store should be available for placement or use once a transaction has completed processing. To access purchased items please click on the red "Item" button located at the upper right hand corner of your in-game harbor screen. After creating or confirming your 4-digit trade pass you will be able to access a menu allowing you to place Premium Ships or apply Premium Items.
Q4.What is your return policy?
All Navy Field items purchased through the Navy Field website may only be refunded in accordance to the following "NF Refund Policy". Please read this carefully before purchasing any items.

- Navy Field Subscription Refund Policy

  • 100% refund if requested within 24 hours after purchase.
  • 80% refund minus a 10% refund fee if requested within 3 days.
  • 50% refund minus 10% refund fee if requested within 7 days.
  • No refunds are possible after 7 days have passed from the original purchase date.

- Navy Field Items Refund Policy

  • 100% refund on "Unused" and "Unplaced" items if requested within 24 hours after purchase.
  • 80% refund minus 10% refund fee on "Unused" and "Unplaced" items requested within 3 days.
  • 50% refund minus 10% refund fee on "Unused" and "Unplaced" items requested within 7 days.
  • No refunds are possible after 7 days have passed from the original purchase date.

    • "Unused" item refers to any items which have not been used or traded by any players.
    • "Unplaced" item refers to any items which have not been placed into player's accounts by clicking the red "Item" button on the shipyard screen.
Q5.Is it possible for me to make a purchase for a friend/family member's account?
Absolutely. Under the ‘Olive Info’ account heading please select ‘Gift’. You may then send varied amounts of Olives to a specific gift recipient ID.
Q6. What is the Gift System?
The NF Gift System provides a way for players to make Olive purchases with their own account and select to have those Olives "gifted" or sent to another player's account. This provides an easy way for family members to maintain purchases on a single account, provides players the chance to thank others with gifts, and provides a means for players with access to credit cards to help make purchases for any friends who may not otherwise be able to do so.
Q7.Are there alternative payment options available for those without access to credit cards?
Please stay tuned to the NF website for future notices on possible alternate forms of payment.
Q8. I had some sailors/ships in my HQ storage that I can no longer access.
One of the benefits of a Premium NF Subscription is that it provides an additional HQ item page during its use. This additional page will only remain usable as long as a Premium Subscription is in effect. In the event that a Premium Subscription ends and is not repurchased, the page will lock and any items contained within would become inaccessible. To regain access please purchase another Premium Subscription or an HQ Expansion item if available.