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Account Security Tips and Info Account hacked! Abandon Ship?  
  • All of your Navy Field account data is stored on our servers. A benefit to this is that your data will always remain unaltered should you need to reformat or change the PC used to play. However, it also means that anyone with access to your login details will have full access to all of your data. Due to the nature of online gaming, there are special precautions that you should always take in order to secure all of your hard work.
Tip 1: NEVER share your account details
Sharing data is easily the #1 culprit behind almost all account theft or “hack” incidents. We have seen cases in which supposed “best friends” and family members have been responsible for thefts. On account of this, we strongly advise against any account sharing. In fact, it is our policy to not provide assistance for accounts that have shown previous sharing history as a result of such risks.
Tip 2: Be cautious of imposters
TNF members should always have an easy to identify in-game tag to let you know of their status. TNF members are also instructed to never request account login details. If a player is identifying themselves as a moderator and requesting personal details, please do not respond and immediately report them.

We may occasionally use email in order to verify account settings but will never ask for your login password. Please be cautious of any emails claiming to be associated with Navy Field which ask for personal account details, make urgent appeals, or link to “account settings” pages outside of If an email seems suspicious please report it using the support ticket system.
Tip 3: Do not purchase Premium Items from other users
Often times players may be approached by others who wish to offer Premium Items in exchange for credits or other in-game items. This sort of transaction is not condoned due to the very high risks involved. We urge players to be extra cautious and never take such risks as it is very easy for scamming or thefts to take place as a result of such agreements. We ask that players without access to credit cards to please be patient as we work on providing more convenient pay options instead of performing risky transactions with others in-game.
Tip 4: Be extra cautious at cyber café or on non-personal PCs
A large number of “hacking” or stolen account reports have been traced back to cyber café environments or using someone else’s PC when playing NF. We understand that many players, especially those outside of the US, may play at a cyber café type of environment. While the conditions are not optimal, we suggest that players be extra cautious in concealing their account login details. Please remember to always log out of your account if you ever leave the PC in-game and on the website. Also, make sure not to allow your website account data to be remembered on a PC that is not your own. Lastly, please check for any suspicious software that may be running in the background prior to running NF.