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Within Navy Field, you will encounter many various ships from any of 5 nations during World War II, with more to come! Learning about these ships, and their roles in game, is vital to any player wishing to combat on the high seas. Every nation has the same ship types, and those are categorized in to Capital Ships, and Support Ships, Auxiliary Ships, and Submarines. Your Capital Ships consist of Battleships (BB), Carriers (CV), and Battle-cruisers (BC). Your Support Ships consist of Heavy Cruisers (CA), Light Cruisers (CL), Destroyers (DD), and Frigates (FF). You will also encounter Auxiliary ships, which are Armored Personnel Transports (APA), and Submarines (SS).
The Battleship, has a combination of fire power, and defensiveness which make these ships deadly when used properly in battle. Most Battleships will be available to you between level 54 through 59, depending on which nation you have chosen. Battleships come in various forms, sizes, and types. Such types are Super Battleships, Hybrid-Battleships, Pocket Battleships (Panzerschiffe), and Battle-cruisers. In order to obtain one of these ships you will be required to select the proper ship route for your Bridge Operator (BO), depending on his nationality. While in your Battleship, you will notice that play styles will differ from what you were used to in the smaller more agile ships. Learning Manual Aiming is vital to using your BB properly because the accuracy of your guns will increase significantly.
There are many ways to properly play your BB in game, and it is at your discretion to find a playing style that suits you best. Some common techniques include; Fully Armored ships, where players put as much armor as possible while reducing or sacrificing firepower to do so, even going so far as to remove a gun for more armor space; and Speed Setups, where players have little to no armor, and gain as much speed as possible for their ship. The BB is a powerful ship which has a great advantage using its ranged guns, and with that the BB's make up the main 'battle line'.
The Aircraft Carrier, is a very powerful ship by utilizing their ability to launch waves of planes to bomb and counter attack enemy planes efficiently. The CV class ships will be available to you at around level 46 through 55, depending on which nation you choose for your Bridge Operator (BO). All CV's can equip Scouts, Fighters, Torpedo Bombers and Dive Bombers, which are used by Pilots.As with the BB you will need to select the proper route for your BO in the ship tree menu in order to gain access to the CV, which varies by nation. The role of CV varies from game to game, and from player to player. Depending on how you feel you want to play your CV is your discretion alone. The CV is harder to play than most ship classes in Navy Field, however once mastered the CV can be a deciding factor in the outcome of a battle.
The main focus of the CV should be to repeal incoming enemy planes ie. Scouts, fighters, and bombers, so that it gives you a chance to launch a counter strike towards the enemy ships. In turn by scouting with your planes you can give sight to your own capital ships so that the enemy is always visible and you will not be taken by surprise.
When you first start off in Navy Field you will be introduced to the Frigate (FF) first. This is by far the smallest, most agile and fragile ship in Navy Field. These ships are great to learn basic game play in, and are also great for scouting Submarines in the game.
Your Destroyer class ships (DD) are also along the lines of an FF, however the DD is slightly more powerful and its role can vary with your game style. A DD is also excellent in hunting and destroying enemy Submarines. The Light Cruisers (CL) are a mixed combination of abilities, depending on which CL you choose to have, a player can perform various roles which include, Anti-Aircraft support, Submarine Hunting, Scout Ship Hunting, or Torpedo Ships. The Heavy Cruiser (CA) is ideal for hunting and destroying
all smaller ships and also has the same variations of the CL, however CA's have the capability to battle against some of the smaller Battle-cruisers in the game. APA ships, however, are designed to be used for Harbor Assault type battle where you are able to launch waves of 'Marines' to invade a Harbor and win it for your Fleet. The APA does not have much significance in any other battle besides these.
The infamous Sea Wolves, are great at stealth, and surprise attacks.
Using the Submarine is no easy task, although their torpedoes can put out a tremendous amount of fire power, they are slower than most ships and are vulnerable to Naval Mines, and Hedge Hogs.
The Submarine has the unique ability to dive underwater for a duration of time which allows the Submarine to go undetected unless they come close to an FF, DD, CL, or a CV with a sonar man. The Submarine is ideal for slipping in to the enemy lines undetected and taking out the Capital Ships by surprise and adding the surprise attack element to the team. They are also great in detecting other Submarines and/or laying in wait to attack scouting ships.

(text by JPhoenix)