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  • I Don't Get it

    07. 14. 2011 15:43


What was the point of NF Beta if 6yrs later the Game is worst than ever. Every New patch is like a Wound, It baffles as to how a game that generates money(not like it use to) can be so crappy with its service. Its sad already that ittakes forever to update and when the update is here, We lag,crash,freeze,can't log in etc. Bet if they had competition service would be alot better.


P.S Never know of another small market game that f'up so often with simple patches.


  • Re : I Don't Get it

    07. 14. 2011 15:48

If I could rec this I would.

  • Re : I Don't Get it

    07. 14. 2011 16:11

100% agree. I dont see why i keep playing this game.

  • Re : I Don't Get it

    07. 14. 2011 16:35

Since this new patch, I'm crashing at the win/lose screen constantly, and now i can't even play.. I keep getting the corrupt data file crap.. and I have downloaded and applied the data files a few times now.

Why do we have to reinstall the game so often after a patch?? isn't this what the testing team is for?? why release patches with such poor coding?? WHAT ARE WE PAYING FOR??

  • Re : I Don't Get it

    07. 14. 2011 16:36

You play this game because you like WW2 stuff or ships. You pay for this game because you hate those ships.

  • Re : I Don't Get it

    07. 14. 2011 16:48

to shed light on the truth to as of why NF is so Fvcked up these days is the Original Dev who Made NF that made the programing didnt leave a instruction manual on how to fix or change things to the Format and was lost with him when he left NF SDE so naturaly all the others who work for NF havent a clue on how to do any thing and have to make crap up as they go that is why every thing for them is trial and error but most just error but show <3 to them for not knowing how to fix crap in this game as i reluctantly admit they are doing good for what they know its just like working on a New 2011 car when you only know how to work on cars no l8r then 1980 get my point nothing works like they hoped it would so they are forced to McGiver it all

  • Re : I Don't Get it

    07. 14. 2011 16:59

What I don't get is how everytime I load NF something different happens.

for example - tonight auto patch didn't work so did man patch.
Then got message saying error has occured you can still load but it wont work - I loaded and it worked fine.
Crashed entering 2 game - on reload needed to download 2 files.
Crashed on 3rd or 4th game currently wont load past the HS screen.

Why does the updater need to keep downloading files with no patch. This never used to happer pre HS.

Oh well I should go to sleep anyway.

  • Re : I Don't Get it

    07. 14. 2011 17:00

no other game can replace this one, even NF is so old.
is there any other online game as old as navyfield?

  • Re : I Don't Get it

    07. 14. 2011 17:21

Originally Posted by japen
no other game can replace this one, even NF is so old.
is there any other online game as old as navyfield?

Ever here of UO? 1997 - present

Anyway every time the add new content they find a way to screw everything up.

Subs? They still arnt balanced, OP content dosnt balance OP content. I Cant wait for T5 subs to come ruin things more...
USSR? MN? I have little confidence the upcoming patch will be more then a bandaide fix that will mean more waiting. And how long have we dealt with OP MN bombers?
New Fighters? Yea we wanted them but we never asked for the ability patch that came with it and threw fighter balance out the window. Oh and who asked for OP 120 scouts or T4 speed T3 fighters (MN)?
PCV? Thanks for making my CV6s pointless. I havent even bought the other one cause whats the point? I got a CV6 in the NF store.
PBBs? A little before my time that they were released but it took a long time for those to be fixed.
Smoke? Are you kidding me? Smoke is ruining the game with how much people use it.
Hackshield? Thanks for admitting how widespread hacking was in NF and taking steps to fix it but in the end you can still cheat in NF.

And I can keep going on and on with it. Yeah I love NF or I wouldnt still be around but ffs fix things that have been broken for a long time and stop adding imba content. I would hate to see the game get to the point where I do what a good amount of my friends and fleetmates have done and move on to something else.

  • Re : I Don't Get it

    07. 14. 2011 18:22

Totally agree. Smoke is a disgrace I use them only when being bombed.. But to see BB456 Use them to attack is sad..Atless Let BB6 not able to use them for HA!. Whats the point of test server if stuff still isn
t corrected when the game is released? We all play NF because its different from most games. But i don't see why its so unbalance with its servers...crap its old!

  • Re : I Don't Get it

    07. 14. 2011 18:49

I totally agree with you guys... I've only been playing NF for about 8/9 months and I've encountered more problems with Lagg/Freeze than I've ever heard about... I see Veteran players posting problems with the game, Yet... they still come out with new items, events, security fixes, etc.......... And for what ??? If you haven't fixed the ongoing past problems that your Veteran Players are telling you about, Why keep bringing out new stuff ??? This is getting beyond ridiculous............ Don't get me wrong I like the game ALOT... But what's the use playing if we players are having DAILY problems... and hardly ANY of the "fixes" are working ?? Onto another subject... I see alot of players are complaining about HS... Well what about the new Olive Key thingy ??? Why must it be mandatory to have yet another security thing in place when you already know that we have to verify our own pw for Paypal anyways in order to make purchases.... ??? GET RID OF THE OLIVE KEY IT'S NOT WORKING !!! I've still not received my Olive Key email... been 2 days now............ Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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