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  • how to class my sailor?HELP

    12. 17. 2012 23:03


should i delay class my AA gunner sailor?what lvl should i class them AA?

And i planning to play Submarine,bt what lvl should i class my sailor to torpedo sailor?and planeman and sonarman?at lvl 30?

pls help me~


  • Re : how to class my sailor?HELP

    12. 18. 2012 00:41


As KM armament sailors do not lose reload when you class them as AA gunners, there is no need to delay them. Infact, since they actually gain some reload it is advisable to class them into AA as soon as it becomes available.


I believe that you should also class your planesman as soon as possible. When to class sonarmen is based on your own opinion of two common opinions, either class him on time to maximise his sonarman ability or delay the promotion for as long as you feel you can so the sonarman provides more support ability (repair and restore). Some people wait as long as 90 to class their sonarmen, some class them at lvl 16. It's up to you.


The torpedo ability cap is roughly 1m TA, I believe. An EBVE torpedo man would cap at lvl 54 and anything worse than that would cap later, possible as late as lvl 80-90. Sounds to me like you should be classing your torpedo man ontime aswell.

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    12. 18. 2012 01:20


AA Gunner: On time
Planesman: On time

As for sonarman and torpedoman, opinions would vary:
I opted for elite TMs classed on time so I can reach ability cap sooner and trim them at cap to put that extra space to use in support sailors/speed. Others pick TMs with higher support stats to add more to SD quicker and keep them at full. In the latter instance, you can choose to class them later but you should do the calculations yourself to decide at what point you want them capped out.

Sonarman: It depends again on the sailor type. Sonar gains visual in increments, so in the end you likely want the highest visual range (when submerged). You can find the numbers in other threads and figure out when you'll hit that based on different classings. Some people choose elite potentials to get sight range quicker, in which case you may want to class on time and then trim after you cap. Others choose lower potential sailors with higher repair/restore rates, in which case delaying them as long as possible is preferable (as long as you can still meet sight requirements).

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    12. 18. 2012 09:31


Depending on your preference, you might not want to class beyond AA gunner.  As you class, you lose accuracy and gain nothing.  Some people want a bit of spread in their AA so they will continue to class but all of mine have been left as AA gunner.  Also note their is no crew growth as well so besides eliminating accuracy, there is no reason to.

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    12. 18. 2012 10:33


Why would you want to delay your AA gunner to begin with? Answer that, you will find what you wanted.

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    12. 18. 2012 11:11


There is always a reason to delay class any gunners. There is also reason to only class your KM to AA only. That being said it wont matter for you probobly so just class on time.

  • Re : how to class my sailor?HELP

    12. 18. 2012 14:24


AA - On time, don't go past AA gunner unless you want less accuracy which can be good
Torp - Depends on whether you want good reload early on or a bit more rep/rest later on
Planesman - Class on time you want as much airtime as possible
Sonar - For other nations, delay is fine, but KM I would class on time.  KM does a lot of SS vs SS combat because its what they are good at.  Seeing the enemy first helps you win a LOT. 

  • Re : how to class my sailor?HELP

    12. 19. 2012 01:13


ok~! Thank for your all advise ^^

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    12. 19. 2012 04:57


KM is really easy classingwise. Class everything on time. Only for fighters you should class them as ACE(lvl.65?) or if want to go crazy with vets class them just as normal fighters(lvl.40)

edit regarding snoarman:
on SS5 sonar caps with about 2.3mil ability , on ss1-4 its even lower. So with classed on time at lvl ~100 BVE you will hit that and can start taking crew off.