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  • IJN DP Gunner question

    01. 01. 2013 02:56


I want to get a pair of DP gunner

what is the base ability require?

+12AA or +12reload? 


  • Re : IJN DP Gunner question

    01. 01. 2013 09:23


Reload and accuracy if you don't want to have shotgun spread.

  • Re : IJN DP Gunner question

    01. 01. 2013 21:24


The AA stat is currently disabled for sailors. Like richard said, you want Reload and accuracy.


My own guide to classing AA gunners (which actually focuses on the benefits of late classing them, but works as a general guide all the same) can be found stickied here. Or;

  • Re : IJN DP Gunner question

    01. 02. 2013 17:17


I would make this:

1. Get 2 Elite Rld gunners (11acc/13rld) & give them boost (of course they should have at least 120 vets/full experts on some 90 lvl) ... I was also thinking about Elite Acc but Acc cap should be easier to achieve and I like shell-spam more ...

2. Keep as  'Arm.Sailor' to 90-100 lvl then class DP/CDP (in order to use AA guns on BB4-6)

I had something like that a few years ago and they shot pretty nice ...