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  • EBB2 Poltava

    01. 10. 2013 13:21


I would like to ask, what is your opinion on the new soviet EBB2 Poltava.


Here is comparation with her mothership Gangut and the soviet PBB Sevastopol:


She should be able to use 14" trips from Izmail which gives her nearly Sevas range.

Im not sure about the speed, she will be probably slower than Sevas.

Too bad she only has 6 support slots :(


What do you think, is she worth 3800pts?


  • Re : EBB2 Poltava

    01. 10. 2013 14:44


Well comparing to a PBB is akward, since the PBBs are made OPed (for its lvl) since they are for $.

Regarding if the poltava is worth the 3800 points. Well what are you expecting. Keep in mind that it is a EBB2 so its better then BB2s but wount be a beast. Its a tiny ship that can use the Izmail guns (as you already said). Speed wise i dont know if its slower then Seva but the poltava goes 25/42 which is pretty fast for a small ship with lots of firepower. If you want a small funship it might be a good choice. For lvling i suggest you better to get the Seva since its a great PBB and awesome for grinding. 

Since i guess you want a SN EBB here a small comparision of the Main and event ships that i made:

EBB2: Gangut using Izmali guns(14inch trip 30degrees), +1 turning force
EBB3: Izmali using IM guns, +1 turning force and with bb4 crew slots
EBB4: Kronstadt using the old BB4 12inch trips going 25/42, +1 turning force and BB4 crew slots 
EBB5: Stalingrad going 24/40 and BB5 crew slots

My recomendation would be the the EBB4 Kronshtadt194x since its a really interesting EBB with its unique Gunset making it a BB3.5+

  • Re : EBB2 Poltava

    01. 10. 2013 14:52


She looks good to me, obviously more capable a combat ship than the gangut, but you are right about the speed compared to the Sevas aswell as the obvious level advantage and support slot bonus the Sevas offers. But, imo it would only last 5 levels and then be replaced when you reach the IM


The ebb3 is only 1 level higher though and is considerably better than the Poltova, with the exception of its size, but it has that extra support, it can use the 12" B-36 from the Kronstadt, slightly more DP, better turning, better OH ratio, etc. Too bad it looks like an Izmail :) that said, I would still continue to use it over the IM unless the size really got on my nerves.


However, if I was to recommend a ship, I would say the Stalingrad '53, to bridge the bb4-5 grind. Not that the stalingrad isnt a brilliant ship, but the '53 IS better. Depends, if you want a bb2-3 to help with that grind then I would say the Izmail 1916 which would probably last you until Stalingrad if you can bear it, if you want one to help with the bb4-5 grind I would say the Stalingrad. The poltova though, is still better than the gangut, but not the Sevas, imo.

  • Re : EBB2 Poltava

    01. 10. 2013 15:02


Originally Posted by NIborGER

My recomendation would be the the EBB4 Kronshtadt194x since its a really interesting EBB with its unique Gunset making it a BB3.5+


I really love the Kronshtadt myself, but I wouldn't see anyone using it over the Stalingrad which is obviously a slight improvement in most ways and capable of using the 16" trips. And that would mean only having the Krons '40 for only 5 levels :(

  • EBB2 Poltava

    01. 16. 2013 22:51


Its not a bad little ship. just got crew to it today and is definately an improvement on the izmail and/or Gangut. acuraacy is pretty dang good on auto or manual. the staggered turret layout (all 3's set-up) make it almost 0 difference between since you can not really cross your lines. the trip 14s spread is a lot cleaner on poltava though definately than the Izmail cause the turrets are less spread apart.


my only real complaint is the T slot space that needs to be at least big enough for the mini-zinni's. 50 is to small. Maybe 70 or 75 so at least it could have semi decent AA possibility.


great little boats with many possible set-ups

favorite is put gangut guns on and armor to heck and back

  • Re : EBB2 Poltava

    03. 24. 2013 05:09


Ye its a fun little ship i play with the trip 14 inch on it only downer is that it has same support slots as the ganut =( but hey its free :)

  • Re : EBB2 Poltava

    12. 22. 2013 08:21


with amability help from moderator ikan92 now i able to put pics with real game lenght for ebb poltava. is a small chassis (i don't know nothing about speed normal/oh ), and nothing about experience per battle (i had bad experience with uk ships, very low experince per battle with a lot of damage, 50k or more). small body with devastating 3x14" guns from izmail should be a lot of fun.