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  • TNF Abuse/Corruption

    07. 17. 2011 17:33

I ask this as an open question after several years of watching numerous events unfold involving TNF at all levels. When the Server heads...GM's...Mods..Mons continue to have a pattern of abuse of power. I have seen examples of cheating from individual hacks all the way up to entire fleets using  game bugs to win HA's all with massive evidence to back it up, from screenshots to videos of  the incidents....and all with no repercussions from TNF/SDE, so...what recourse is their when the pattern of abuse/corruption continues...where do you go to complain....I fully expect this thread to be deleted within five minutes..becuase "they" don't want any light shed upon the whole system. so count to 30 and this post will be deleted


  • Re : TNF Abuse/Corruption

    07. 17. 2011 17:42


The capitalizing makes it scary.

  • Re : TNF Abuse/Corruption

    07. 17. 2011 17:44

This thread won't be deleted, but it will be locked... though not without an explanation.

The channel to report any cheats or hacks is well known, you need to send a support ticket.
In the case you feel some of the people in TNF won't be of help in the case, you can send the Support Ticket to a specific individual of your choice in TNF by adding his/her name in the Subject.
If you still feel unsure about that method, you can send an email to the Head Moderator.

There is nothing to hide, so please use the above channels to communicate. Also, you can always check the TNF roster in the Support Tab and send a PM up the ladder.