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  • US SS5

    02. 27. 2013 14:06


Starting my SS up and would like to know what the Gato has over other SS, and what it's weaknesses are, as well as any tips on SS play. Thanks in advance.


  • Re : US SS5

    02. 27. 2013 16:29


While I've not used it, I compiled some SS data for all SSs. It seems typically USN, overall very good but exceptional at nothing. Only thing of note imo was it's 10 tubes 6F 4A, most of any sub.


Is otherwise 'good' in most areas, good speed, best DP of any SS, second best FCS. Has no guns aboard, if that matters to you.


Has below average turning, I think it is fairly large, reload time is above average. I think it follows the USN general design of its biggest strength being no glaring weakness. But I don't know everything about it, only what I know from data you can view for yourself.

  • Re : US SS5

    03. 02. 2013 05:59

I'm pretty sure the gato has the worst dud rate of all the SS5s. If you are good at using splash damage to your advantage then it's a great capital ship killer.