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  • USN BB Guns question

    05. 13. 2013 17:19


Just a quick question about the BB guns. Does anybody enough the acceracy revision number for the optimal guns for the USN BB guns? Im going to go down both lines so all guns would be required. Also, when can I start to see half decent spread with my guns?

Edit: Also, The HE defence and AP defence values for ships, how in the hell do they work? Have no idea how, is higher better? Or lower?


  • Re : USN BB Guns question

    05. 13. 2013 18:16


You can see in the USN BB Range/Spread post that even with acc capped gunners the spread is mostly pretty bad until BB4. If you want more accurate guns, the duals tend to provide a slight more, like the 2x 16" guns BB2s can use. Dunno how wide your spread is at the moment though or what level your gunners are.


As for HE and AP defense for ships, not sure where you're reading those. The armor tab under components? I've honestly no idea. Theres something confusing about how actual defense actually translates into how much each 0.1 of armor weighs but I don't think that is what is being represented in the armor window.

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    05. 13. 2013 20:01


The HE and AP defense I was reading on the ship buy screen when you buy a new ship. And I completly forgot about that thread lol. As for my gunners there level 57 11/10 base (Still in blitz! :D), 100 vets, around 270 expeters rest rookies and no boost.

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    05. 14. 2013 07:40


the info about HE and AP defense from ships can be found also in Trainworld (, in the "shipyard" charts about different nations. (

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    05. 15. 2013 18:19


HE and AP defense has to do with armor weight (deck and belt).

Higher is heavier, meaning you can place less.

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    05. 15. 2013 21:44


Ahhhhh so its preety much how much the armor weights and costs. Thanks :)