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  • SN Gun question

    07. 21. 2011 13:18

Hi guys one quick qns as im still new to SN. The level 42 6'/65-SKC/33 guns seems rather overpowered for 6 inch guns to me as they have really great range and hits like 8s for a 6inch gun. I was able to fit them on Svetlana with 6 of them basically even BBs are rather easy to destroy.
I was curious about such powerful 6 inch guns but reading the old guides before the patch i have not seen anyone mentioned about them nor did they appear in the range chart as i wanted to compare the range with other guns.
So i was wondering if they were around before or after the patch? As the patch notes did not mention about them as well. Please advise!


  • Re : SN Gun question

    07. 21. 2011 13:27

Yeah, i noticed this gunset too. It wasnt there before patch.
The turret itself is of german design, but germans dont have 6" guns...

  • Re : SN Gun question

    07. 21. 2011 13:40

So they wasn't there before? I think the gun should be some kind of mistake as they have the same range as the level 42 7.1 singles. I made a rough test as i couldnt mark the shells as my BO isn't bve. They are only 6 inch guns
and yet they have CA range and damage. But frankly speaking racking 65k plus with a level 45+ crew in a CL1 is really fun tho.