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    06. 22. 2011 14:59

Guide by flamingpanda in second post.


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    06. 23. 2011 05:51

Alright, in a crappy attempt to reduce the amount of spam in this forums, i'll write this,
cause apparently no one has a clue what to do.

Please note that all welcomes refer to a gametype/game where every ship is allowed, All
welcome rooms, GBI, GBII, etc...

1. Which torps should I use?
None. They hurt you in the long run, and are useless at high levels

1b. Why do the 2nd set torpedos are worse than first set?
No reason, but don't use them....

2. Which AA gun should I use?
KM40 @lvl 42, or the 3.46 A @ lvl 30. The lvl 30s have faster reload,are lighter, and
take up less space , but the lvl 42 have more range, and do more damage. Personally, i
suggest using the lvl 42s for BBs and the Motlke, and use the 30s for ships with less AA
space. golden angle for lvl 42 is 32, and lvl 30, 36.

3. What crew should I have in preparation for H44?
1 BO, 2 Gunners, 2 AA, 1 scout(although more are viable as well)and then:
at least 2 Engys
at least 2 Reps
last 3 support spots can be either Engys or Reps(any combination, i'd suggest a total of
4engy/3rep, or 3engy/4rep
4. What crew should I have in preparation for Europa?
At least 3 Fighters, at least 2 bomber(of any sort), last 2 pilot spots is your choice, is
what i suggest.

5. What should my gun set up be....?
Konigsberg-6.75sL(second set)-OR- trip 5.9"L
Mpro-6.75sL(second set) -OR- trip 5.9" L
Admiral Hipper-8" N(second set)(I don't remember enough about this ship, so someone tell
me later), if not accessible, use 8"L (first set)
PE-8"L(second set), if not accessible, use 8" N(second set), then 8"L(first set)(my info
on this is same as above)
DLand-11" N c/28
P-pro-11"N c/34, if not accessible, use 11" L c/28
P-pro II-11"Lc/34(2x Triples, and 2x Singles), if not accessible, use 11"Nc/34, etc...
Scharn-11" L c/34
Gneise/Opro-11" L c/34
OII-11" Lc/34 -OR- Triple 14.96" L(second set) (all welcome setup)
Bismarck-11" L c/34 -OR-Dual 14.96"L(second set) (all welcome setup)
H39-16"L , if not accessible, use 16"N, or trip 14.96"L, or 11"Lc/34(if this, better using
H44-18"L, if not accessible, use 16.5"L.

5b. What should I put on my pre-16"L H39? There are 3 options!
14.96" have the same range as the 16"N, although more firepower. However, 14.96" have
less max angle, only 30 compared to the 16"N 34, meaning less ability to penetrate armor.
also, 14.96" are heavier. 16"Ns main advantage is being lighter, but the other advantage
is looking like a 16"L H39, meaning more people will take you seriously. 11" L means that
you can keep your range(from BB123), but less firepower than either 16"L or 14.96"L. It
is also the lightest, but you lack firepower, making you easier to rush.

6.Should I use armor?
Only armor you should put on is bulge for All welcome, although some of the BBs you can
put on armor, though I suggest you don't...

7. Whats the max speed on KM BBs?
PII- don't remember, I think 25/42
Sharn- Never had one
Opro-32/54, but heavier crews go 31/52
OII-27/45? with 11", 25/42 with 14.96?(Unsure, I don't remember, i'll check later)
H44-23/39 (with AA and 18", not sure without AA, but i believe it doesn't make a difference)

8. My gunners are only a crappy 10/10! Should I get Elite ones?
No, they'll hit the cap as long as they are b/v/e. Anything above 10/10 should hit the
cap eventually. Mine are 12/10, and 11/10, and are NOT boosted, and not completely
vetted. They do fine.

9. Blockshots?!
5.9" do block, and the 11" come close to blocking(with BSM). 5.9", however, lack range
and i really can't stress to you how i prefer the 6.75" over these. It lays a foundation
for gameplay later on, and while probably will perform worse in the rush-happy Blitzkreig
gameplay of today, will reward you later.

10. Gun comparison
10a. 6.75"sL vs 5.9"
5.9" reload faster, and block, as well as have more shells, so higher DPS and are more
6.75sL do more damage per shell, but less DPS, but they have more range.
personally, i liked the 6.75sL cause you can just snipe with them, but it seems like more
and more blitz people like 5.9" for its close damage pwnage....

10b. 11"c/34 vs 11"c/28
c/34 are simply better. slightly more damage, longer range, and better spread. Use it
the first chance you get, although dland gets them immediately.

10c. 11"c/34 v (2nd set) 14.96"
14.96" has decent damage, slightly less than the UK RP12s. However, it has a much faster
reload, but its pitfall is its range. It also has a 30 degree angle, which means three
1. It is easier to aim
2. When running, the amount of range you get is compartively lower than 11" when running(bad)
3. When rushing, the amount of range you lose is comparitively lower than 11" when

14.96" require a different style. You probably need armor to use it, if your crew isn't
that good, but if you don't use armor, you'll be forced to play sort of like a North
Carolina. Its simply a different style, and its probably less favorable for you.

10d.(2nd set) 14.96" duals vs (2nd set) 14.96" tripples
There isn't much of a difference, aside from weight, and how much ammo one can carry, but
the duals do have a very SLIGHT range advantage.

10e. 16.5" vs 18"
18" have slightly more range(i'm talking that its barely noticeble, maybe nonexistant,
again, i'm too lazy to test it). 18" also do more damage, although its damage per salvo
is quite inconsistant, where i've had 100% shots do somewhere between 30k and 40k damage,
which is quite large of a difference. 18" carry less ammo(1 bind less, as well as 5 less
shells per bind), but enough(i've never ran out), and has a longer reload, but 18" make
the H44 a competitive BB5.

---more coming later--

11. Which ammo should I use?
DD or lower- Heavy HE
CL or above-Light HE+AP
Use AP on the following ships-
Slow Gneise
Slow Opro
Slow POWs
2 gun lions
3 gun lions
2 gun L2.

12. Wierd, uneven R slots exist on the Andria Doria and the PII. What should I do?
On the PII, the triples are meant to go on the outside, and the singles are meant to go on
the inside. Make sure that the singles match up to what set triples you are using,
otherwise your angles won't matchup. On the AD, you can put either all duals 12.6",(in
which you'll have plenty of ammo on your outer slots), or dual 12.6" on the inside, and
trip 12.6" on the outside, or you can ignore the 12.6" completely and put 11" on, which
will make you go slower, but still act like a Bismarck on roids.

I'll put more as i more questions come to my head...

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    06. 23. 2011 07:34

trollingpanda is trollin, don't use 18'' in H44!

AP on 3gun lions is ok

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    06. 24. 2011 21:42

panda sux, proof he use pandabot jajaja!

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    08. 27. 2011 02:05

Suggest adding Deutschland vs. Hipper question. (No, I'm not asking it, I picked the Type-II :P it's just a common enough question.)

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    10. 07. 2011 12:38

Just for clarification, in section 5 it states the preferred setup for the Dland is the C/28 guns and section 10 (b) states get the c/34 guns as they are better. please explain or correct.

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    10. 07. 2011 13:46

Originally Posted by SSN762

Just for clarification, in section 5 it states the preferred setup for the Dland is the C/28 guns and section 10 (b) states get the c/34 guns as they are better. please explain or correct.

Mainly ammo issues, and the c/28 ccuracy revision is quite appreciable to lower level gunners. Other wise, c/34 Ds have about c/28 L range unless i'm mistaken, and hit a bit harder.

Harder being quite relative tough. KM 11" are nicknamed peashotter for a reason.