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  • The battleship Texas

    09. 06. 2013 02:09


I live 2 miles from her....

Currently there is a study regarding aesthetic presentation for the dry berth project.

Below are the 4 options available. Which one do you think gives the best presentation for the old gal?

*I really like #1*


  • Re : The battleship Texas

    09. 06. 2013 04:08


Definitely 1.

  • Re : The battleship Texas

    09. 06. 2013 05:23


option three gives more of an appearance that she is still in the water.. option one does look good as well.

  • Re : The battleship Texas

    09. 14. 2013 08:20


my kids have been to see her a couple of times, sadly i have not made it yet... not too far as i live in DFW, so i will make it some day... but the differences between 1,2 and 3 seems to be how much space they have around the ship and to what degree... but i like either 1 or 2 mainly due to the fact that it would require less actual movment of the ship itself as they would just be filling in the dock area with rock and dirt...  #3 however is interesting also in it does hive her a bit more appearance of being more "out to sea" then the other options...

regardless it is a very interesting post, thanks myg0t1,

ill pass this information on to the boys also, im sure they will find it interesting. 

Meanwhile in Texas...

  • Re : The battleship Texas

    09. 29. 2013 20:01


worth nothing the differences between options 1 and 2 are option 1 literally raises her above ground so you can see her from the adjacent highway.

Option 2 is the most cost effective leaving her at her current height with the natural terrain obscurring view from the aforementioned vantage point.

  • Re : The battleship Texas

    10. 12. 2013 12:58


1 for sure. #3 is to chaotic and unorganized in apperance. And #4 is kinds of the same but smaller. I like 1.

  • Re : The battleship Texas

    10. 20. 2013 00:35


#1 looks the best