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  • A survey for the NF player who use google map

    11. 08. 2013 17:33



my name is Richard, I am a student at l’École Polytechnique de Montréal  and I am doing a survey on Google Maps’ user. The survey aims to understand the impact of social life since the introduction of this web application.

Preferably, a 20-25 years old person, that uses Google Map regularly would be excellent to interview. However, any people that use frequently should also do the job.

The interview will be done through VOIP software, such as skype, raidcall, teamspeak, Ventrilo, or any other alternative.

The interview should last about 15 minutes with open question such as: “Do you use google map to learn the local area or geographic? How easy it is for you to understand? ”


If you are interested in this interview, you can send me a PM. I will gladly to hear what you have to say.
To be honest, this isn't a joke or something. I am doing this survey for my research at my university.  


  • Re : A survey for the NF player who use google map

    12. 01. 2013 12:40


Im willing to help you. I already finished my courses so im available full-time.

I don't read the forums very often, so I didn't notice this earlier :(