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  • A general question about leveling

    11. 11. 2013 13:34


So, I transferred from the EU server to here to keep playing NF, and decided to continue my IJN BB line. I had to create new supports for the lvl 68 Fuso BO because my last ones were bad for some reason, can't remember why as it's been a while since I last played actively, not counting the days after the transfer over here. There wouldn't be any problems otherwise, but my main gunners are over the 60 lvl level cap in Blitz, and I wouldn't want to go into a GB with a Mogami '38. I have a second set of gunners made to help my 2nd CV BO get the Oyodo, but soon they can't be used in Blitz either and I'm planning on to get him to the Oyodo with them.

What would be the best way for me to level the supports? I have a SS BO coming up and I plan to skip the Vickers L3 in some way, so I could use that to level up the supports but I want to use guns on the Sima as well taking up 2 "free" crew slots, and the only "usable" blitz gunners are the AA gunners still classed as arm. sailors until lvl 62, and therefore they can't use any better guns than the 5.5" Type 3 duals.

Would the Asama be a good crew leveling ship without the AA gunners? I could use my main CV BO to use it, not to level the BB BO and make the gap between him and the supports bigger. I've used it on the EU server as an AA ship with the 5" Type 89 dual AA guns, but I don't have any idea can it be used as an effective AA ship without them, and the max CV cap here seems to be 6 per GB, compared to 8 per GB what the EU server had. Is being an AA ship even a good idea with the all the FW CVs (I heard that there were many of them) or the Emdens and Moltkes (not sure if they're as popular leveling/credit grinding ships here as they were in EU) killing all the planes?

Also, I'm not sure if I posted this on the correct forum section, but since my question is about IJN, I don't see why it wouldn't be. Thanks in advance.


  • Re : A general question about leveling

    11. 11. 2013 19:05


Hello and welcome!

Well, it's innevitable, it's time to step out of blitz rooms. Start doing GB1 rooms in AA equiped boats.
I know, it'll be hard to AA with gunners that are far from reload cap, but it's better than playing BB1.

If you'll be able to use DP guns, here's some info for you:

If you woun't be able to use DP guns, use guns that are able to load AA ammo. (some stats are outdated) 

  • Re : A general question about leveling

    11. 12. 2013 06:19


One way to lvl supports and gunners is using a CL as a subhunter  in GBs.   Since someone has mentioned AA, I'll not address that.  But you will need a sonar man for the job.

HH armed subhunters are always needed.   Your gunners and support sailors will gain exp points and lvl up.   You mentioned the oyodo.  With TBs, HH and a sonar op, it is an excellent anti-sub ship.   The TBs can attack submerged SS when they are "in sight".   This will lvl your TB pilots and gunners.   Since there are 4 support slots, you could load 2 TBs pilot, 1 F Pilot and 1 sonar op, but you could also forego the F and add a support sailor instead.

If your support sailors are  low lvl, you can always build a "throwaway" crew just for Blitz and play Blitz gaining experience for your support sailors.  When done, either dismiss or sell the no longer needed crew, saving the support sailors.   

The only way to really gain a lot of exp to lvl your preferred sailors up quickly is to make sure they always get the first win double EXP bonus and to try to play any events that have EXP points boost.   Otherwise you just grind away. 

As for sailing a low lvl BB in GBs, I agree that it is frustrating at times, but I sailed many a BB1, BB2, and BB3 into GB rooms and had fun along with gaining experience points.    One of my fondest memories is breaking up a 5 DD charge in GB with the Glassjawed Alaska and saving the game for my team.

So, don't be afraid to go in with a low lvl BB.   Its valuable experience.  I've spent quite a bit of time lately grinding with my IJN ship line.   The Bridge Ops are 50 lvls or more behind my USN ship line.  I got some lvl 12 hero sailors in one of the events and decided to make them into FPs.   All my IJN FPs were lvl 70 so its been a grind to get them up to the same lvl.  It just takes time.

  • Re : A general question about leveling

    11. 12. 2013 07:06


Another option is to level a second BB BO. I find it much easier to keep crew at level with your BOs. Yes it takes longer but with events and such it doesn't take too long and you're not a very high level to begin with.
I did this with KM and IJN. At around lvl 80+ use shiptree reset and make one of the BOs an ss operator. Thus you have a tier 4-5 ss bo without the hassle of grinding through SS1 and 2.