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  • Haiyan

    11. 14. 2013 10:13


Hello guys.


I know this is the wrong forum to talk about these kinds of stuff, but yeah, I hope the FMs don't mind - most people don't read off-topic section, and I want these words to be read by you guys.


I know you guys have heard about the disastrous typhoon that struck our country last week, and as of this moment our countrymen are still reeling from the storm's effects. Though with all of your countries' help, our country, in particular the victims of the typhoon should be back up in no time. So from the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you all for your help.




PS: I'm still alive, therefore I am still able to terrorize you all. Hopefully. lol

PSS: Our country is used to storms of great magnitudes, actually. We're used to seeing roofs being blown off from houses, but we're not used to seeing roofs flying around like saucers. Again, thank you very much.


  • Re : Haiyan

    11. 14. 2013 11:15


Still belongs in OT. Although it should stay here for a day or 2 so people do get the chance to see, as you are spot on that OT doesnt get many of the views.

  • Re : Haiyan

    11. 14. 2013 18:21


We have a fleet mate lives in Leyte, but until now we didn't heard news about him since the super typhoon Haiyan landfalls.