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  • General CV question.

    12. 15. 2013 17:00


I'm a "recently" returned player, but I have a question about high level CV's. What is a good balance between bombers and fighters if you are going to include both on your higher level cv's.

I currently have 8 db pilots, 8 tb pilots, and 4 fps (all IJN.) The reason I have so many is because I wanted to have the ability to run either a DBW CV or a TBW CV. But I made some fighters just in case I wanted to run a hybrid.

So for IJN if you are running both fighters and bombers, how do you split the support slots, and how do you split the Aircraft space? 50/50? 60/40?


  • Re : General CV question.

    12. 15. 2013 19:13


i do both fw and bw for ijn

i do 6 fps and 2 db plus 1 seaman and 6dbs and 2 fps plus a seaman i think ijn tbs r not good anymore in my opinion but the dbs r fun and great

  • Re : General CV question.

    12. 16. 2013 12:06


for a good balance i can recommend 5 fighter pilots and 3 divebombers


or 6 fighter pilots and 2 divebombers


to be honest ijn tb are not that good but the divebombers are considered good


i say untill you get 9 slots best to fill them all up with pilots for training and as far as the 2 gun slots either you go with HH for sub protection with gunners or 2 pilots for training


regarding aircraft space, if you go with 4 fighters and 4 divebombers take atleast 10 more fighters then db or go with what you find the most suited setup ;)