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  • Harbor Assault Game Mode / Fleet Practice

    06. 22. 2011 18:44

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Like any other game mode able to access through the battle areas.

Ship limits same as HA: 35 max

max bb 20, max cv 5, max ss 5, to allow a little variety slash support ships lower lvl

players to participate or let the host decide these limits.

Functions: Practice mode for fleets also allows non fleet members to participate if


How it balances: Host fleet member or non fleet member(original host) automatically

becomes host 1 = master host. In the setup mode for game he inputs a second host

name, i.e. another fleet for battling and will allow HA(not the full mode for harbors) to

be played at descression of fleets, if selecting second host within same fleet allowing

fleets to practice strategies or just practice, lastly if just non fleet members want to play

their higher tier or lower tiers in an HA style getting expirence of what its like without

joining fleets.

The master host can ban either side incase 2nd host issues afk etc.... also if both host

are in a fleet it then makes that room only joinable by those fleets members. If non fleet

host then they can ban or invite friends accordingly.

How the game mode works:

Attacking fleet or group has 2-4(up for debate) chances to reach the Harbor tile map.

However every room will be like a Harbor tile the attacking fleet must win 2-3 in a row

or 3 out of 4 to advance to the harbor tile map. If that is not met the defending fleet

wins and if the attacking fleet continues on and wins in the harbor tile they win. Could

allow for two attempts to be made once the Harbor tile is reached.


Add ins:

Host option to allow/ dis-allow smokes.

Host option to allow/ dis-allow harbor tile mines at a medium mine count.


Room saved for any of my ideas or ideas posted that I like. :)


Option for fleet member to allow non fleet members to play alongside fleets. This way if

a fleet wants to host but not constrict just to his f


  • Re : Harbor Assault Game Mode / Fleet Practice

    06. 23. 2011 01:25

Why don't you just make it 1 harbor tile game instead of repeating it 2-4 times?
Essentially, the only real thing that needs practice and development on is the attack of a harbor tile, all the other tiles are regular rooms and the only "practice" involved other than standard practice is thinking of was of deception to gain access to the harbor tile.

I like the idea. It gives APA/Airdrop a bigger role in the game. I think that the room should just auto split into 2 even sides and it's just like HA. Also, the subclass of game (Like the 3 types of select mode) should dictate how much AI defenses (Who knew that in America, defense is the more proper term compared to defence!?) the defending team has. E.g. None, Light, Medium, Heavy.

I like the idea of having distinct settings for AW and Fleet members only.

  • Re : Harbor Assault Game Mode / Fleet Practice

    06. 28. 2011 00:01

Not Bad. It's different. This of course, would mean APA's Still win the room if they make it across.

This would be a good thing though. Because It would give the Landing fources and air lift forces useful. Or atleast more so then they previously are.