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  • SS TB planes

    01. 02. 2014 14:14


working on IJN SS line...  anyhow does anyone use the torpedo bombers? are they efficient? or wasted space of an engineer? thanks




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    01. 02. 2014 15:41


Hi there:

IJN is a torpedo and bomber nation, due that a 11 aircraft 11 bomber could be a good option for your Sub, they become inmune to AA nearly 95 with 100 vets an many experts even earlier. Don't forget to put the TB in the first slot from left to right, idk why but if you put the plane in other slot he can't be inmune to AA.

About the use, are very very usefull for scouting or sink a moribund ship after the volley of torps due the lack of the rear tubes, use wisely don't waste em at the begining, they are tactical planes. 

Cya, cheers from Chile. 

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    01. 02. 2014 16:28


i use them in the ss5 and the ss5.5 and work excellent. I personally try to sink an enemy sub or damaged from the beginning of the battle. After that swift strike I go and finish the damaged sub if did survived the TBs (3-4 TBs can take care ss4s and below, with SS5 and ss5.5 it depends on the ammount of bulge they carry, SD, etc.). With 4 EBVE engineers you will have plenty OH, in the gun-slot I use a rep, so you have a "balanced" crew (OH, rep rate, etc.). YOu should read the IJN sub guide in this section, you will find more interesting info.

Best regards,


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    01. 02. 2014 20:44


Thanks a lot for the information I was hoping it would be useful and I think it will be fun.

I have read the guide here and researched about the IJN line, just could not verify if the planes were usefull, I am glad they are!

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    01. 03. 2014 03:53


Originally Posted by JuliusPersi
...IJN is a torpedo and bomber nation, due that a 11 aircraft 11 bomber could be a good option for your Sub... 

Once you class a pilot, only ONE stat stays effective, the others become deactivated. In the case of IJN torpedo bombers, the bomber stat determines AA immunity. For bombers and fighters, the aircraft stat does nothing whatsoever.

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    12. 06. 2014 20:54


I cant find this info anywhere: for IJN SS5, does the Torpedo Bomber need to be at level 98 to use the tb's? and should i late class from tb to torp sq?