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  • BB6 balance?

    07. 26. 2011 23:32

If it were not enough, the imbalance that exists between some nationalities, over every time they release a new update is for even more unbalanced. All this has led me to a question. In which they rely to make this kind of patches? Customer as a player and I am very disappointed with the decisions that are being taken and hopefully take it into account.
Signed a very disappointed customer

Forgive my bad English


  • Re : BB6 balance?

    07. 27. 2011 00:02

Hey how about you see if there is other posts about this and see if they have been moved before making your own thread to cry in.

Since you did not want to do so here is where they are talking about it at.. us search next time

  • Re : BB6 balance?

    07. 27. 2011 02:52

I wonder.

Yep, checked the HOF.

Not surprised.

  • Re : BB6 balance?

    07. 27. 2011 08:03

again bashing others for not sharing your pov

  • Re : BB6 balance?

    07. 27. 2011 08:39

Originally Posted by chivalry1978

again bashing others for not sharing your pov

Bashing? How was my post bashing?

I know you don't like me because I proved you wrong, but you are taking your chip on your shoulder a bit too far, following me around in every topic.

If you check, the original poster came into the BB6 topic after this topic was made and asked some questions, which I have answered, and I hope it helps. Anyone is welcome to pm me for an explanation on changes.

  • Re : BB6 balance?

    07. 27. 2011 08:46

the very disappointed costumer has the change to make the game better by assisting to testing session or discussion
if not he should shut the duck up

what a lack of respect for the people actually loosing their time to try making the game more balanced

  • Re : BB6 balance?

    07. 27. 2011 08:55

Answering the OP question.

This patches are being worked on in the Test Server by a group composed by Players and TNF. Everyone is welcomed to participate, giving input in the Test Server Forum or taking part on the Tests in the Test Server.

If you are interested in improving the balance, please go to the Test Server Forum and give your feedback. Please be objective there and keep in mind every nation has a different role to play in this game.

To everyone interested in the game balance, please participate in the Test Server Forum where your have the chance to share your concerns and ideas.

Here is the link to the Test Server Section: