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  • RM PCA? Not worth?

    07. 06. 2014 21:23


Bought the RM PCA(Zara) and played several games, i thing it is not very outstanding compare with the RM original CAs - Trento/Balzano.


This RM PCA got a little more DP and displacement, but same R-mount space and fewer T-mounts.  Seems it should't used to be anti aa/ss in GB.


For its shooting power, the specialist gun - "2x8 Model 1927 Z", compare with the "2x8 EOC W", it has longer reload speed, increased weight and increcased HE damage(only 20 more). But its 50 degree angle is quite useless.


To sum up, the RM PCA Zara is quite hard to contribute much in battle whatever GB or blitz, it is just a big meat for the enemy, and it is quite week compare with the PCAs of other nations.

The original CAs can do the same way.


  • Re : RM PCA? Not worth?

    07. 08. 2014 01:49


Zara has
+1 more support slot than Trento
Bigger T slots than Trento and Bolzano
4k more displacement than Bolzano and 5k more displacement than Trento

Zara 8" guns have heavier shell weight, which also increases damage, in addition to listed HE damage. The reload speed is roughly the same with the other normal 8" dual guns. Plus the gun range is slightly longer.

Zara can load the AD version of tripple 5.3" guns, which has the about same reload  but higher damage than the normal trip 5.3" guns (although you would want to use the dual 8" not trip 5.3" in blitz). 

Zara is quite powerful in blitz, but since RM low level normal ships are already overpowered enough, the OP of Zara is not too explicit. 

  • Re : RM PCA? Not worth?

    07. 16. 2014 09:39



Put the 12/40 single main gun on Rs.

And as you wish:

PHH in T slot, or 6"/40 EOC.

Have a nice day.


  • Re : RM PCA? Not worth?

    07. 16. 2014 12:41


Complaining RM PCA? Try RN

  • Re : RM PCA? Not worth?

    07. 18. 2014 01:01


The RM PCA is a perfectly fine ship if you know what you're doing, and is an adequate alternative to the nation's BB1s, as most PCAs are.

Honestly, the only one that's truly below par is the RN Furious, which has neither good guns nor AA, and has a gigantic hit box. The Asama is a distant second, but at least has decent AA (or torp) capability. Not all of them could, or should, be the Moltke or Mandel. In fact, the Mandel shouldn't be the Mandel :P

  • Re : RM PCA? Not worth?

    12. 28. 2014 00:52


The Zara is an awesome ship, all you need is a decent crew.
In blitz it can be pretty devastating but can also get you some decent GB attack for a CA.
Had my rm crew split in half, levelled both crews into AD happily using it with the dual 8's. 
It was genuinely the first ship i liked on the rm grind, as my fleetmates will tell you cause i moaned like hell grinding low level rm ships.