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    09. 04. 2014 18:55


Special ships OUTSIDE of the regular BO SHIP TREE lines :

ECL .. declassified .. appears on BUY NEW SHIP list in dockyard
PCL .. premium ship .. purchased with OLIVES from NF item store
PCA .. premium ship .. purchased with OLIVES from NF item store
PBB .. premium ship .. purchased with OLIVES from NF item store
PCV .. premium ship .. purchased with OLIVES from NF item store
EBB .. event ship .. purchased with HONOR MEDALS or event COUPONS
ECV .. event ship .. purchased with HONOR MEDALS or event COUPONS


ECL(26) Emerald

PCL(32) Tiger
PCA(48) Furious
PBB(61) Dunkerque

EBB(58) Dreadnought
EBB(64) Resolution
EBB(78) Valiant
EBB(86) Hood
EBB(96) Vanguard
EBB(99) Temeraire
EBB(113) Duke of Edinsburgh

ECV(59) Warrior
ECV(77) Victorious

PCV(105) Implacable


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    10. 21. 2014 16:31


Any expert review on these ship ?

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    10. 21. 2014 17:12


Originally Posted by rickilee2203

Any expert review on these ship ?

I wouldn't called myself "expert", but here are my thoughts:

ECL: decent AA ship. Biggest advantage I think is extra support slot compare to other nations' ECL

PCL / PCA: don't have

Dreadnought: don't have

Resolution: don't have. I think just a Revenge with QE guns. So could be useful for leveling. Though I'm not sure how this is better than QE.

Valiant: QE with Hood guns. Pretty good. The Hood guns (Mk3 L) have better reload and spread, so improvement over QE guns. Small size and decent speed (39? I don't remember), so good for rushing / hit and run.  Can also use Nelson 16'' and 14''N.

Hood: Better than I expected when I first played this. Despite large size, can hold its own against other bb3s. Better turning than most other bbs, and can go 42-44 knots depending on setup.  Learning to dodge is key (though I'm not very good at this). Long length means sling-shotting is important. Can also use 16'' and 14'' guns, but 15'' MK3L fits best with the playstyle, in terms of range and low angle.

Vanguard: Best UK EBB, and one of best EBB I have played. Faster than normal Vanguard (40-42), and guns have better spread and damage, not to mention increased armor penetration. Same style as normal vanguard, but just better in all aspects. Even better than L1, except cannot AW.

Temeraire: don't have. But what is point? 1 fewer slot than L1 for L2 range? L1 is good enough to do well even with short range. Giving up support slot is not really worth it, unless for collection / fun purpose

Duke of Edinburgh: don't have. Again, what is point? L2 already have 9 support slots. I don't see the DoE doing something significantly better than L2. Of course, nothing wrong with getting it for collection / fun.

CVs: don't play UK CV, can't comment on those.


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    10. 22. 2014 09:07


get all of them....the duke of edinburgh is a great fun ship to play....

temeraire is an L1 with L2 guns
vanguard is what it should have been ages ago
hood is a beast
valiant owns
resolution sucks
dreadnought really sucks
dunk is best for leveling once out of blitz

UK CVs are amazingly fun to play...their fighters are kickass and their TBs are best in game 

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    10. 23. 2014 21:03


PCL Tiger: The same as your standard PCL. Small, with 2 of either 6" trips or 8" twins. Can also mount 18" singles for a laugh, though not viable. Crew slots are only in line with regular CLs due to not having T slots. Only useful for leveling alternative-line BOs (SS, APA).

PCA Furious: The black sheep of the PCA group. It has enormous size yet somehow manages only two turrets packed relatively close to each other to make sling-shotting less effective. Intended guns are the triple 15"/45 cal MK II, which have excellent firepower but poor spread. The ship is more commonly used with the BB1 guns (15"/42 cal MK II), which have good range and better spread, but lower hitting power. T slots are only adequate for ASW.

PBB Dunkirque: This is somewhat lackluster compared to other PBBs mainly because the UK has that extra support slot, and therefore gets alternatives to it fairly quickly. In actual performance, the dunk is fast and agile, making it an excellent rusher and run-and-gun ship, but doesn't hit that hard and the spread is often not that great. A fun ship to play, and still an excellent leveling vessel, but somewhat less useful here than for other nations. Intended guns are the 13"/50 Model 1931 quads.

EBB1 Dreadnought: If the Mikasa doesn't get the nickname of "feather duster," this one should. It has good reload with its 12"/45 MK X guns, but the damage output is notoriously bad. While small, it's not particularly fast or agile, and it's most nobable for how ridiculously dinky the gun sprites look, which could lead to a less knowledgable player mistaking it for an AA boat. Has some nice T slots, but still only recommended for completists. 

EBB2 Resolution: With BB4 supports (well, what they'd be for other nations), this provides an alternative leveling ship to the Dunkirque if that's not your cup of tea. Basically a Revenge that can mount the QE's 15" twins OR the KGV's twin 14" Ns for some block-shotting goodness. Good range and hitting power, and the high supports actually make it somewhat worthwhile.

EBB3 Valiant: Addressed in a previous post

EBB3.5 Hood (1939): Addressed in a previous post

EBB4 Vanguard (1945): Addressed in a previous post

EBB4.5 Temeraire: Horribly shafted by the UK's nation benefits, this basically has BB3 support slots. Beyond that, it's more or less a slightly slower and smaller L2, which is still a very deadly ship. Yes, I know it's technically an L1 hull, but without the speed, it plays more like an L2 one. It also challenges the Vanguard '45 for having the best looking paint job of any ship in the game. But in the end, the only reason to get it is to have 'em all.

EBB5 Duke of Edinburgh: Again shafted by the extra support slot normal UK BBs have, this is necessarily less of an upgrade over its nation's BB5 than any of the other ships in its tier. The main thing it brings to the table is an alternative gun armament that has greater hitting power at the expense of a slight range decrease. This doesn't change play style much though, and in the end, there's not a lot of reason to get this unless you're a completist.

ECV1 Warrior: As with the others of its tier. You get a CV2 hull with CV4 supports and CV2.5 plane space. Slightly useful if you want to level up a CV crew the long and hard way, but otherwise just a dock ornament.

ECV2 Victorious: Again, a CV3 hull with the same CV4 supports and CV3.5 plane space. But since CV4 comes just a few levels later, this is even less useful as a leveling ship, and is mainly there to be there. Nothing special or woth getting unless you're a completist.

PCV Implacable: As with the others, this is one of the best ships money can buy, and if you have or are putting together a UK CV crew, acquiring this is practically a no-brainer. It's essentially a full tier above the CV5 in every respect.     

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    10. 24. 2014 10:20


Duke of Edinburgh: EBB5.5
Temeraire: EBB5
Vanguard 1946: EBB4
Hood 1939: EBB3
Valiant: EBB3
Resolution: EBB2
Dreadnought: EBB1 

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    11. 05. 2014 20:17


Thank You gentlemen .. (especially axyarthur and ErwinJA) .. is Greatly Appreciated by the whole community
this is exactly the kind of community input that i was hoping for when i originally posted these lists

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    11. 05. 2014 21:35


the differnt systems and mixed numbering can (and does) confuse many people ...

the way i class them is by order ... regardless of hulls/guns/etc ... simple straight count ...

lets review .... 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 .... simple enough .. and something we all know


EBB1 (58) Dreadnought
EBB2 (64) Resolution
EBB3 (78) Valiant
EBB4 (86) Hood
EBB5 (96) Vanguard
EBB6 (99) Temeraire
EBB7 (113) Duke of Edinsburgh
EBB8 (115-120) . . . ? ? ? . . .

ECV1 (59) Warrior
ECV2 (77) Victorious

... the same straight forward numbering 1-7(8) holds true for the other nations as well(*)

so far each nation has a total of 7 EBB's released (8th in testing ??) .. .. and each has 2 ECV's
and there are some consistient common denominators :

there is a lower ECV(1) and a higher ECV(2) for each
the not-yet-released-EBB8's will all be @ lvl 115ish
the EBB7's are all level 113ish
the EBB6's are all level 99ish
the EBB5's are all level 96ish
the EBB4-3*-2-1's are in order by lvls .. (*)
(*) .. with the exceptions being SN and MN ...
.. * .. MN has no EBB2 - instead it has 2x EBB3's .. provence 3.1 .. and .. le havre 3.2 ..
.. * .. SN also has 2x EBB3's .. poltava 3.1 .. and .. izmail 3.2 - but it then has no EBB6(99)

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    11. 15. 2014 22:54


collected compiled and combined these reviews to fill in one of the gap areas  ...

Originally Posted by axyarthur ; ErwinJA ; kartofflr ;
Adml_Dino ; richardphat ; gimppuffs ; bperl1 ; cambsguy 

ECL - EmeraldA great ship for those that wish to level up sailors quick and i too spend my time using this to get them through their 20's, 30's and just into their 40's. I went for Edin and County and have gone straight back to the Emerald. Now that my BO and company are getting into the high 40s/low 50s I find it pretty easy to be a top earner in Blitz rooms. Don't play stupid and play to the ship's advantages... plus the Emerald is seen as a low threat target making it easier to get into position, unlike say an Edinburgh which has a giant "shoot me" sign on it. Biggest advantage I think is the benefit of having that extra UK support slot compared to other nations' ECL.  I love the Emerald for its versatility. The 6 broadside guns really help to pack a good solid punch when guns lack any real HP points. 
     For GB : A truely great ship in a class of its own, loaded out with rp10 5.25cals, 7 binds AA and 4 HE Hvy and loaded with a good bulge to avoid sub attacks, i really dont worry about speed too much. I can sit back in GB and GB2's giving AA cover to Flags and CV's then when the going gets tough switch ammo to HE and provide some heavy fire for rush resistance for as long as i can last! I would also recommend this as a good trainer for those wanting to practice and learn manual aim, as with an AA setup you need to act fast so you wont get bombed, torped, or otherwise blown up in the process! For those doing so with the RP10's on board, the goldern angle for success i've found is 37 degrees, just remember to aim at the shadows on the water not the planes themselves.
     For Blitz : use the triple 4" on all 5 front guns and keep the last 2 guns empty so you can load up on belt. (9-10.5") and pwn anything with lower then 6" guns. 
     Some would disagree with the trip 4s on an Emerald. Not enough range, not enough punch, and not enough of a reduction in reload time vs. the dual 6"/45s in my opinion.
     I prefer using the 5,25'' QF  RP-10 gun, it is lighter, more powerfull, reload doesn't matter for me as long as you know how to snipe and to exploit the maximum efficiency. 
     i forget who posted about the 4" tripp but ive tryed it and DD's just melt away, Also CL's dont understand why your getting so close and are worried about torps and i have even taken down big CA and alaskas on my own with them. what a great idea! puts the fun back into playing blitz again when ever i want to break up the SS and CV grind i am working on!! - thanks again

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    12. 30. 2014 12:32


Because I have all following ships and because I only play RN (for personal reasons) since 2003 (of course not on NA server) I think I am some kind of RN expert and I'm going to weigh in my thoughts.

The order in which I list the ships is my recommended order of getting them, either by olives or medals. The first ship listed in each class is the one you should get for that class immediately if not already.

-----1. ECL(26) Emerald
I do not recommend anyone to use this ship with at-level crew in any type of rooms, GB or Blitz. Everybody knows RN guns have short range and slow reload especially at low-level, compared to other nations. Plus this ship is extremely fragile and has a much bigger hit box than its KM/US/MN counterpart. For at-level crew, just use Edinburgh or Sirius instead. However, Emerald starts to be fun in GB if you have reload-capped gunners and decide to level up new crew. AA is never the strong suit for RN but with 5.25N gun setup on Emerald, I can do an average of 3K AA credits in GB, which means enough exp for my new crew. ASW setup for Emerald is not a bad choice, either, but again you will need high level gunners.

-----2. PCL(32) Tiger
Compared to Emerald, I don't really see the point of getting this ship at all, unless you have extra olives to spend. First of all, Tiger has the largest hitbox among all PCLs of all nations. Second of all, Tiger has 2 effective gun setups - 8*2*2 or 6*3*2. With 8*2*2, the range will be better but only with 4 shells per salvo you can't hit much. On the other hand, 6*3*2 gives a little bit more firepower but its range sucks too much. So, don't really bother.

-----1. PCA(48) Furious
Again, don't bother getting or using this ship, unless you want to make your enemy very, very happy. With my Lv120 crew I can do a 100K game in it for 1 or 2 times out of a great many games, but what's the point? If you really need to level up Lv40-or-so crew, County is a much better choice.

-----1. EBB(96) Vanguard
This is definitely the best EBB for you to get. With my Lv120 crew I can do an average of 150K in it, just because it runs fast and hits like a beast. See my other post:

-----2. PBB(61) Dunkerque
This is the ship in which you can level up your crew until BB4. It has 8 support-slots, meaning it can hold 7 engineers if you like. In my case 7 engineers means a total OH of 7 minutes going at 44Knt. Plus it has a turning force of 27, meaning enemies with 40-degree guns can't effectively hit you if you know how to dodge. Dunkerque is definitely one of the best enjoyable ships for RN. With my Lv120 crew I can do an average of 100K in it. Even with at-level crew I believe it will be better than BB1 and some (E)BB2/(E)BB3.

-----3. EBB(78) Valiant
This is an enhanced version of Queen Elizabeth. It can be a good AA ship with 10 T-mounts, and it has many more gun setups than QE - besides 15*2*4, it can go 16*3*4 and 14*4*4, or 16*3*2, 16*3*3, 14*4*2, 14*4*3, etc. Its only disadvantage compared to Dunkerque is its 7 support-slots, meaning you can put 6 engineers there at most if you still want to do scouting. In most cases, 6 engineers will not give you optimum repair rate, and the OH time is not likely to last the entire game. But still, Valiant is the 3rd best RN EBB and I can do an average of 80K+ in it.

-----4. EBB(64) Resolution
Resolution actually does not come as bad as someone would think, and in my opinion it is the 4th best RN EBB. Resolution is basically a Lvl64 QE, with 4 major differences - 1) Resolution has 7 support-slots but QE only has 6; 2) You can use any sailor as BO on Resolution; 3) Resolution has a smaller hit box than QE; and 4) Resonlution only has 4 T-mouts but QE has 10. Since RN is not good at AA anyways, it will be much more practical to use the 4 T-mounts on Resolution for PHH. All summed up, Resolution turns out to be a better QE. The 15*2*4 gun setup on Resolution gives a little bit more range than Dunkerque, but Resolution can't go as fast as Dunkerque. Anyways, this is a ship you can use to level up to Valiant.

-----5. EBB(86) Hood
This is a Kaiser-sized, BB3-ranged RN EBB which can go 44Knt. I only recommend this ship to you as a practice utility for sling-shooting. When used well this ship can do 200K+ damage in GB, but of course not often and you must master sling-shooting. Otherwise you won't be able to hit a thing with this ship.

-----6. EBB(99) Temeraire
To be honest I don't see the point of this EBB at all. 7 support-slots is kind of a joke. With 6 engineers what can you expect to do with this ship which can only run 37Knt? In GB, a ship out of OH is a dead ship. The only good thing about this ship is its BB5 range. But don't expect it to give you an average damage of more than 100K in GB per game if your opponents are moderately good, mainly because of its lack of speed and OH. But if your opponents are stupid enough to chase you and run into your shells, then bingo, good luck to you. In sum, Temeraire is more of a defense-type ship instead of attack-type.


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    12. 31. 2014 09:57


Originally Posted by jedizorro
On the other hand, the MN EBB5.5 Thermidor in my opinion is the best EBB in game of all nations and that thing actually stands a chance of beating a BB6 because Thermidor is fast (44Knt) and powerful (12 shells) and has incredible French AA. Of course, I've gone off topic. In a word, don't bother with DOE, unless you have full hero-sailor crew and can't find a better way to spend your medals, or coupons.

Your information is out of date. A recent patch crippled the Thermidor. Now, it can only go 42, and only with significant skimping on crew and/or ammo and armor. Most Thermidors you see nowadays either go 40 or have the rear turret removed.

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