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  • Scout pilots

    08. 05. 2011 00:03

So some of the "conventional wisdom" I've read on scout pilots for cruisers and battleships holds that you don't class up your rookie pilot lest he be unable to fly scout planes.

The question that's been nagging at me, however, is this: why does that matter? Can't you just put a fighter or two on your battleship, and use that as a scout? Seems to me that having a beefier plane that's less likely to get shot down by enemy scouts would be a good thing. Is there a downside to this? Do high-level scout planes have sonar, a longer sight range, or more fuel or something else that makes them worth having over a fighter?


  • Re : Scout pilots

    08. 05. 2011 00:12


actually every different type of pilots have their own specific useage of planes
so, here are the differences

rockie pilot -> only able to use scouter, higher tier scouters normally have better fuel/durability/sight range but no sonar

fighter pilot -> only able to use fts , as its name, you should know what fts can do :P
DiveBomber/TropedoBomber pilots -> same as its name

and you can only load scouters on BB/CA and some of the CLs but they can't mount FTs/DBs/TBs (except Oyodo/Mogami hybird CL/CA)

for the note , except CVs most of the ships need scouters , so don't class them wrong and just keep it as rockie pilot

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    08. 05. 2011 00:34

BBs are not allowed to carry any types of planes other than scouts - therefore if you put a fighter pilot on the support slot of a battleship, it will do anything

  • Re : Scout pilots

    08. 05. 2011 12:19

WTB Firezmissles' 220vet UK Scout.

  • Re : Scout pilots

    08. 05. 2011 12:41

Originally Posted by Obsessed

WTB Firezmissles' 220vet UK Scout.


  • Re : Scout pilots

    08. 05. 2011 12:58

I think my scout is 190 vets. I burn all my experts on an event as they don't lose vets.

  • Re : Scout pilots

    08. 05. 2011 13:08

You nubs forgot the Ise Hybrid BB

Only 3 Non-CVs can have Fighters and Bombers. The Oyodo (CL) Remodel, Mogami (1944) (CA) Remodel, and Ise (1944) (BB) Remodel.

All other Non-CV ships cannot carry Fighters or Bombers.

Some CLs, most CAs and all BBs but the Nelson can carry at least 3 Scouts. Nelson cannot carry any planes.

Edit: Next time I'll hit post BEFORE I leave to drive somewhere.

Oh only 190 vets lj? The vet cap on scouts does wonders. Nothing like killing low level DBs with T3/4/5 scouts.
Don't say thats another over powered factor of the T5 scouts cause I'm doing it with the T3s and T4s as well. :D

Had to find a way to counter having horrid CV support these days. Tired of watching bomber whores who can't bomb and fighter whores who camp themselves....