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  • The Real USS Iowa BB-61

    10. 25. 2014 15:50


I went to see the USS Iowa in San Pedro, California for a second time in my life two weeks ago.  Click the link to below to see more with a full screen slide show. The top has description of what your looking at.  These pictures were taken with a real Canon digital camera not no cell phoen for clear clarity for viewing.  My apologies for the later photo's and the flash white washed a few of the pictures but you can read about the other BB's of the age that we all know. Any comments or more detailed pictures to read if needed let me know I can post.  Use them as wallpaper if you like they are free for all here to enjoy. Enjoy and God Bless NavyFIELDers.

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  • Re : The Real USS Iowa BB-61

    10. 27. 2014 14:47


I visited her on Veteran's day last year. It as a tremendous experience and I'd love to go back.

If you live in Southern California, you have no reason not to go visit her.

  • Re : The Real USS Iowa BB-61

    11. 10. 2014 04:34


I was honored enough to be a member of the Marine Detachment from 88-90. I have a picture posted in another forum her on the NF site from when I served aboard this awesome ship.