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  • Official NF voice chat

    08. 07. 2011 12:59

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Hi folks. ^^
I was chatting with some of my buddies in a blitzkrieg match and we got on this topic.
I got the idea because some friends got me to try "Team Fortress 2"
and this game has the official Steam/Valve app's chat where you can chat with anyone in your game.
(to the mods: I hope posting this gamename does not violate the rules,
I just wanted to post a valid example of a game with this feature)

If you could use the microphone to team chat at the press of a button...or use it to 'all chat' like the  NF text chat does...that would be cool
I know we have teamspeak and vent, but these are set up by fleets,
and because of this, they aren't able to be used effectively except for fleet battles and harbour assaults.
I envision an optional voice feature (you can turn it off if it's making you lag too much ^^)
so that players can communicate better.
I think I'd personally love to hear some of my NF friends talk...
It would feel more personal and I could imagine who I'm talking to.
Why don't we just make it so that the mic chat could use the same options as the text chat,
i.e. whisper, all/team/fleet chat, reply, /number (ex.110) etc.
Perhaps these commands could be added:
/C for text chat ... /V for voice chat

Please weigh in on this for me. I've had a number of people who said they'd support this.
I also want to stress the fact that this should be optional to avoid lag.
If somebody's PC can't handle it they should be able to just  type " /T "
to get back to text chat and F10 to turn the voice option off.

Thanks for your time,
Cuda ^^


  • Re : Official NF voice chat

    08. 07. 2011 15:45

good idea man but i play TF2 and some games you get mic spammers :(

  • Re : Official NF voice chat

    08. 07. 2011 19:36

and here I was wondering where I could go to have multiple overexited 13 yo chatting my ears off.

  • Re : Official NF voice chat

    08. 07. 2011 20:03

ventrilo or TS can be downloaded pretty quickly, cant remember which one has the NF "official" server but i think one of those does. I dont think its worth the bugs it would bring with it though, chat works fine for me.

  • Re : Official NF voice chat

    08. 08. 2011 11:27

/t is already team chat.

some fleets also use voice chat for things other than HA. I go on for day to day easy listening, to rage rant, and gossip about fleet drama.