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  • Option to Trade Unwanted Items (limited)

    01. 11. 2015 19:05

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This past event gave a large number of items that are, frankly, unconditionally useless. Now, I'm not suggesting items be traded one for one, but certain items need to be tradeable for *something.* Otherwise, we might as well have had boxes that said "sorry, please try again."
 And the frequency of these items is way too high.

So, my suggestion is this:
An option to trade a large number of items won in an event - say, 4000 olives worth (based on store prices) - for ONE item that we did not get any of. No multiples. Not grabbing another of an item you already have. Just one of that one you couldn't get no matter how hard you tried. We could also limit it by excluding certain types of items (vets, experts, possibly the smoke/PHH and 30% exp items), but it's already very hard to abuse such a system. You could also establish a minimum number of boxes opened as an alternative to limiting what items can be traded.

This solves many of the biggest complaints: failure to win an EBB, excessive numbers of useless items, etc. I realize that it would essentially require doing this manually through a support ticket, but if THAT many people didn't get something sought after even in up to 138 boxes (or more with spending olives), that suggests a problem with the "random" system anyway, and such effort would certainly help salve already-festering wounds.