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  • seaman on cv

    01. 12. 2015 07:33

Is it worthed to put one elite fighter based as semn on the cv? I have read the forum and looks like still debate one people provoke using seaman and other gus say oppisote. Is there any caps on the pikot ability?


  • Re : seaman on cv

    01. 13. 2015 17:08

I believe no cap on pilot ability.

  • Re : seaman on cv

    01. 16. 2015 19:48

The bonus of haveing one onboard in the support slot are very small, easily outweigh d bye out playing your opponent.

  • Re : seaman on cv

    01. 26. 2015 23:33


always ! carry at least one seaman

  • Re : seaman on cv

    02. 02. 2015 10:58


Since the RM Fighter Pilots and Bombers are not the best available, a Seaman will help them against others that have better planes and pilots.  I recommend using a Seaman in the 9th support slot.


But as Connan wrote, your personal attention to your active planes and pilots is more essential to winning than just good numbers on your sailor charts.

  • Re : seaman on cv

    04. 09. 2015 14:11


The seaman should have high fighter and bomber stats.   High fighter stats are best.

The seaman will also boost your SD number which might help you survive a
DB or TB attack.   He will also boost your repair ability somewhat to help you survive.