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  • MN Rush BB Set-Up

    07. 08. 2015 21:07


Good day guys!

So I was thinking of starting a new MN BB line just for fun.
I might just keep it until Clemenceau (EBB4) and Jean Bart because I want a ship with just front guns and high speed.

So my questions are:

1) Does Jean Bart really only cap at 40 knots?

2) I'm planning a Super Elite crew and using the NF X sailor as the gunner, so for a Rush set-up still 6 engy 2 rep?

Any suggestions are appreciated!
Thanks in advance!


  • Re : MN Rush BB Set-Up

    07. 10. 2015 02:16


Assuming you mean a WaW crew, because you want to use the NF X sailor as a gunner... I think UK would be more fun. Easy high rep, good armour and good damage..

AW L1/L2 is lots of fun, because rarely someone uses AP on you. With the L2 you often only need two high angle hits. 

  • Re : MN Rush BB Set-Up

    07. 10. 2015 20:42


1) Yes, it really is that slow. Most of that tier was given a slight speed reduction compared to the corresponding BB5, and the Alsace goes 42. This does leave the Jean Bart as a rather poor performer, but the only truly standout ship in that tier is the Shinano.

2) Setup depends on your preference. The NF-X sailor as gunner won't be worth much outside world at war, but if you're going to use it there, by god yes. As for engis, it's a balancing act. The question is whether you're more interested in overheat time or repair. If you're rushing in a lot, repair may be more useful, especially if you're doing high base supervetted engis. Still, I would not go below 5.

  • Re : MN Rush BB Set-Up

    07. 12. 2015 07:26


I;m actually looking for a low angle gun, so it looks like I might end up with Clemenceau. (>w<)

Oh wow! Thank you for that ErwinJA!

So, if not a gunner, what should I make the NF X sailor so it'd be a good use for GB and HA too?

  • Re : MN Rush BB Set-Up

    07. 12. 2015 09:05


Best uses of NF X sailor:

1. Fighter pilot: No ability Cap, late class and max vet for best possible figher in the game.
2. Engineer: No Overheat cap and great Rep stat
3. Seaman: will provide "mystery" boost (no one really knows for sure exactly how much)  to all sailors ability.  Best guess from forum reading maybe 5%???  Maybe more for NF X due to higher ability stats???

NF X as a gunner is a major waste as you can cap ACC and REL ability with even a 10/10 sailor.  Roll an 11/11 or 12/10 with a high rep stat and you will be better off.  

Using the anything lower then a BB5 in WaW will generally make you nothing more then food for everyone else as they seriouly out range and out hit you.  This will be even more true when or if the BB6's come back on line.  

Using an NF X sailor as a REL gunner would be kinda fun in WaW but running out of ammo with just a normal Elite REL gunner in WaW is already something fairly easy to do in a BB5.  In a BB4 with only 4 ammo binds even more so.   Especiallly for RM and KM gunners.  Best just to hit what you are aiming at the first time.  :-)

Hope this helps.

Enjoy the Game.

  • Re : MN Rush BB Set-Up

    07. 13. 2015 01:32


I see... Okay, thank you so much guys! :D

  • Re : MN Rush BB Set-Up

    07. 15. 2015 11:49


guess if you wanted to use NFX gunner in waw, u wanted the reload speed to shoot like rainbow.

So, there goes the calculations. 

MN SBVE gunner 400 vet = 9.4M true ability.
MN NFX gunner 400 vet = 10.3M true ability.

compare it to the other nations:
RM SBVE gunner 400 vet = 11.1M true ability.
UK SBVE gunner 395 vet = 10.6M true ability.
KM SBVE gunner 400 vet = 10.1M ture ability.

It seems, other nations' super elite are born better than yours NFX.

Also, there're a lot of guns shoot faster than you.
eg, shinano, will be shooting a lot faster than you with the same reload ability.