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  • increase xp forever!

    03. 29. 2016 15:40

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well it seems to me that people are use to the xp events. soon as the xp is back to normal people seem dont want to play... so i suggest ncreseing the xp you can recieve. right now with the few people that do play its hard to grind a crew, makes you dont want to play... soooo if the xp is increased and make people feel like they are getting some where grinding im sure people would be more interested in playing and playing for hours not just a hour or two a day... please take this in consideration 


  • Re : increase xp forever!

    03. 30. 2016 00:21


Yes i totally agree, I have tryed to make new crews, and it is a joke trying to level low crews in great battle. 

If the experiance is lifted, the 100 players left playing on regualr basis have an oppertunity to level up thier crews.

Also if we don't have to wait 9mins 45sec for a game, more people will buy premium again.  

  • Re : increase xp forever!

    03. 30. 2016 08:48


first wish a great day. 

my thought of nf is real on the loweresd point it ever whas. the reason for is. azza you are total right. in the normal way you bring a bb6 crew on a weekend easy from 1 to 55 or 60 with just flag. i tried that but 20 games in 8 h is just wow the low level user ex is nice till L 38 and than you need 10 loos games for level up. wow. for exampel and what you hold from it? lot of fleet chefs are online and playing. they should meet on ts and talk to evenable or mike somebody from nf what is possible to bring the game still running. in eu that worked an d it grows the team in the end with lot of funn also in the games because they got to know each other better.
it would be nice, i think the waw rooms just on weekend. no caps and 1000% exp boost also for low level in gp a boost. that would make sense to bring people to bring first money in that game and it help also to level with less people much better.
think items are so nice but iff the exp will work the items more on the 8 place what is importand.
so pl sorry for a few 1000 wrong writen words but that are my thoughts and may a few agree.
see you in game

  • Re : increase xp forever!

    04. 16. 2016 20:54